Two Actors Required for a Student Short Film Based in Falmouth

Truro, United Kingdom

10 minute short film called House Rules. Synopsis below

Two Actors Required for a Student Short Film Based in Falmouth

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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Jack's life drags on like his graveyard shift at the supermarket. The closer he gets to his thirties the less he likes to admit his age. Work has seemingly overtaken his life, each day he counts down until the end of his shift. He lives a resigned life. Any hope for change slipping by with every subsequent work day. After a particularly uneventful day Jack steps outside for a cigarette. Here Jack meets Lizzie, a vibrant and confident woman who cuts through the monotony of his life. Her aura of confidence draws Jack in, she seems different. Seems exciting. After a lift home, Lizzie notices an unused scratch card on the dashboard of Jack's car. She beckons him to try it. Take a chance. Jack decides to do just that.

We are a group of Falmouth University students studying second year Film.
We need auditions within the next 2 weeks as we are shooting from April 8th - April 11th.
The production is based in Falmouth with various locations included in a shop, car, car park and a street which are all mainly shot at night.
Catering will be provided and with regards to payed work please contact directly.
If a script is required please contact directly.
If any further detail is required please do not hesitate to contact straight away.

Expenses paid

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Lizzie has always seen herself above the world around her, destined for much greater things than this town and the people within. Lizzie has always given the impression of coldness and indifference, never fully paying attention to the world around her, and always mocking those for trying. The problem is, Lizzie has always cared too much, spending all her time invested in dreams that will probably never come true.

Females, aged 20 to 30 from Truro, United Kingdom

  • Acting experience: Previous unpaid speaking roles - Previous paid speaking roles

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