Chris Binns Pro

Actor, Extra

Sheffield, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

185 cm / 6ft 1in
118 cm / 46 in
116 kg / 255 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
over 119 cm / 47 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Milton Keynes Festival of History. Bucks, UK : Jock, Home Guard Drill instructor and entertainer
  • Vikings, Company K TiE production, Wath upon Dearne, UK : Brother Cederic, Saxon Monk
  • Hoghton Tower, Savile Household Medieval Mummers Play, Lancashire UK : Narrator
  • WW2 Comedy day for St John's year 4 pupils, Mexborough, UK : Tommy the Homeguard
  • Company K WW2 Immersion Day Tours, Sheffield, UK : Homeguard Tommy
  • Lincoln Castle Worst Victorian Jobs event, Lincoln, UK : Charlie Grimes, Chimney Sweep
  • Company K Theatre in Education tour, WW2 Immersion days, various schools, Yorkshire, UK : Home Guard Tommy and his Grocery Shop
  • An Audience with Father Christmas, Gainsborough Old Hall, UK : Santa Claus
  • Company K Singers, Kelham Island Industrial Museum Xmas Market, Sheffield, UK : Light Baritone
  • Company K Theatre in Education WW2 Immersion Show, Buckley, Wales : Homeguard Tommy in 'Tommy's Rationing Shop'
  • Creepy Cusworth, Doncaster Museums and Galleries, Cusworth Hall, UK : The Undertaker
  • English Heritage, Hands on History, Brodsworth Hall, Yorkshire, UK : Private Tommy, Drill Instructor
  • Co K Touring Theatre, Ye School for Pyrates, Rhuddlan Castle, Cymry, UK : Bad Breath Bill, Bosun of the Seaflower
  • English Heritage Hands on History Event, Brodsworth Hall, UK : Mr Thomas Johnson, Butler and WW2 Home Guard
  • Minden Day Military Festival, Museum of The Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, Doncaster, UK : Jock, in Jock and Jack's WW1 Concert Party
  • Festival of Archaeology, Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery, Doncaster, UK : Ifor the Iron Age Farmer
  • Company K TiE Tour, Vikings and Saxons immersion day, Beamont PS, Warrington, UK : : Brother Cederic, Friar of the Fyrd.
  • Time Will Tell Theatre Production 'Norman Knight School' Lincoln, UK : William the Bouteillier
  • Archaeology in the City, Woodland Festival, Sheffield, UK : Lugg, Mesolithic Hunter Gatherer
  • Prehistory Day, Brampton 'the Ellis' PS. Brampton, England : Lugg, Mesolithic Hunter Gatherer
  • Time will Tell Theatre Production, Lincoln Castle 950th Birthday, Lincoln. UK : Aelfric the Builder
  • Company K TiE Tour, Vikings and Saxons immersion days, South Yorkshire, UK : Brother Cederic, Friar of the Fyrd.
  • A Prison of Crime and Punishment, Lincoln Castle, Lincoln, UK : Mr Justice Stareliegh, Judge
  • CompanyK TiE Tour, The Great Fire of London, Wath Central Primary School, Rotherham : Samuel Pepys
  • CompanyK TiE Tour, WW2 Immersion Days, Wath upon Dearne, South Yorkshire : Tommy, Homeguard
  • Company K TiE Tour, Prehistory Day, Wath upon Dearne, South Yorkshire : Lugg, Mesolithic Hunter Gatherer
  • An Audience with Father Christmas, Lincoln Castle, Lincoln, UK : Santa Claus
  • Two Gentlemen of Verona at Xmas, English Heritage, Belsay Hall : Moses Pickwick, Light Baritone
  • The Company K Carollers, Kelham Island Industrial Museum 25th Xmas Market, Sheffield : Tenor
  • Company K TiE WW2 immersion day, Mountain Lane CP, Buckley : Tommy's Ministry of Food
  • Lincoln Castle Victorian Night of Fear : The Undertaker
  • Company K Tie WW2 immersion day, Masefield Primary School : Tommy the Home Guard
  • Time Will Tell Theatre Productions autumn season, Lincoln Castle the Other Story. : The Inspector
