William Stott

Glasgow, United Kingdom


The above adress will take you to some of my own songs/Recordings i did from my room all parts done by me. Have'nt really spent a great deal of time on them due to work, But i fully intend to finish them.

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Physical Details

177 cm / 5ft 10in
Skin colour:
White / Caucasian
Eye colour:


Guitar ability:
Favourite genres
  • Rock
  • Metal
Influences: Thin LizzyBad CompanyFreeDeep PurpleRainbow To Name A Few.

Been playing guitar for many years. Played in a few bands one classic rock cover bands still doing quite well for themselves. One band i played in done really well and the singer decided he wanted to be a teacher and ruined it for everyone else. I play mainly blues guitar with alot of feeling can also play pretty much anything else. I can't read music but can pretty much play anything by ear given a bit of time. Thanks for reading this.

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