Tiphanie DOUCET

New York, United States

Actor, Model, Musician, Dancer

My name is Tiphanie, I am an Actress, singer, dancer and musician. I began at 7 ballet dancing, music theory and harp. At 15 I plaid on tv" The baby of Elsa " as Elsa, and I studied arts and photography. At 18,I was engaged as a dancer on the musical « ROMEO AND JULIET ». I discovered the stage and never left it!! I worked as a professionnal dancer during 8 years, for different shows, artists... then I started singing, and was engaged as a soloist singer at the cabaret BOBINO in Paris. Spotted by a casting director, I obtained the main supporting role in a new tv serie, « Chante », which is still going on. I was JEANIE in « HAIR » in 2009 in Paris, sometimes come back on tv as a dancer ( with Prince in 2010 in Paris!) and now have created my own original folk duet, TIPHANIE AND JOE. We played in Nashville, SanDiego, Los Angeles, Paris...I learned piano by myself 2 years ago, and now begins guitar. I was in L.A for 4 months in the Vocal programm at the Musician Institute. I am back in

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Tiphanie and Joe Jazz duet

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