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Actor, Model
Location London, United Kingdom
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Physical Details

200 cm / 6ft 7in
over 91 cm / 36 in
over 120 kg / 264 lbs
Shoe size:
13.0 UK / 14.0 US / 49.5 Euro
White / Caucasian
Hair colour:
Skin colour:
Hair length:
Eye colour:
Hair type:
over 119 cm / 47 in


  • 'End Game IV' (Short Film) : cast: Elder God Kronos, Birmingham, UK
  • 'The Perpetual Price' (Short Film) : cast: Jimmy, London, UK
  • 'Murder in Successville' (TV Series 2) : Prison Guard, London, UK
  • 'HTC - Chargedown' (Commercial) : Walk On: Rugby Player, London, UK
  • Jason Bourne : Bareknuckle Fight Punter, London, UK
  • Man v Fly (Gogglebox Entertainment) : American New York Gangster (dialogue), London, UK
  • 'Autopsy: The Last Hours of Jim Morrison' (TV Series) : Bouncer, London, UK
  • The Royals (TV Series 2 Episode TBC) : Warehouse Rave Bouncer, London, UK
  • 'Londongrad' (Russian TV Series 2 Episodes TBC) : Prisoner, Reading, UK
  • 'Stan Lee's Lucky Man' (TV Series 1 Episode 5) : Gambling Den Bouncer/Games Master Henchman, London, UK
  • 'Chrisley Knows Best' (US Reality TV Series 3 Episode TBC)) : Bodyguard/Spy, London, UK
  • 'London Spy' (TV Series 1 Episode TBC) : Nightclub Doorman, London, UK
  • 'The Last Panthers' (Sky Atlantic TV Series 1 Episode 3) : Belgium Prisoner, Lowestoft, Norwich, UK
  • Guitar Hero 2015 (Video Game) : Mosh Pit Security, Purfleet, Essex, UK
  • Kraken Black Spiced Rum (Rock Tour) : Promotional Actor: The Kraken Hunter, Colchester, Essex, UK
  • 'Humans' (TV Series 1 Episode 4) : Underground Fight Crowd Punter, London, UK
  • Kraken Blacked Spiced Rum Ink Bomb Tour : Promotional Actor- The Kraken Hunter, Watford, UK
  • 'Miss You Already' (Feature Film) : 90's Night Club Bouncer, London, UK
  • 'Black Mirror' (TV Series - Christmas Episode) : Tall Man at bar, London, UK
  • 'Unit Trust of India' (Commercial) : Cricket Spectator, London, UK
  • 'Hetty Feather' (TV Series 1 Episode 9) : Large Circus Clown, Kent, UK
  • 'Drifters' (TV Series 2 Episode 4) : Warehouse Rave Security, London, UK
  • 'Gatwick Gangsters' (Feature Film): : El Chakal (Mexican Cartel Gang Member), London, UK
  • 'The Royals' (TV Series 1 Episode 3) : VIP Fashion Show Designer, London, UK
  • 'Kill Your Friends' (Feature Film) : Texas Night Club Bouncer, London, UK
  • 'Rise of the Foot Soldier 2' (Feature Film) : Benny White's Nephew, Purfleet, Essex, UK
  • 'Looters Tooters & Sawn-Off Shotguns' (Feature Film) : Curb Crawler picking up prostitute, London, UK
  • Level 1 Silvio Simac Stunt Course : Stunt Course run by Silvio Simac (martial arts actor/stuntman/fight choreographer), London, UK
  • 'People Just Do Nothing' (TV Series 1) : Passerby/Shopper/Wedding Guest - Friend of Groom, London, UK
  • 'The Program' (Feature Film) : Journalist at Tour de France Press Conference, London, UK
  • 'Suspects' (TV Series 1 Episode 2) : Journalist at Police Press Conference, London, UK
  • 'Walking On Sunshine' (Feature Film) : Airport Passenger, London, UK
  • 'The Royals' (TV Series 1 Episode 1) : Funeral Mourner at Palace grounds, Oxford, UK
  • 'Eat Sleep Rave Repeat' - Fatboy Slim (Music Video) : Endurance Dance Marathon Referee/Security, London, UK
  • 'Hyena' (Feature Film) : Soho Criminal/Drug Dealer, London, UK
  • 'Cardinal Burns' (TV Show Series 2 Episode 2 - Opening Sketch) : Guard/Gang Leader, London, UK
  • 'Cardinal Burns' (TV Series 2 Episode 1) : Nightclub Doorman, London, UK
  • 'Atlantis' (Series 1 Episode 9: Pandora's Box) : Walk On: Kyros' Henchman (5 days filming), Chepstowe, Wales, UK
  • 'Valladesam' (Bollywood Feature Film) : Bodyguard: Killed getting shot by lead actress, London, UK
  • 'CIA Declassified' - (Series 1 Episode 7 Fortress of War) : Cast: Taliban Foreign Fighter with Grenade and drowning underwater, Tilbury, Essex, UK
  • 'The Jason Philips Show' (TV Pilot) : Cast: Night Club Security (role with dialogue), London, UK
