Parental control on the internet awareness film - London

London, United Kingdom

We are looking for little stars in the making who can either rap or breakdance to a high standard

Parental control on the internet awareness film - London

Casting complete. Applications are now closed.

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This advertisement will be creating awareness for a child internet protection programme.


It’s quite easy for young children to come across inappropriate material online.
To highlight this issue we will create a viral music video showing a group of cute children rapping about everything they have seen on the internet.

The title of the song will be called ‘I Saw It On The MotherF@*king Internet’, and the video will show a group of group of young children, dressed in baggy jeans and hoodies, cruising the streets while rapping about all the indecent things they have seen online: from people being blown up and to ‘two girls one cup’.

The lyrics will be quite explicit in places but all expletives will be bleeped out.

The film ends with the call to action: What are your kids watching online? Click to find out.

The film will be both humorous and controversial, providing the cut through we need to engage our audience and get the issue talked about on social networks. It will also have huge PR potential.

On Facebook we will have behind the scenes footage of the music video and we will reveal the un-bleeped version of the rap song to show how we created it without actually getting the children to swear, with phrases such as-

• Mother father
• Suck my dip
• I don’t need this shoe

We are looking for children from every walk of life that have a love of Rap/Hip Hop/R&B/Grime music. They have GOT TO BE be little stars!

*** In these times of pre Olympic affected travel, please lets not waste anyone's time with kids who are not perfect for this.***

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Payment: £820 per Featured kid/£370 per non-featured kid

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Looking for kids who love to dance to Rap/Hip Hop/Grime/R+B music. Be it Breakdancing/ street dance or even a well practiced copy of a music video routine. Again, we are looking for little stars here.

Any gender, aged 2 to 8 from London, United Kingdom

  • Dance styles: Breakdancing
  • Dancing ability: Intermediate - Expert

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