Dancers needed for all-inclusive tulum resort

All states, United States

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Dancers needed for all-inclusive tulum resort

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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Contract Duration: 6 Months / 8 months gets you your flight home paid for

Salary: Room and board provided plus salary $10,442.11 Mexican Pesos before taxes a month to start

Duties, Responsibilities & Expectations:
•To learn the existing dances quickly and perform in them 2 times a night 6 days a week

•Always act in a professional manner, you will be representing the hotel and Get Up and Go Global

•Perform a 1 hour promotion for the show by the pool in the afternoon if needed.

•Maintain a professional relationship with the other 55 team members and all other hotel staff

•Follow all rules and regulation set out by GGG and the Hotel

•Participate in daily rehearsals

Bonuses & Benefits:

•Approx. $50.00 USD is taken from your check every month for Mexican Taxes and for the Employee Savings Plan. At the end of your contract all the money added to the Employee Saving plan will be doubled and credited back to you.

Meals and drinks provided by the resort

Medical Insurance included

You will live in a security supervised apartment about 1km outside of the resort with a roommate from your team. Transportation to and from the resort is free of charge during the regular schedule, anything outside of those hours would require the individuals to make their own way (taxi). They are not 5 star apartments or may not be what you are used to, however they are clean and safe and you will not be spending a lot of time there and most of your time will be spent at the resort. If you require 5 star resort accommodations then do not apply for this job.

Days off:
You will have 1 day off per week

Flight Details:
You must have money available to pay for your flight from your country to the destination. Please do not apply if you cannot pay for your initial flight. After completion of your 8 month contract term the resort will provide you with the return flight home.

Visa Information:
The resort will file all the necessary documents for your working Visa (FM3) once you arrive.

Required Documents:
Must arrive with original birth certificate with an apostille stamp, valid passport and your dance diploma or certificate with an apostille stamp as well, also recommendation letters from a former employee would help with the process. You may obtain these at a legal house or your local embassy or local notary.

Typical Day:
You would get up at 8am and get ready, leave your apartment and get on the transportation provided by the resort and go to employee’s area for breakfast. Rehearsal is at 10am and you rehearse for the shows at night or teach a dance class for the guests depending on the head choreographers schedule until 2pm then you can head over to the employees area for lunch.
You have from 2 to 8pm off and you can use the gym, pool, beach at the resort and all other areas as long as you are always acting in a professional matter. You may only have alcoholic drinks during the day if your immediate boss allows it. Always have report to your direct manager if you want to use the areas so that they can let you know about the best times so that you don’t use areas when they are extremely busy because the priority goes to the guests of the resort. If you want to use the pools at the resort is should be with the activities staff while they are doing activities.

At 8:30 you must be at the theatre for the first show and then the second show starts at 10pm and ends at 11pm. After the show 3 times a week you will be asked to go to the party area with the animation staff and the guests to hang around have some drinks and they need you to stay for 1 hour at least (you get 3 free drink tickets a night) you may also be asked to perform a mini show at the festival area if there are special groups but those that participate are compensated by not having other duties so it all works out. You then

Expenses paid

Applications to this casting call require:
  • A profile photo

Any gender, aged 18 to 35 from United States

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Next audition:
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Listing created: 23 November 2011

Applications closed: 31 May 2012

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