Neil Alexander Smith

London, United Kingdom

Actor, Model

Contact: Neil is capable of playing a variety of different roles and due to his stature and height ( 6ft7 tall & 20 stone) comes highly recommended to play security, bouncers, bodyguards, henchmen and villains. Also Neil's tanned complexion and ability for different accents makes him an extremely versatile character in representing a number of different ethnic origins. Neil has had paid speaking roles and has worked on numerous film productions, appeared on British TV that includes BBC's prime time show 'Atlantis', Channel 4's cult comedy 'Cardinal Burns' and has added experience appearing in commercials, corporate videos, music videos & short films.

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Physical Details

200 cm / 6ft 7in
over 91 cm / 36 in
over 120 kg / 264 lbs
Shoe size:
13.0 UK / 14.0 US / 49.5 Euro
White / Caucasian
Hair colour:
Skin colour:
Hair length:
Eye colour:
Hair type:
114 cm / 45 in


  • Interactive Music video (TBC) : Mosh Pit Security, Purfleet, Essex, UK
  • Kraken Blacked Spiced Rum Ink Bomb Tour : Promotional - Deep sea Diver, Watford, UK
  • 'Miss You Already' (Feature Film) : 90's Night Club Bouncer, London, UK
  • 'Black Mirror' (TV Series - Christmas Episode) : Tall Man at bar, London, UK
  • 'Unit Trust of India' (Commercial) : Cricket Spectator, London, UK
  • 'Hetty Feather' (TV Series 1 Episode 9) : Large Circus Clown, Kent, UK
  • 'Drifters' (E4 Sitcom Series 2) : Warehouse Rave Security, London, UK
  • 'Gatwick Gangsters' (Feature Film): : El Chakal (Mexican Cartel Gang Member), London, UK
  • 'The Royals' (HBO TV Series) : VIP Fashion Designer, London, UK
  • 'Kill Your Friends' (Feature Film) : Texas Night Club Bouncer, London, UK
  • 'Reign of the General' (Feature Film) : Benny White's Nephew, Purfleet, Essex, UK
  • 'Looters Tooters & Sawnoff Shotguns' (Feature Film) : Curb Crawler picking up prostitute, London, UK
  • Level 1 Silvio Simac Stunt Course : Stunt Course run by Silvio Simac (martial arts actor/stuntman/fight choreographer), London, UK
  • 'People Just Do Nothing' (BBC3 Mocumentary) : Passerby/Shopper/Wedding Guest - Friend of Groom, London, UK
  • 'Untitled Lance Armstrong Biopic' (Feature Film) : Journalist at Tour de France Press Conference, London, UK
  • 'Suspects' - Series 1 Episode 2 (Channel 5 TV Series) : Journalist at Police Press Conference, London, UK
  • 'Walking On Sunshine' (Feature Film) : Airport Passenger, London, UK
  • 'The Royals' (US TV Pilot for HBO) : Funeral Mourner at Palace grounds, Oxford, UK
  • 'Eat Sleep Rave Repeat' - Fatboy Slim Music Video : Endurance Dance Marathon Referee/Security, London, UK
  • 'Hyena' (Feature Film) : Soho Criminal/Drug Dealer, London, UK
  • 'Cardinal Burns' Series 2 Episode 2 (Channel 4 Comedy Sketch Show Series 2) : Guard/Gang Leader, London, UK
  • 'Cardinal Burns' Series 2 Episode 1(Channel 4 Comedy Sketch Show Series 2) : Nightclub Doorman, London, UK
  • 'Atlantis' (BBC & BBC America Primetime Drama) Series 1 Episode 9: Pandora's Box : Walk On: Kyros' Henchman (5 days filming), Wales, UK
  • '1000 Dreams' (Feature Film) : Bodyguard: Killed getting shot, London, UK
  • 'CIA Declassified' - Fortress of War Season 1 Episode 7 : Cast: Taliban Foreign Fighter with Grenade and drowning underwater, Tilbury, Essex, UK
  • 'The Jason Philips Show' (TV Pilot) : Cast: Night Club Security (role with dialogue), London, UK
  • Clarivu (TV Commercial with Ruth Langsford) : Played a breakfast TV show cameraman & Red Carpet Celeb, Maidstone, Kent, UK
  • 'Are You Getting Enough' -Professor Green (Music Video) : Businessman having a scuffle with preacher Oxford Circus, London, UK
  • Soul of a Spy (Feature Film) : Couple on Thames Southbank, London, UK
  • Cuban Fury (Feature Film) : Office Sales Worker, Surrey, UK
  • 'Trollied' (Britsh TV Sitcom Sky 1 - Series 3) : Shopper, Bristol, UK
  • Desert Dancer (Feature Film) : Iranian Airport Passenger, London, UK
  • Underbelly - 'El Ladrón' (Feature Film Teaser) : Bodyguard shot dead by boss, London, UK
  • 'Natox' (Beauty product commercial with David Van Day & Sue Moxley) : Church Parish, Benfleet, Essex, UK
  • 'Better Side of Greed' (National Corporate Film - Banking Fraud) : Cast: DC 1(Taylor) : role with scripted dialogue, London, UK
  • 'Deep Ridge' - Walkers Crisps (TV Commercial) : Member of public eating new Double Ridge crisps, London, UK
  • 'About Time' (Feature Film) : Solicitor/Legal Professional, London, UK
  • Ashley Walters feat Alesha Dixon (Music Video) : Featured Extra: Bouncer, London, UK
  • Alan Carr Summertime Spectacular 2 : Comedy Sketch: Cast: Stag Party (speaking role in comedy sketch with Alan Carr), London, UK
  • Paddy Power - Billionaire (Commercial) : Diamond Miner, Bedfordshire, UK
  • 'Hit It Up' Sabrina Washington (From Mis-Teeq) Music Video : Watching fight ringside, London, UK
  • 'Cuban Fury' (Feature Film) : Office Sales Worker (6 days filming including a small scene interacting with main actor Nick Frost), London, UK
  • 'Fall of the Essex Boys' (Feature Film) : Football supporter/hooligan (speaking & fighting role), London, UK
  • 'Trollied' (British Television Sitcom) : Shopper (series 2 episodes 7 and 9), Bristol, UK
  • 'Krish & Lee' (Feature Film) : Strip Club Guest, Chigwell, Essex, UK
  • 'Bringing London Alltogether for London 2012' (British Telecom TV Commercial) : Crowd watching Olympic event, London, UK
  • 'Closed Circuit' (Feature Film starring Eric Bana) : Businessman/Commuter, London, UK
  • 'Hummingbird' (Feature Film starring Jason Statham) : Royal Opera House Guest, London, UK
  • 'Skyfall: James Bond' (Feature Film) : Underground Passenger (4 days filming scenes with main actors Daniel Craig & Javier Bardem), London, UK
  • 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' (Bollywood Feature Film) : Tube Passenger & Businessman (8 days filming in several scenes with Shah Rukh Khan & Katrina Kaif ), London, UK
  • 'Animal' Against Me (Music Video) : Cast: Bouncer throwing guy in bear costume outside strip club, London, UK
  • '2012 Olympics MET Police Campaigne' (Advert) : Cast: Olympic Games Security turning away couple with fake tickets, London, UK
  • 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' Lexus Dutty (Music Video) : Cast: Passer by getting bumped and arguing in the face of artist, London, UK
  • Pepsi Max Crowd Surfing Kick in the Mix - Calvin Harris (TV Commercial 2012) : Clubber/Dancer, Shepperton Studios, UK
  • 'The Sweeney' (Feature Film) : Flying Squad HQ Security, London, UK
  • 'Adams Meets Brown' (Short Film) : Cast: Bodyguard to Boss (credited), London, UK
  • 'The Magnificent Eleven' (Feature Film) : Punter at the cinema, London, UK
  • 'John Guest' (Corporate Video) : Architect/Construction Manager, Southend-On-Sea, UK
  • 'A Footballer's Life' (Channel 4 Random Acts Short Film) : Cast: Football supporter chanting in art shop (credited and televised), London, UK
  • 'The Wee Man' (Feature Film) : Punter in a pub, London, UK
  • 'Promises' Tiger Lilly (Music Video) : Flirting and asking waitress to take a drink over to girl in posh cocktail bar, London, UK
  • 'May I Kill You?' (Feature Film) : Anti-Police Protester at Community Centre, London, UK
  • 'Cage Rage: Judgement Day 21' (Promotional video) : Crowd chasing Fighter and Ring Girl, London, UK
  • Sky Sports Pre-Match Interview: Coventry City v Tottenham (Carling Cup) : Interviewed at White Hart Lane before travelling to Coventry by Sky Sports (Televised), London, UK

