Ottvor Jacquett

New Jersey, United States

Actor, Model, Musician, Film & Stage Crew, Photographer

Fill out the form in the link from the previous post and post a candid of yourself in your own style from within the last month. I have a trendy women's clothing boutique in the NYC area 15 minutes from Manhattan(Dynamic Fashions). I am looking to collaborate with models(TFP) temporarily to form a base of the most attractive, dynamic females in selected regions globally. I will be producing a mail order catalog for our boutique this Spring with the hopes that working with you in your area via internet will give the catalog a broad enough base that will justify the opening of a Dynamic Fashions Boutique in selected areas. I am a new designer so my fasion label is in its early steps and it is steadily growing as I get a feel of that side of this industry. I design sleek couture cocktail dresses and formal evening gowns for the 21-35 market. I look forward to having you model my styles for Flyers, Mail Order Catalog and our Website. Submission Form URL:

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