Tamuz R. EllazamPro

Victoria, Australia

Model, Actor, Musician, Film & Stage Crew


The daughter of two artists, Tamuz should have become something sensible and financially rewarding as some kind of rebellion. She has not. She has, however, tried to broaden her horizons to include as many financially unrewarding skills as possible. Which I guess should count for something. A graduate of the Monash Bachelor of Performing Arts ('08-'11), I've spent the last two years working extensively in theatre and short films, and recently, two feature films, which are both currently in production. In early October I came onboard as Festival Producer for the 48Hour Film Project Melbourne.

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Tamuz Ellazam Showreel 2014

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Physical Details

160 cm / 5ft 3in
91 cm / 36in
53 kg / 116 lbs
Shoe size
6.0 UK / 7.5 US / 39.5 Euro
Hair colour
Skin colour
Hair length
Eye colour
Hair type
93 cm / 37 in
Dress Size
8 - 10
66 cm / 26in


  • Gary Friedman : Puppet Making and Maintenance Workshop, Victoria, Australia
  • Monash University Clayton : Bachelor of Performing Arts, Melbourne, Australia
  • Macrobertson Girls' High School : Year 12 Drama. Solo: Fortuna (A+, Audition for Top Class), Victoria, Australia
  • Macrobertson Girls' High School : Year 11 Drama, Solo: Lola Montez, Victoria, Australia
  • Kismet Productions Courses : 10 Day Film-Making Summer School, Victoria, Australia


Modeling experience: Part-time model - paid commercial work
2011 Matrix Design Jewellery, Website and Catalogue, Photographer: Max Louden.
2012 Puneet Jodhka Jewellery, Website, Photographer: Ayelet Anush.
2012 Sean Axelrod Jewellery, Website, Photographer: Ayelet Anush.
2012 WASARA tableware and Jasmine Matus Jewellery, Website, Photographer: Ayelet Anush and Tamuz Ellazam
2012 Anti-Racism photography campaign, Photographer: Aaran Hughes.
2012 City Hatters' Model, National Hat Day Parade
2013 Matt Scrafton Grub Food Van Shoot
2013 Zaeem Burq Exhibition Shoot
2013 Matt Scrafton Queen Victoria Market Shoot

I am photographer and model in residence at Schtik Melbourne.
I have also worked with a variety of photographers for both theatre promotion, art reference photography and TFP, including Sarah Walker, Banjo Ward, Sophia Dacy-Cole, Catherine Pieper, and award winning photographer Julian Meehan.


Monologue from 'Aphonia' by Hannah Aroni

Delia tries to discuss assisted suicide with her husband after having just been diagnosed with ALS.

Acting experience: Previous paid speaking roles
Languages spoken
  • English
  • Hebrew
Accents spoken
  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA New York
  • German
  • Middle Eastern
  • Russian
  • Spanish
•Louise De Valliere, The Man in the Iron Mask (full), Ross Unger, Blue Glass Entertainment
•Woman 2, Terrorism, James Wardlaw, MUSTPA
•Villager, Blood Wedding, Peter Oyston, MUSTPA Honours Ensemble
•Arachne, Ovid's Metamorphoses, Richard Lawton, MUSTPA
•Ophelia, This is Not Hamlet, Thomas Lawton, MUSS
•Hamletmachine (Devised), Laurence Strangio, MUSTPA
•Nostalgia, Nightminds, Celeste Macleod, Isobel Roberts-Orr, The Electric Company. Melbourne & Adelaide Fringe Festival Seasons.
• Macbeth (Devised), Daniel Schlusser, MUSTPA
•One Woman Show, Thread (written, directed, performed),Three Spot Productions.
•'4', The Waiting Room, Tom McCathie, Crash Test Drama 4 (Honourable Mention)
•Guide, Virtual Kinshasa Tour, (Sophia Dacy-Cole) Artillery
•Laura, Aphonia, Hannah Aroni, Monash University Student Theatre
•Choiristor, Choir Girl (Sarah Collins) Celeste Cody, AtticErratic for the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Geraldine Quinn's The Piano Has Been Drinkin' & Melbourne Fringe Hub Festival Opening,
•Choiristor, Choir Girl (Sarah Collins) Celeste Cody, AtticErratic for the Adelaide Fringe Festival and Melbourne Comedy Festival, and 3ForFree Monash University Clayton and Peninsula Seasons