Acting experience:
  Previous paid speaking roles
Languages spoken
  • English
Accents spoken
  • Australian
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern
  • Mexican
  • Middle Eastern
Paid Roles with Dialogue
Feature Films
British TV Commercials
Short Films
Music Video
Corporate Video


Modeling experience:
  Part-time model - paid commercial work
some with photoshoot for catalogue

TV & Reality

October 2014 'Black Mirror- Yuletide Christmas Episode 2014': Tall Man at Bar

August 2014 'Hetty Feather' Series 1 Episode 9: Featured Large Victorian Travelling Circus Clown

August 2014 'Drifters' Series 2: Warehouse Rave Security

July 2014 'Spotless' Series 1: Wealthy shopper in jewellery store served by main actress Tanya Fear

November 2013 'People Just Do Nothing' (BBC 3 Mockumentary) Discount Store Shopper/Wedding Guest - Friend of Groom

August 2013 'Atlantis Episode: 9 Pandora's Box' ( BBC & BBC America Prime Time Drama) Walk On: Kyros' Tall Henchman dragging in main character Medusa and bringing in Jason, Hercules & Pythagoras as prisoners in two major scenes.

August 2013 'Cardinal Burns': Bouncer and Guard/Gang Member (2 comedy sketches)

Jan 2013 'Trollied' (British TV Sitcom Series 3 Episode 9)

July 2012 'Alan Carr's Summertime Specstacular 2' (Homoland Spoof Comedy Sketch) : Cast - Stag Party Alan Carr kidnapping (speaking role)

May 2012 'Trollied' (British TV Sitcom) : Featured Extra - Shopper

Dec 2011 'A Footballer's Life For Me' - Channel 4 Random Acts No.94' (credited cast)

Sky Sports Pre-Match Interview: Coventry City v Tottenham (Carling Cup) : Interviewed at White Hart Lane before travelling to Coventry and was asked my opinion on the younger players and who I thought the new Tottenham manager should, London, UK


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