Stinga T

South Australia, Australia

Actor, Musician

I am a professional actor and rapper with experience in a variety of roles.My heritage is Aboriginal Australian of the Yamatji and Bibulman peoples with a background of Maori, Native American ,Italian, and Irish within my bloodline which i am very proud of. My main passion is screen acting and music and my career highlight is winning best actor for my role in film 49 as well as being able to achieve what I have with my music. I have great time management and have the skills and ability to balance both my music and film careers. I am agency represented and would like to take part in as many film and recording projects so that I can gain valuable experience so I can further my career within the entertainment industry. When I work I am a very professional and take what I do very seriously pushing myself to the limits to get the best out of myself .Thus far I am very proud of what I have been able to accomplish both within music and film and am very thankful for my oppertunities

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Physical Details

180 cm / 5ft 11in
76 cm / 30in
74 kg / 162 lbs
Shoe size:
10.0 UK / 11.0 US / 44.5 Euro
Hair colour:
Skin colour:
Hair length:
Eye colour:
Hair type:
96 cm / 38 in


  • Adelaide Collage of the Arts : Creative Media Industries, Adelaide, Australia

Acting experience:
  Previous paid speaking roles
Languages spoken
  • English
Accents spoken
  • Australian
  • USA California
2014- "49"( feature film) Nukkun This Productions(Post-Production) "Crewcut"
2014 "Friendship, Love and Loyalty" Feature film, Firestick Films ( Post-Production ) "Jay"
2014 "The Rover" (Feature Film) Porchlight Film, Lava Bear Films, Screen Australia " "Soldier"
2013- "Alien Sons" (feature film) Bigger and Better Production " Jake" ( Post-Production)
2011 - "The Counterpart" (feature film) Scheffilm Productions" Mr Black"
2010- "49"( feature film) Nukkun This Productions" Crewcut"

2013- "Scorched Earth" ( Post- Production) "Rogue"
2009-" Chiaroscuro" Lateralate Productions " Perkanna"
2009- "The Summit " Scheffilm Productions" Jacob Taylor"
2009 - "The Portrait Of Don Caruso " student production "Don Caruso"
2005- "Vietian Twins " Jumbuck production Company " Alaceeno "


2013 - Adam Internet - Pick and Mix (South Australia)

2014 Nominated for "Best Actor", Best Screen Writer" Best Producer" Australian Screen Industry Network Awards for film "Friendship Love & Loyalty"
2012 Winner "Best Actor" Australian Screen Industry Network Awards for his role is Film 49
2011 Nominated for "Best Actor" Australian Screen Industry Network Awards for his role in feature film "Alien Sons"


Dear Mama, Dear Dad

Stinga t solo track of his up and coming debut solo album,

Rapping ability:
Composer ability:
Favourite genres
  • Hip-hop
I am a Soloist rapper my experience ranges from recording , song writing, producing , to performing on stage and in music videos. i have won several awards and am always looking for a open door overseas to show case my music as have always believe that's where my music would better recieved. to check out more of what i do head to

TDB Albums

2010- Rise - distributed by Firestarter Distribution (Perth)
2008- Unleash Tha Nyoongars - Distributed my Blue Pie Distribution ( Sydney)

Stinga T- Solo Projects
2013 - Under Dog Status (EP)
2013- Two Face (Debut solo Album)

Sound Track Credits
2010 - 49 feature film , song Anthem written and performed by TDB
2010 - Summit short film ,song Stinga Horror show written and performed by Stinga T
2009- Short Film Coil Song Jamican Honeys written and performed by TDB
2009- Short Film Coil song Move your Body written and performed by TDB
2009 Feture Film" CounterPart" song Counter Part written and performed by TDB
2009 Feature Film "Counter Part" Song Kings Of Tha West written and performed by TDB
2009 Short Film "Jump and bounce" song Thank You written and performed by TDB

Agency info

Adelaide Artists Agency
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  • maryannepaterson
  • maryannepaterson
    Maryanne One of the best, most humble actors I have ever had he privilege of working with... Don't overlook this man he is amazing.
    5 months ago
  • axlegunn
    Axle mate seriously. .that track.dear mama dear dad. . has got hit written all over it.i m not really into rap.but that is brill . the lyros alone gold.really heart felt man.i tend to agree with ur music being well received in the states. they wud lap it up over there. itd work well for a score too.
    11 months ago
    • Stinga
      Stinga Hi axle , thanks for your comment very much Apricated , yeah that song is very close to my heart as its for my parents reason for writing it now is we tend to forget about the things our parents have done for us growing up until they are gone. Why not embrace them while they are living let them know the are apricated and loved so they can see it. there's a video i put together for that track also on my youtube
      11 months ago
  • str8uptx
    Str8-up-T Dear Mama Dear Dad Loving the track feeling every word Much Respect T
    1 year ago