  • 'Clarivu 2013' (TV Commercial with Ruth Langsford) : Breakfast TV show cameraman & Red Carpet Celeb, Maidstone, Kent, UK
  • 'Are You Getting Enough' -Professor Green (Music Video) : Businessman having a scuffle with preacher Oxford Circus, London, UK
  • 'Soul of a Spy' (Russian Feature Film) : Couple on Thames Southbank, London, UK
  • 'Cuban Fury' (Feature Film) : Office Sales Worker, Surrey, UK
  • 'Trollied' (TV Series 3 Episode 9) : Shopper, Bristol, UK
  • 'Desert Dancer' (Feature Film) : Iranian Airport Passenger, London, UK
  • 'Underbelly - 'El LadrĂ³n' (Feature Film Teaser) : Bodyguard shot dead by boss, London, UK
  • 'Natox' (Online Commercial) : Church Parish, Benfleet, Essex, UK
  • 'Better Side of Greed' (Corporate Film) : Cast: DC Taylor (dialogue), London, UK
  • 'Deep Ridge' - Walkers Crisps (TV Commercial) : Member of public eating new Double Ridge crisps, London, UK
  • 'About Time' (Feature Film) : Solicitor/Legal Professional, London, UK
  • Ashley Walters feat Alesha Dixon (Music Video) : Bouncer, London, UK
  • 'Alan Carr Summertime Specstacular 2' (TV Show) : Comedy Sketch: Cast: Stag Party (speaking role in comedy sketch with Alan Carr), London, UK
  • 'Billionaire' -Paddy Power ( TV Commercial) : Diamond Miner, Bedfordshire, UK
  • 'Hit It Up' -Sabrina Washington (Music Video) : Fight Spectator Ringside, London, UK
  • 'Cuban Fury' (Feature Film) : Office Sales Worker (6 days filming including a small scene interacting with main actor Nick Frost), London, UK
  • 'Fall of the Essex Boys' (Feature Film) : Football supporter/hooligan (speaking & fighting role), London, UK
  • 'Trollied' (TV Series 2 Episodes 7 and 9) : Shopper, Bristol, UK
  • 'Krish & Lee' (Feature Film) : Strip Club Guest, Chigwell, Essex, UK
  • 'Bringing London Altogether for London 2012' - British Telecom (TV Commercial) : Crowd watching Olympic event, London, UK
  • 'Closed Circuit' (Feature Film) : Businessman/Commuter, London, UK
  • 'Hummingbird' (Feature Film) : Royal Opera House Guest, London, UK
  • 'Skyfall' (Feature Film) : Underground Passenger, London, UK
  • 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' (Bollywood Feature Film) : Tube Passenger & Businessman, London, UK
  • 'Animal' Against Me (Music Video) : Cast: Bouncer throwing guy in bear costume outside strip club, London, UK
  • '2012 Olympics MET Police Campaigne' (Advert) : Cast: Olympic Games Security turning away couple with fake tickets, London, UK
  • 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' Lexus Dutty (Music Video) : Cast: Passer by getting bumped and arguing in the face of artist, London, UK
  • Pepsi Max Crowd Surfing Kick in the Mix 2012- Calvin Harris (TV Commercial) : Clubber/Dancer, Shepperton Studios, UK
  • 'The Sweeney' (Feature Film) : Flying Squad HQ Security, London, UK
  • 'Adams Meets Brown' (Short Film) : Cast: Bodyguard to Boss (credited), London, UK
  • 'The Magnificent Eleven' (Feature Film) : Punter at the cinema, London, UK
  • 'John Guest' (Corporate Video) : Architect/Construction Manager, Southend-On-Sea, UK
  • 'A Footballer's Life' (Channel 4 Random Acts Short Film) : Cast: Football supporter chanting in art shop (credited and televised), London, UK
  • 'The Wee Man' (Feature Film) : Pub Drinker, London, UK
  • 'Promises' Tiger Lilly (Music Video) : Flirting and asking waitress to take a drink over to girl in posh cocktail bar, London, UK
  • 'May I Kill You?' (Feature Film) : Anti-Police Protester at Community Centre, London, UK
  • 'Cage Rage: Judgement Day 21' (Promotional video) : Crowd chasing Fighter and Ring Girl, London, UK
  • Sky Sports Pre-Match Interview: Coventry City v Tottenham (Carling Cup) : Interviewed at White Hart Lane before travelling to Coventry by Sky Sports (Televised), London, UK

Acting experience:
  Previous paid speaking roles
  • English
  • Australian
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern
  • Mexican
  • Middle Eastern


Modeling experience:
  Part-time model - paid commercial work


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