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14 Jan 2013

Are you an actor, a model, or do you want to have a go at reality TV? Maybe you’re looking for an agent, or need to know how to nail your first big audition. Whatever your goals, it’s time to kick-start the year with some tips from top industry professionals.

By watching our new videos, you’ll learn how to perfect your runway walk, how to master those pre-audition nerves, how to find the right agent, and how to get on TV.

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One journey to rule them all

8 Jan 2013

We are proud to be one of the sponsors of this year’s Hollyshorts Film Festival in the USA.

We'll be offering the top prize at this year’s festival of two tickets to visit Wellington, New Zealand, where the winners can either present their film at a local film festival or meet local film industry professionals - plus we’re also throwing in $1,000 NZD spending money!

Find out more about Hollyshorts

Surviving Actors is heading to London

6 Jan 2013

We’re excited to be hosting a room full of brilliant and valuable seminars at Surviving Actors, which is heading to London for a two-day extravaganza from 8-9 February.

We’ll have some amazing speakers over the two days, including:
- Emily Tilelli, Casting Director at ET Casting
- Dee-Dee Crosher, Agent at Kenneth Earle Personal Management

This is a free event aimed at professional actors, and is a great way to make new contacts and hear some insider tips.

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Congratulations to the Sorta award winners

5 Dec 2012

The winners of this year's Sorta Unofficial New Zealand Film Awards have just been announced!

A big congratulations to everyone, especially the StarNow Best Actor and StarNow Best Actress in a Short Film, Andy Anderson and Mabelle Dennison.

The winners of the "Moas", as the awards are called, are:

Best Film: The Orator

Best Director: The Orator - Tusi Tamasese

Best Actor: The Orator - Fa'afiaula Sagote

Best Actress: The Orator - Tausili Pushparaj

Best Supporting Actor: Netherwood - Will Hall

Best Supporting Actress: The Orator - Salamasina Mataia

Best Short Film: Honk If You're Horny

Best Short Film Actor: Honk If You're Horny - Andy Anderson

Best Short Film Actress: Whakatiki - Mabelle Dennison

Read the full list of winners

Interview with Miss England 2012, Charlotte Holmes

16 Aug 2012

Charlotte Holmes, is the recently crowned Miss England 2012, a title she won over 59 other stunning contestants from around the UK. Charlotte is also a former Britain’s Next Top Model contestant, coming forth in the running in 2010. We had the opportunity to talk to Charlotte before she left on her journey to win Miss World in Ordes, Innter Mongolia.

StarNow: Congratulations on winning Miss England. We could see the surprise on your face when you won, but how did you feel when they announced your name?
Charlotte: Utterly shocked, overwhelmed and excited!

StarNow: This is your third year entering Miss England. What does winning the title of Miss England mean to you?
Charlotte: Everything! It has been a four year project and yes it was third time lucky in the final... It was a lot of hard work and it was the icing on the cake.

StarNow: What are you hoping to achieve in your year as Miss England?
Charlotte: I would like to raise awareness of the organisation and promote it to young women. It's a fantastic opportunity to get to know like minded individuals, get out into your local community and raise lots of money for charity.

StarNow: What advice would you give to other models who are interested in competing in pageants and competitions such as Miss England?
Charlotte:. Go for it! But do your research first. Miss England is a fantastic organisation.

StarNow You were placed fourth runner up in Britain’s Next Top Model in 2010. How do you feel the show has helped your career?
Charlotte: I met a lot of successful, influential people in the industry and I took every photo shoot and challenge as a learning opportunity. I had the time of my life and would do it again tomorrow if I could! It has given me the right mindset to go out and be a contender in this tough industry.

StarNow: How did you get started in the modelling industry?
Charlotte: My mum entered me into the Evening Heralds Face of Plymouth competition! I won... And the rest is history! Thanks mum!

StarNow: What’s been your favourite modelling shoot to date?
Charlotte: It would have to be the shoot I did for Isklar Water on a Norwegian glacier and I was only wearing plastic bottles... Cold but totally amazing experience!

StarNow: How do you prepare for a modelling shoot? Has this changed over the years as your career has progressed?
Charlotte: I drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep. I don't think the rules change, but the busier I am with work, the more sleep I need!

StarNow: What do you think distinguishes a good photograph from a bad one?
Charlotte: I am my own worst critic. But ultimately when you're shooting for a client, it's them who have to be happy with the shot.

StarNow: So other aspiring models can see where you get your inspiration from, what fashion magazines, websites or blogs do you visit most often?
Charlotte: I read everything from Company and Grazia to Elle and Vogue... I like to mix it up!

StarNow: What one piece of advice would you give to aspiring models?
Charlotte: Be yourself and stay healthy.

StarNow: Now that you’re in the spotlight, how do you manage manage your online profile and reputation? Do you actively engage with fans and followers online and proactively promote yourself?
Charlotte: I have Twitter (@misscharholmes) and a Facebook page ( my website is in the making ( and I always actively respond to fans and followers. I also have a dedicated page on Facebook for when I update about my progress in Miss World ( It's very important to me to stay in touch with them all.

StarNow: What’s your next career goal?
Charlotte: I will keep working hard at everything I do but eventually I would like to get into television presenting, a la Holly Willoughby!

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