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Professional International Character Actor with additional Presenting and photographic Modeling skills and experience.Professional Voice Actor/Voiceover Artist.Wonderful Comical and Commendable Improvisational Skills.At present,based in Thailand,available for the right project.A midlifer with relentless and energetic drive and a fairly open mind as to where his career is heading.Only Paid/Profit share taken into consideration and fully expensed,A CV is available on request.Enjoy's swimming,shooting, reading,movies,live bands and events,travel,eating out,snooker,pool,golf and bowling.Also keen to partake in Radio work and TV Presenting.Homepage facilitates an extensive display of photos,films,commercials and voice work undertaken plus many web links. Pencil for a 2015-Presenting Show reel,Thailand and the UK,Newgate release 2014,Rubicon or LTAH completed,release pencil for 2014,Zombie Scumbags completed also a pencil for 2014.Summer 2014-Daniel released new voice demos,recorded in BKK

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Physical Details

187 cm / 6ft 2in
over 91 cm / 36 in
120 kg / 264 lbs
Shoe size:
14.0 UK / 15.0 US / 50.5 Euro
White / Caucasian
Hair colour:
Skin colour:
Hair length:
Eye colour:
Hair type:
116 cm / 46 in


  • Milaeon Agency : Acting for Commercials (Mike Ogilvie), London, UK
  • Milaeon Agency : Acting for TV and Film (Mike Ogilvie), London, UK
  • Singing Lessons-Basic : Basic Introduction and Practical Instruction with Nicola Bright-Thomas,Vocal Coach, London, UK
  • Mark Summers Management : Win Those Auditions (Mark Summers), London, UK
  • Casting Suite : Presenting (Geoff Motley), London, UK
  • Shining Management Head Office : Get Started in Voiceovers (Lewis Rae / Jennifer Taylor), London, UK
  • Casting Suite : An Introduction to TV & Commercials casting with Paul De Freitas (Paul De Freitas), London, UK
  • Casting Suite : Voiceovers (Stephen Chase), London, UK
  • Private Recording with Instruction : Voiceovers (Brad Shaw), St Albans, UK
  • Casting Suite : Voiceovers (Greg De Polney), London, UK
  • Cranfield University : Exec MBA (Cranfield Business School), Bedfordshire, UK
  • Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants : Full Membership....Now Resigned (Private Study), London, UK
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing : Full Membership............Now Resigned (Private Study), London, UK
  • London Metropolitan University : BA Hons Accountancy (Business Studies Dept), London, UK


Modest Magical Moments Bangkok 2014

Collage of work recorded in Bangkok Summer 2014
Acting experience:
  Previous paid speaking roles
Languages spoken
  • English
Accents spoken
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
Summer 2014
Daniel has now established a working relationship with an english speaking engineer with a studio in central Bangkok

2014/2015 Promo

Check out Daniel's new videos being uploaded on several of his website portfolio

Daniel's Global voice services showcase

Facebook Promo 2014/2015
Check out Daniel's portfolio of professional and amateur reels and further voice over work on his Facebook page/bigD007

Movie 2014-

Promo 2014-

Daniel is keen to pursue his artistic career and is currently on the lookout for acting opportunities ,in particular at Feature level,voice work and in addition appropriate Photographic assignments and suitable Presenting work.

Daniel has proved his versatility time and time again across a broad range of short films (several lead roles),a handful of Training-Role play-Live performances both in the UK and overseas,photographic-lookalike work, voice work ,and some modest TV projects and Presenting assignments plus as a character in several Music Videos

Please check out his Spotlight site for details


Daniel entered the entertainment world in mid life,and without any formal training,just modest but useful/relevant workshops,has built a fairly respectable CV

He has recently appeared in a character role in the Musical Comedy movie Me Me Me,as Marshall Artes,newspaper editor,shot autumn 2010 in London,Daniel has hopefully 3 more movies due out over the next 9 months,in all of them playing character actors.Now based in Thailand Daniel is actively marketing himself on key website communities such as linkedin,facebook and ModelMayhem.

He offers himself, aside from his acting ability,as a Voice artist/actor,photographic Model and a Presenter.

Daniel has a strong presence and a very distinctive voice and with his comical skills and natural style can where required bring both humility and indeed gravitas as well, to his performances

Global Announcement May 5th 2011,Free Online Viewing of Me Me Me Movie

Daniel is planning the shooting of a new Presenting Show-reel during his next UK visit.

