Four strangers meet to walk 70 miles in 5 days - UK

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Cut yourself off from the outside world and see what you discover about yourself

Four strangers meet to walk 70 miles in 5 days - UK

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We are specifically looking to cast TWO people from two different social backgrounds.

One person that has grown up in a well off, affluent background, who has never had to worry about money, who went to private school and is either in the position of not having to work at all or, is working in a corporate environment on a high salary.

The second person we would like to cast is someone who is completely opposite. This person will have grown up with very little where their family often had to struggle to make ends meet, and now they too are either struggling to find employment and have to rely on benefits or, are on a low income.

We would like to invite these two people to volunteer to take part in a series of short films for a BBC programme. They will be part of a group of four ordinary people talking part in the pilgrimage (or walk) from Cambridge to Walsingham.

We would like the four contributors to be normal everyday people who are who they are because of things that have happened to them in their past.

We are looking to cast people from all walks of life, from different areas of the UK, who are different ages and have experienced different issues in the past. We want people that are happy to spend a short time away from their everyday lives to reflect and are open to change.

By taking part in this film, we hope that this experience will help you to open up and evaluate past experiences and personal beliefs, and moving forward, begin to discover further character strengths and potential talents.

The filming would last for five consecutive days, beginning 12th March 2012 and we would need you to be available for the entire 5 days .

You are allowed to take nothing of ‘the world’ with you on the walk. No mobiles, Blackberries, laptops, iphones, watches. The aim is that the four people will discover new things about their character and temperament and expose themselves to ways of changing themselves for the better. They will listen to their hearts, probe their deepest fears and examine what they really believe in.

The idea of the pilgrimage is that you talk and listen, both to yourself and each other. Five days of being part of a small community on the road. The whole process is organic where you share as well as listen. It will allow you to learn, grow, understand yourself and the journey you are taking part in.

It is believed that individuals talking part will undergo a ‘levelling out’ of their character and develop a new humility as the process unfolds. People put their problems into perspective, realise their achievements and their failures and recognise new goals. These five days can have lasting changes in attitudes.

Our aim is simply to show what an individual can learn about themselves whilst taking a journey on foot, with no other form of communication other than their own voice and ears.

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Whilst this is not a physical test, we ask that you are in good health and be able to complete the walk as far as you are aware.

Any gender, aged 18 to 60 from United Kingdom

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