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Model, Actor, Musician, Dancer, Film & Stage Crew, Photographer


“A beautifully dark and haunting hybrid of styles, which nourishes your soul with its sensuous and captivating melodies, mystical and alluring vocal expression, Zory Burner’s music makes you travel to another world!” --- www.zoryburner.com --- My goal is to "attract sophisticated listeners from a maturing audience growing ever more bored with the same old two dimensional stand up performers who've dominated our music for 50 years." (J.A.Jory Writer/Publisher (T Music Group) Gainesville, Florida)

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Zory Burner Composer Showreel

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Zory Burner - Crying

"Crying" - Music, lyrics and performance by Zory Burner.

Physical Details

162 cm / 5ft 4in
66 cm / 26in
48 kg / 105 lbs
Shoe size
4.0 UK / 5.5 US / 37.0 Euro
White / Caucasian
Hair colour
Skin colour
Hair length
Eye colour
Dress Size
6 - 8


  • City Lit : Contemporary & Jazz Dance, London, UK
  • St.Cyril And St.Methodius University Of Veliko Tarnovo : MA in British Studies, specializing in Film Studies. (Dissertation on Shakespeare in Film), Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
  • CALAT : Drama (Sarah Tripp), London, UK
  • London Metropolitan University : Choir Workshop (Naveen Arles), London, UK
  • Private Lessons : Vocal: Pop singing (Petya Krysteva), Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
  • Private Lessons : Academic Vocal (Maria Kasabova), Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
  • St.Cyril And St.Methodius University Of Veliko Tarnovo : BA in English Philology, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
  • Morley College : Composition and Improvisation (Jeremy Arden), London, UK
  • Morley College : Popular Music Workshop (Paul Westwood), London, UK
  • Private Lessons : Academic Vocal (Maria Kasabova), Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
  • Bulgarian School of Performing Arts : Profile Music: Class Piano (Svetlana Arnaudova), Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


Modeling experience: Beginner, starting out


Acting experience: Previous paid speaking roles
Languages spoken
  • English
  • Russian
Accents spoken
  • USA California
  • USA Southern
2014, Everest, D: Baltasar Kormákur, Universal Pictures, Role: (featured / walk-on) Girlfriend
2013, The Imitation Game, D: Morten Tyldum, Black Bear Pictures, Role: Hero Radio Operator
2013, "Bring the Bucket", D: Tommy Lexen, BeFrank Theatre Company, performed at RichMix theatre
2013, "The Christmas Candle", D: John Stephenson, Pinewood Films
2013, "Top Boy" 2, D: Yann Demange, Top Boy Production

2012, "One Chance", D: David Frankel, Syco Television
2012, "The Bletchley Circle", World Productions (Bletchley) Ltd. ITV Drama
2012, "Hummingbird", D: Steven Knight, HB Pictures

2011, Bombay Bicycle Club - "Leave It", D: Ryan Hope, Stamp Films, Role: (Walk-On) hospital patient
2011, "Anna Karenina”, D: Joe Wright; Role: 19th Century Russian Aristocracy, Scenes: Art Gallery, Horse Races, Opera
2011, "Gambit”, D: Michael Hoffman, Shabandar Productions Ltd; Role: waitress at a top Mayfair restaurant

2010, “Star Power”, Channel 4 program on developing acting skills, Role (supporting): religious fanatic - one of the main characters' sister.
2010, Zory Burner “Crying” official music video; D: Will Moore; Role: self / lead singer; ZB Label
2010, ‘Speed Dating’ scene as part of a documentary on decision making by Fisher Stevens, Role: self, featured interview
2010, “Cleanskin”, feature, D: Hadi Hajaig, Role: Student

2009, “I Am Pregnant”, short film, D: Aliakbar Campwala, Aliale Productions, Role (lead): Sarah
2009, "Blood Army", a.k.a. “The Nephilim”, feature, D: Will Moore, Role (supporting): Titan - Phoenix
2009, "Street Dance", feature, D: Max Giwa & Dania Pasquini, Role: Shopper
2009, "Mission London", feature, D: Dimitar Mitovski, Fidelity Films; Role: Bulgarian student
2009, "Chat Room"; feature, D: Hideo Nakata, Ruby Films, Role: ‘Chatroom’ crowd member
2009, "United", short film; Role: 'trashy girlfriend' of a football hooligan
2009, "Cemetery Junction", feature, D: Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant; Role: ‘70s night clubber
2009, "Huge", D: Ben Miller; Role: Comedy club audience member
2009, The Noisettes "Saturday Night" music video; D: Kim Gherig; Role: Night clubber
2009, "The Infidel", feature, D: Josh Appignanesi, W: David Baddiel; Roles: audience, street protester, track runner
2009, "Circle Privilege", commercial, Hi-Gloss Productions; Role: 'Hollywood Premiere' crowd scene


Zory Burner Composer Audio Showreel

8 samples of original music featured in various projects.