•Rhian: Lead, The Personality Shop, Caterina Turnbull.
•Vera: Female Lead, Last Carriage on the Northern Union Express, Leo Flanders, Arlington Animals.
•Nostalgia: Ensemble Cast, Nightminds Trailer, Sarah Walker, The Electric Company
•Thread Trailer, Jorge Tsipos,Tsipoproductions and Three Spot Productions

•Philip, Salvation Army Maundy Thursday Film. David Cairns, Salvos Studio
•Inquisitive Girl/Prisoner: Featured Extra, Music Video 'Not Fair' by Inkfields, Laura Hamilton and Jon Sevastopaulos, SAE Institute.
•Homeless Girl: Lead, Coins and Shelter, Anastasia Yates.
•Martha/Composer: Supporting, Crane, Joshua Farrell
•Natacha von Braun: Lead, Remake of scene from 'Alphaville' by Jean-Luc Goddard, Tarryn Eva, Monash University
•Elle: Lead, Sexploitation, Haleema Elsayed, Latrobe University
•Sister Maria: Supporting, The Graveyard Shift, Sherilyn Wong, RMIT University
•Kate: Lead, PSA, Obsessively Aware, Krish Soorkia, Swinburne University
•Claire: Female Lead, When Shit Happens, Benjamyn Wolfgramm, Swinburne University
•Susan: Female Lead, Road Wolves, Harrison Packer, Photographic Narrative Series for VCA application
•Megan: Female Lead, Lanu: 'The Wire' Music Video, Benjamyn Wolfgramm, Swinburne University

•Emma, Le Chien qui Fume, Donna McRae and Michael Vale
•Jill, Meat, Benjamyn Wolfgramm, Swinburne University
•Sarah, Cocoon, Marli Lopez-Hope, Swinburne University
•Paramedic, Coming of Age, Mark Day, Victorian College of the Arts
•Cassandra, Hilarious Transplant, Simon Toppin, RMIT University
•Extra, There Is No Such Thing as a Jellyfish, Alena Lodkina.
•Tegan, Verity, Tess Hutson, VCA
•Kirsten, In Retrospect, Christel Chia, VCA
•Mourner, Momento Mori, Stacy Quine, VCA
•Magda, Mimi and Bubba, Johnathan Webb. Taylored Productions
•Katie,The Big Save, Errol Tyson, RMIT
•Joanne, We need to talk about Melvin, Benjamyn Wolfgramm, Swinburne University
•Claire, Massacre, Kristopher Wardhana Swinburne University
•Dee, Spit, Genevieve Wilson, VCA
Seance Member, Everything was legendary with Robert Video Clip, Donna McRae and Michael Vale

•Ada: Supporting, Maniac (Jeremy DeCiglie)2013
•Supporting, Newman, (Long Lin Cheng) *in post production*

•Various Characters for Skits on SYN, Presented by Adam Knox
•Co-Anchor on SYN Radio Show 'HappyFace/SadFace'
•I don't care if you make this a joke- Flo Dacy-Cole and Calla Kruger for SEVEN gallery


Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan)

Recorded with Ukelele singer Alexander Welsh at the 50th Unnatural Selection Live Podcast in 2011

Vocal ability: Lead singerLike to join a band: Yes
Vocal range: Mezzo-Soprano
Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Classical
Favourite genres
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Jazz
Influences: Norah JonesElla FitzgeraldGotyeIngrid MichaelsonBillie HolidayYasmin LevyThe Lucksmiths

