Actor needed for supporting role in action/drama feature length film - GA

Georgia, United States

I need someone to play a minor role in this film

Actor needed for supporting role in action/drama feature length film - GA

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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Joseph Hawk has considered himself an “average kid” his entire life. Hawk wasn’t considered an orphan, although he would claim to have felt like one.

His father passed away shortly after his birth, leaving him with just his mom and his wretched step-dad. Both “parents” are slightly corrupt and feel no need to satisfy his pleasures. However, there was something different about him that he didn’t envision as “different”.

He was usually bullied and picked on during school and wasn’t socially capable of making friends at his schools and usually was kicked out of his learning environment and made frequent transfers.

Joseph had a special “ability” or power that divided him from the rest of the human race, and it was teleportation. He was able to “jump” or teleport to any place he desired as long as he had seen it before. His awkwardness didn’t serve him well and even though he knew of this particular power he had, he never used it outside his home. Sometimes he would teleport to a different location when he was angry with his parents. However one day, that all changed.

A particular day Hawk went to school; the local bullies had pushed him too far. He couldn’t handle his anger and it caused him to use his teleportation to beat the bullies. Not only was he expelled from school, he received a letter in the mail from a special academy called Hero Academy that was known as the “home of the mutants”. His parents forbid him to attend the boarding high school and his ambitions caused him to run away from home, to the academy.
Upon arrival he noticed many different kids with various “powers” such as shooting fire, lightswords, shapeshifting, etc. Joeseph was just trying to “fit” into the high school after being assigned a roommate who is known as Shadow (happens to have the ability to clone himself). He notices a division of factions (like a usual high school setting) as well as bullies: but a different kind of bully environment. The bullies at Hero Academy are much stronger, faster, and powerful in every way. Despite of that however, he also discovers “The Crucible” (the biggest games event televised in the world of mutants). The Crucible is a tournament that is comprised of teams (4 people per team maximum) of students enrolled at Hero Academy.
It happens once every four years, and every student at Hero Academy must do it to prove their worthiness in the world of heroes. Students must go through a series of traning before the tournament begins and even have a division of "classes" (like stealth, medic, etc). The winning team of The Crucible recieves recognition, fame, riches, and most importantly: glory. The young and ambitious Joseph Hawk creates his own team, entering the tournament as a group of freshmen on a mission to win The Crucible.

NOTE: Filming will be primarily in Atlanta, it is up to you to provide your own transportation.


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Fawks is a mysterious character with red hair, average height (around 5'10), and has a fair personality. He has a super power that allows him to produce bat wings to fly/glide around.

Males, aged 18 to 21 from Georgia, United States

  • Height: 170 cm / 5ft 7in - 182 cm / 6ft 0in
  • Maximum Weight: 85 kg / 187 lbs
  • Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience
  • Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
  • Languages: English
  • Hair colour: Red

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