Vocal ability: Classically trainedProducer ability: Expert
Vocal range: AltoLike to join a band: No
Composer ability: Expert
Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Classical
Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Metal
  • Electronic
  • Classical
  • Country
Film Composer, Singer / Songwriter, Music Producer.

I started writing music at a very early age. After studying music theory and playing the piano professionally for over 10 years (BG School of Performing Arts), I focused on composing, writing lyrics and singing. After having spent a few years of studies in Moscow, with sufficient education and experience in various aspects of music, in 2008 I moved to London to pursue my dreams. After having worked with several recording studios and put 3 singles on the online market, also having completed training in music production software, in 2010 I released my debut album through my own self-titled label, while steadily progressing in the film industry, as a film composer, but also as an actress.

My great passion for music focuses on creating completely innovative styles and unique tunes. My personal preference is a hybrid of genres, influenced by my Bulgarian background, extensive classical training, singing at a Byzantine Orthodox choir for 7 years, a taste in melodic rock and heavy metal, and tremendous passion for film and soundtracks.

I specialize mainly in composition, arrangement, orchestration, music production, song writing and signing.

----- Musical / Theatre
2010-2013, “Jesus Christ: the Challenge of Love” - Christian musical story
Book and lyrics by John Collings & Zory Burner, Original music and arrangement by Zory Burner

----- Dance
2013, "Fight or Flight" - part 2 from "Survival of the Fittest" by MonixArts,
to be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe festival in Aug 2013
2012-2013, “Nu.V.Na” (Nurture Versus Nature) by choreographer Monica Nicolaides,
premiered at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre, The Place, in Jan 2013

----- Film
2013, "The Dance", short (drama/romance), D: Najat AlSheridah, UEL
2013, "The Mountain", short (drama), D: Zack Parks, Second Chance Films
2012, “Cold Steel”, short (thriller / drama), D: Oliver Assoua
2011, “Coda”, short (drama), D: Ulrika Becker, Tin Box Film Production
2010, “Downsizing”, short (thriller / horror), D: Edem Selormey, Mad Ninja Films
2010, “The Essay”, short (drama), D: Martyn Grahame, Soleguv Pictures
2009, “You Want a Sandwich?”, short (drama), D: Aliakbar Campwala, Aliale Productions
Song featured: “Crying”

----- TV / Online / Animation
2013, "Jaeden" (alt. title "Suspended Vanity"), animation/dance, Production company: Extended Reality
Screened at Central Saint Martins, second exhibition, 19-23 June.
2010, Foresight - online mini series - episodes 1-3,
D: Martyn Grahame & Nicholas Seviour, Soleguv Pictures

----- Records / Songs
2012 Jesus Christ: the Challenge of Love - Concert Presentation, live performance DVD
2012 Jesus Christ: the Challenge of Love - Limited Edition Bonus Track CD
2010, Zory Burner debut album.
Available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon; samples available at zoryburner.com

----- Live Performances
2012, Dec.1, St Matthew's Church, Croydon - Concert Presentation of the new musical "Jesus Christ: the Challenge of Love"
2011, Apr.20, The Victoria, London - Acoustic Open Mic & Recording Session
2010, Feb.18, The Loom, London - “Show Us What You Got” Showcase
2009, Oct.2, The Grove, London - "Vocal Zones” Showcase: “Talk Of The Town”
2009, Sep.5, Café Chai (followed by a press interview), London
2008, Nov.3, Storm, Leicester Square, London - “UK Unsigned” Showcase & competition

----- Awards & Radio charts
Summer 2010, UK Unsigned Top 40 chart on TourDates - "More Than Any Kind Of Power" held the first place for 4 weeks in a row.
Fall 2009, 10 chart on Amazing Tunes - "Crying", "More Than Any Kind of Power" and "Together Alone"held the first three places for 2 weeks.
2008, UK Songwriting Contest finalist,
Open category (genre: pop/rock/fusion), song: "You don’t believe me".

Music samples, showreel materials and further information available on my personal website:
>>> http://zoryburner.com


Dancing ability: Intermediate
Dance styles
  • Contemporary
  • Folk
  • Jazz
  • Salsa

Film & Stage Crew

Experienced and classically trained music composer, singer/songwriter and music producer.

Please review the Music section of my profile.

Further links:

Video and audio editing, graphic design:

--- My most recent showreel I edited and designed:

--- A list of 12 animation clips I created for the samples of the songs from my debut album:


Has a studio space: No

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