Full cast for short film wanted - Dublin

Dublin Region, Ireland

we’re casting a short film that is a part of the Think Big program

Full cast for short film wanted - Dublin

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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Aim of Project/About the Film:
The aim of the project is to promote positive mental health within in the Transgender youth community by raising awareness of it.

The film will show the life/express the feelings off a member of the transgender youth community by showing the audience his life, his dreams and the world around him.

The first half of the film is a dream where everything is perfect and the second half shows just how awful the reality really is.

Stand Up:
Some of you may be aware of the Stand Up Campaign against Homophobic and Transphobic bullying in schools by BeLonG To. This film we’re casting for has been dubbed the “Trans Stand Up”.

Though we’ve gained our inspiration for this project from the Stand Up campaign this film will have its own individuality and is a separate project. It will be more of a short film as opposed to a viral campaign like it will even be longer in length too.

Payment/Concessions: Though this is an UNPAID position expenses will be fully paid and food, transport etc. will be provided.

Auditions: There are several roles on offer, some bigger than others but all important. Everyone is welcome to come along on the day of auditions.

Date: Tuesday 3rd July

Under 25’s: 3:30pm-6:30pm
Over 25’s: 6:30pm-9:00pm

If you are interested in auditioning you are more them welcome just to show up on the day though if possible let me know in advance so we have a rough idea of numbers.

If you can’t make it during the time frame of your age/if it would suit you better to meet me at a different time/date let me know and you can either come at a different time on the 3rd or we can reschedule for a different day altogether.

If you would like a copy of the script contact me and I will email it to you. You are also welcome to take a look just to decide if you actually want to audition for the film.

You are welcome to audition for a pacific character or just to come along so we can meet you and see where you’d fit into the cast.

For the audition all you need is yourself. If you have an audition piece/monologue already prepared that you’d feel more comfortable doing that’s fine. Otherwise we’ll just run lines from the script with you. If you do come prepared with a piece you want to do yourself if its relevant to the character your auditioning for all the better.

No experience necessary, though preferred.

It’s open to everyone, all shapes and sizes so bring your friends!

Also any actor who does audition but is unsuccessful in receiving a role in the film then they are more than welcome to come along on the days of filming to be an extra.

Though only the thing I will ask is that people who do audition are comfortable with the issues raised in this film but also being associated with them. The film will be circulated to schools, youth groups, film festivals and used as a part of a vial campaign on YouTube.

The premiere will be held during the 4th Transgender Europe Council Conference which is being held in Dublin this year in September, where over 200 Trans activists from across Europe will be attending.

People who identify as any label under the Trans Umbrella are more than welcome to audition for any role.

All roles are listed below.

The film will be shot in the last week of July and there will be some rehearsals beforehand depending on demand and actor availability.

Expenses paid

Applications to this casting call require:
  • A phone number
  • A profile photo

Dylan A

- Gender: Male
- Playing Age: 16-19
- Info: Student, has swag and is epitome of cool. Oozing with confidence. The first half of the film is a dream sequence and this is the dream version of Dylan who is perfect and is everything the real Dylan what’s to be.

Males, aged 18 to 99 from Dublin Region, Ireland

  • Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience

Dylan B

Student, shy, angsty. In the middle of coming out as they’re true self and is trying to be who they are but is uncomfortable with the world around them. They are dealing with lack of support from home and being bullied in school. The character is a pre-T Trans guy. There won’t be a bias towards an actor weather they are Trans or not but short hair is preferable and must be willing to bind chest and wear guys clothes.

Females, aged 18 to 20 from Dublin Region, Ireland

  • Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience


As first half of the short is a dream the mother character is a bubbly, Stepford housewife type character and in the second half(reality) she is a typical stressed, single mother of two who’s in denial about her child identity.

Females, aged 40 to 55 from Dublin Region, Ireland

  • Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience

PE Teacher

- Info: Sporty, fit. Overly competitive and egotistical type of a typical P.E. teacher.
- Other: The character has some dialogue that is Transphobic/Homophobic/offensive so the actor must be comfortable with portraying a character who speaks that way.

Any gender, aged 25 to 99 from Dublin Region, Ireland

  • Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience

School Principal

- Playing Age: 35+
- Info: Stern, studious, traditional. During dream sequence is a bit dopey.

Any gender, aged 35 to 99 from Dublin Region, Ireland

  • Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience

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