Posted by StarNow on 23 Apr, 2014

The winner of the Music Immersive 2014 is…

The Music Immersive competition kicked off in March, offering StarNow members a chance to attend the prestigious Music Immersive Program put on by Hollywood Immersive. With over 1400 entries this was one of our biggest Music Immersive competitions ever. All the finalists were hand-picked based on their StarNow profiles, And the winner of Music Immersive 2014 is...

Posted by StarNow on 22 Apr, 2014

Interview with Jebediah Shorten, winner of the...

Posted by StarNow on 14 Apr, 2014

How to get the perfect headshot

Posted by StarNow on 10 Apr, 2014

Music Immersive Finalists Announced