2 women, 1 male and 3 teenage actors required for student film - London

London, United Kingdom

Needed for the first week of may if possible

2 women, 1 male and 3 teenage actors required for student film - London

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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The project - Scene 1

Ext: Music playing over top of chase scene. Boy runs out of shop, holding something and being pursued by a casually dressed shop keeper.

Runs around corner, bumping into woman carrying shopping bags, woman drops bags


Oi, watch it.



Continues to run, shopkeeper runs around corner, again bumping into the woman.

Boy runs out into traffic, dodging a car, shopkeeper stops and has to wait for traffic.

Boy jumps over cones around building site, then pulls over stand of fruit, to slow down the persistent shop keeper.

Boy trips and stumbles around corner then flings himself over the wall. Shopkeeper follows but then attempts to jump over but can't.


Hello, Police please.

Scene 2

Int: dark, run down room, with big windows. light floods in through windows creating pools of light. Boy walks through to a door at the far end of the room. A voice is heard as he approaches


Is that you Jez?


Yeh, how is she?

Jez walks towards the woman slumped on the floor, wrapped in blankets.


I don't know, she is all hot and sweaty and breathing funny. I think shes getting worse. We need to take her to hospital.


No! Im her Doctor! Do you want to go into care? (looks over to Jen who looks down sheepishly)She will be fine. I knicked some more painkillers, this should make her better.


How do you know it will work? you could of knicked bloody paracetamol for all you know?


Back off Jen! Im trying.


(looking tearful and upset)

Im scared Jez.


(realizing his sisters fear)

Jen don't be scared, Nat's a fighter. This is what mum would of wanted us three sticking together. So cheer up and go get some water for Nat.

Jen walks out of the room leaving Jez nursing Nat. Suddenly mens voices ae heard along with a siren.



scene 3

Int: A clincal, bright corridor.

Social worker

Your sister is very lucky to be alive. If she hadn't seen a doctor it could of been fatal. Now Jen you will be coming with me.


Wait, Jez (looking confussed)


No you can't take her. Mum said no!

Social Worker

Mr Evans, I'm afraid Jen is to young. So at the moment we will place her in temporaray foster care. You can visit, and it's just until we have it all sorted out.

Jen and Jez hug, as Jen is lead off down teh corridor leaving an distraught Jez. Camera fades.



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Jen - Teenage sister

Females, aged 18 to 27 from London, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience
  • Languages: English
  • Accents: UK English

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Listing created: 29 April 2012

Applications closed: 6 May 2012

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