Daniel has been in 8 Independent Features of which 4 are estimated being released from Summer 2011 to Summer 2015 and are detailed on his webs sites

Professional Actor Playing Age 40+,Spotlight,IMDb,Casting Call Pro, Shooting People and Linkedin are all part of his marketing exposure

Daniel is blessed with a classic look,a great smile,a potential Brand Ambassador for the right client.Daniel has a look for both serious and more lighthearted(comic) roles, his voice is very distinctive and has been comfortable with a diverse range of characters to date

Daniel draws on all this anecdotal experience in playing the roles he takes on,he has superb potential for character development

Professional International Lookalike-European Assignments x3

Professional Voice-over Actor/Artist,Paid Assignments-Radox TV/Cinema Commercial 2006,RolaTV- Insurance Commercials
Port Mahadia "Echoes In Time" Rock Album Ship's Captain
Demon Voiceover Hellhouse Feature(Deferred),Student Projects x2

A Cool Untrained Professional,Daniel is very versatile offering a great look for a wide range of roles,supporting,principal and indeed a leading role character

Short March 2008 4GetMeNot Director Jonathan Honnor December 2008 Award

March/April 2009 Television Broadcast of this credit,2006, Video, Traveler, The Ride,DVA



Modeling experience:
  Part-time model - paid commercial work
2014/2015 Promo

a wide selection of photographs 2006 onwards.
Daniel has worked with several photographers to include

Damien O'Malley
Mike Ogilvie
Piotr Kowalik @
Aaron Worthy,Great Big Onion Stock
Charlie Kaufman @
Alex Hinds @
Pepe Escuredo @

Check out Daniel's new videos being uploaded on several of his website portfolio

Daniel's Model Mayhem profile designed to entertain as a hopefully varied/amusing and informative intro to the 'World of Daniel Jefferson'

Daniel's Global voice services showcase

Facebook Promo 2014
Check out Daniel's portfolio of professional and amateur reels and further voice over work on his Facebook page/bigD007

Promo 2014

Daniel has had Photostock shoots experience as well as a number of Product/Character shoots.He is also available for Promotional work

His home page facilitates links to many sites displaying Daniel's "look"

Also his youtube site

A classless attitude to his manner and delivery,Daniel is a "Super" model to work with,he has amazing 1st class comic timing,a classic "Mr Nice Guy" with wit and a charming presence that would enhance your marketing activities or project

A Professional Model 4 your concept/product/film and/or service/campaign.

Fitting Model BW Fittings 2Xl
Client Tesco November 2010

4 paid assignments 2006/7
Corporate USA Client
Health Related UK Clients x2
Character Shoot,Aristocrat"Oldboy" UK

Paid assignment
Charity Shelter November 2010

4 Unpaid assignments 2006/7
Fictional Whisky Brand,Team of 3
"Standup For Africa" Corporate Website
(Group Exercise)
Global Directory-Portfolio Shoot for Marc Beaussart
Acting-Roleplay for a Fine Art Project,George Forsyth

5 TFP/TFCD shoots with Professional Photographers

5 Paid Shoots with Professional Photographers

TV & Reality

2014/2015 Promo

Check out Daniel's new videos being uploaded on several of his website portfolio

Daniel's Global voice services showcase

Facebook Promo 2014
Check out Daniel's portfolio of professional and amateur reels and further voice over work on his Facebook page/bigD007

Promo 2014

Global Announcement May 5th 2011
Free Online Viewing of Me Me Me Movie

Daniel is planning/scheduling the shooting of a new Presenting Show-reel during his next UK visit

Daniel,with no formal training,had three very busy years before emigrating early 2008
His experiences cover a broad spectrum,from Voice overs/ Voice acting,Musical,Educational and Training Videos,Photographic work,Comedy,both in Theatre-Stage environments and live outdoor Roleplay performances,many shorts including an Icewhole Award, December 2008.Several Feature Films,and several Commercials for both UK and Overseas Clients. Festive Character work again UK and abroad.International Lookalike assignments taking him to the South of France and Hungary.Modest TV exposure,Corporate and Presenting assignments

Also his youtube site

March/April 2009 Television Broadcast of credit,2006,Video,Traveler,The Ride,Documentary Video Associations,Director Matthew Baxter(Speaking Role)

BBC Program on Paintballing.Having been shown overseas eg Australia,December 2008
(Speaking Role)

Sky Property Show Guest Chl 289 Winter 2007,live interaction with a Panel of 3

January 2007,"Camilla" Shoot Sussex,angry member of the public throwing bread (speaking role)

Legal TV/X Forum Guest/Team work 2 Shows

Also Various projects/shoots for channels such as
Ch4,MTV,BBC2,Bloomberg ,to Include 5x Professional "Walk-on" Roles/Featured Roles

Worked on productions to include:-

Brainiac, Market Kitchen ,Diet Doctors, The Culture Show and The Friday Night Project (speaking role with Sadie Frost)

A wide variety of TV Projects to include:-
Development eg Pilot Shows and Presenting, Commercials,Special Guest and Character work, roleplay for reconstructions eg DSP(2 projects)

Several(3)"One-0ff" shoots with Small Vibrant TV channels to include Product and Service Testimonies

Check out his TV Presenters Reel on his Homepage.
Professional Presenter x2 Paid Assignments
MP3 Player Relevant Tv
Corporate Public PR NHS

Daniel would fit the more established audience-market without hesitation eg Corporate/Intensive topics, but also is suitable for the more lighthearted eg Holidays,Travel,Food,Properties-Search,Places of Interest,Events,Tourism

If Daniel has a clear understanding/appreciation of the topic, coupled with a genuine passion for your product/service his presentation will bring guaranteed superb results

Daniel is blessed with a classic look,a great smile,a potential Brand Ambassador for the right client

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