Miranda Hayman

Miranda Hayman Pro

New South Wales, Australia


Eilannin Dhu
Jan 23, 2014

I worked alongside Miranda for one year at Brent Street, she is extremely talented, well presented, always organised and very professional.

Recommended: Actor, Dancer, Model, Musician

Oct 3, 2013

Miranda is a very talented singer. Her voice is absolutely beautiful and her range is incredible. She recorded a song for me and did a fantastic job at following the brief while bringing her own style to the song as well. =)

Recommended: Musician

Jul 31, 2011

Recommended for: Quirky music video requires actors/ models to mime lyrics - Wor...  

Miranda really suprised me with how good she was at improvising and creating believable characters. She comes across really sweet and girl next door-ish but she can also easily play dark, sexy characters. Her confidence and enthusiasm are amazing and I really enjoyed working with her. If you are looking for a fun, confident, easy going, attractive girl for your project then I would definitly recommend Miranda Hayman

Recommended: Actor