A strong singer from an early age, I joined my school choir in 2000, and sang in choirs throughout my schooling (including the exclusive Chamber Voices choir in 2007/8). In 2008 I performed with the Macrobertson Girls' High School Chamber Voices group, which achieved first place in the “3BA Intermediate Choral Contest” as a part of the Grand National Eisteddfod of Australasia and were also awarded first place in the 2008 Booroondara Eisteddfod in the A Capella Choir 18 years and Under Section.
I also performed the vocal jazz duet at the Macrobertson Girls' High School 2008 Speech night.
Performing in musicals since 2002, I became more and more involved in musicals towards the end of my high school years, performing in the original 'Man in the Iron Mask' as the lead female, Louise De Vailliere in 2007, and again for the concert re-staging in early 2009.

In 2009-2011 I focused on my studies, and took up singing in performance again towards the end of my degree, performing at the Unnatural Selection Live 50th Podcast with Ukelele player and Singer Alexander Welsh as 'The Lame Ducks'.

In 2012 I started pursuing singing more intently, working with producer Kehinde Azeez on a variety of projects; and collaborating with singer/pianist Ella Motteram and singer/double bassist Tim Cochrane for a one-night-only performance at the MUSTWRAP2012.

As part of the 2012 Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2013 Adelaide Fringe Festival, and 2013 Comedy Festival I performed in the cast choir of 'Choir Girl', a collaborative choral show between Attic Erratic Theatre and writer/performer Sarah Collins, directed by Celeste Cody, Music Arrangement by Tom Pitts, Choral Direction by Chrissie Robinson and Jessica Graham. As part of all three 12, 8 and 14 member acapella choirs, we sang everything from Britney Spears' 'Hit Me Baby' in both full Pop and the style of Gregorian Chant, to the Everly Brothers, to Petula Clarke.
*****- Herald Sun ****- The Age
"they spring to disconcertingly lascivious life to voice Susan’s sexual fantasies... ...To call them a ‘Greek chorus’ is to diminish both the eeriness and the hilarity with which these women satirise our preconceptions of feminine primness." -Mel Campbell for The Enthusiast

Film & Stage Crew

•Poster Design, Terrorism, James Wardlaw, MUSTPA
•Poster Design, This is Not Hamlet, Thomas Lawton, MUSS
•Stage Manager/ Assistant Director / Poster Design, A+B=?, Jorge Tsipos, Tsipoproductions for the Melbourne Fringe Festival.
•Co Stage-Manager, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Peter Oyston, MUSTPA
•Co-Director, Set Designer, Damian and Diana, Harley Hefford, Joseph Pogson and Tamuz Ellazam, MUSTPA
•Lighting Operator and Poster Design, Strengths and Weaknesses,Adam Direen, Jorge Tsipos, Tsipoproductions for the Melbourne Fringe Festival.
•Writer, Director, Producer, Thread, Three Spot Productions.
•Managing Assistant, Costume Assistant and Graphic Design, Goodworks, Karra Peppler, TrailerPark Productions for Midsumma Festival.
•Artistic Director, Club Voltaire Sunday Shorts.
•Set Dressing, Puppet Costume and Hair, Avenue Q, Pip Mushin, JYM.
•Co-Director, Poster Design, Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth, MUSS
•Assistant Director, Everynight, Everynight, Stuart Grant, Frank Theatre Company, Gasworks.
•Assistant Director, Editing Assistant, Graphic Design, 'Laura' Aphonia, Hannah Aroni, MUST
•Assistant Director, Set Design, Wyrd Sisters, Jem Splitter, MUST
•Director, Editing Assistant, Set Design, The Love We Hate, Leila Enright for Short and Sweet Melbourne Wildcards.
•Costume Design, Amazing Transplant, Simon Toppin, RMIT University

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