Presenter/ voice over narrator - Auckland

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Presenter/ voice over narrator - Auckland

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Did you know that in 1937 Henry Ford built a fleet of prototype "green" cars with bodies and engine parts made from biodegradeable cannabis resins which ran on cannabis biofuel?

Did you know that the oldest medical textbook in the world, written by an ancient Chinese emperor, exults cannabis as the emperor of all plants?

Ancient Chinese called China "The Land of Mulberry and Hemp" - hemp is, of course, cannabis. Their clothes, textiles, paper, medicines, food and fuel were all made from cannabis.

The cannabis plant is, in fact, the most useful renewable resource on the planet and has been for 10,000 years. In the 19th century half of all the medicines in the world were made from cannabis. But in the 20th century - despite that cannabis has never killed a single person from overdose or disease in recorded history - it was made illegal in almost every country on earth...

...Its medical, agricultural and industrial uses have been largely forbidden across the globe ever since...

...Ever wonder why?

I am currently post-producing a feature length revisionary film about cannabis. This film is similar to the Canadian documentary "The Union" which has won 33 international awards.

If you want to front a production that is almost complete and will soon be seen all over the world, this is your chance...

You need to have a clear, authoritative voice, Kiwis only (no foreign accents). Pieces-to-camera and voice over recording sessions - this pays $1500.

Additionally you will also receive a percentage of the film (to be negotiated).

At the very least, it could be a big step up for someone who wants to be involved in a major project that is going to rock New Zealand when it comes out, and an awesome opportunity to make your mark.

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Payment details: $1500 + percentage
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Presenter / Voice Over Narrator

Good writing skills to help craft the script would be a plus. And a desire to make a stand-out film (as good as The Union).

Females, aged 23 to 65 from New Zealand

  • Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience
  • Languages: English
  • Accents: New Zealand

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