  • Jack and Jock celebrate Wilfred Owen. Wilfred Owen Academy, Shrewsbury : Jock of the Black Watch
  • Time Will Tell Theatre Productions summer season, Lincoln Castle the Other Story : Rowsley Rowbotham MP, and Mr Pickles clerk
  • 'Domesday' for Time Will Tell Theatre productions : Cedric the Saxon
  • Lincoln Castle 'The Other Story' for Time Will Tell Theatre productions : The Inspector of Prisons
  • Ancient Greek Theatre Day, Wath Central Primary School, South Yorkshire, UK : Thespis, Actor and Company Manager 500BC
  • Worst Victorian Jobs Event, Lincoln Castle, Lincoln, UK : Charlie the Chimney Sweep
  • Company K TiE, WW2 immersion day, Lound Academy : Leading Seaman Tubby Tuffers, Battle of the Atlantic
  • Co.K Singers, Sheffield Industrial Trust Christmas Market, Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield : Mr Micawber (Light Baritone)
  • Co.K TiE Production,' Victorian Christmas' Rowena Academy School : Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Prehistory Days, Company K TiE Tour, Wath on Dearne, South Yorkshire, UK : Lugg, caveman, hunter, gatherer, comic
  • Jack and Jock's TiE WW1 immersion day, 'The Concert Party' Sir Stanley Mathews Academy : Jock of the Black Watch
  • Øyvind Holtmon Film for SeeFood TV, Norge. : Tubby the Dart Player
  • Company K Theatre in Education, WW2 Immersion days tour, Buckley, Towyn, Abergele, : Tommy the Home Guard, Cymry an Bith
  • English Institute of Sport Sheffield, A Celebration of Sport : The Gaffer in 'We are Today'
  • Film 'The Debate' National Army Museum Production, London, UK : George Barnes MP
  • A Child's War, Museum of Lincolnshire Life, Lincoln : Mr Hobbs, Scoutmaster 1916
  • Lincoln Castle Summer Season for Time Will Tell Theatre : Mr Pickles the Prison Clerk and Mr Rowsley RowBotham the Inspector
  • WW1 Mametz Wood Digwyddiad Goffa, 4000 Poppies Cymraeg, : Jock McLennie, Black Watch Drill Instructor and Singer
  • Caveman, Company K Theatre in Education, Western CPS, Grimsby. : Lugg, Hunter Gatherer
  • Lincoln Castle The Other Story for Time Will Tell Theatre : Pickles the Clerk
  • Lincon Castle The Prison Story, for Time Will Tell Theatre : Rowbotham MP
  • Company K TiE, Jack and Tommy's WW2 Experience Day, Lound Academy, Sheffield : Tommy the Home Guard
  • Company K Theatre in Education Tour,Tommy and Johnny's WW2 Day, various schools, Lincolnshire. : Tommy
  • Rowena Academy, St Georges Day Event, Co. K Theatre in Education : Walter the Story Teller
  • Company K Theatre in Education Tour, various schools, Yorkshire and Humberside : Johnny and Tommy WW2 Immersion Days, Tommy of the Home Guard
  • Conisbrough Castle KS1 Engagement Workshop for Permanent and Volunteer Staff : Creator, Facilitator, Trainer
  • Griffin Historical, for The English Heritage Trust Easter Quest, at Richmond Castle : Walter the Bottom Wiper, medieval servant and storyteller.
  • Conisbrough Castle Story Telling Workshop for Volunteer and Permanent Staff : Creator, Facilitator, Trainer
  • Conisborough Castle, English Heritage Community Involvement Programme. : Script Consultant, The Seige of 1317, Community Participation Project.
  • The Cotton Famine, a Company K Theatre in Education Touring Production : Arthur Hardup and various characters
  • WW1 1916, a Company K Theatre in Education Touring Production : Jock McLennie, Black Watch Soldier
  • Lincoln Castle, 'The Other Story' a Time Will Tell Theatre Production : Mr Pickles, 'The Clerk'
  • Lincoln Castle, 'The Other Story' a Time Will Tell Theatre Production : The Inspector
  • Butler School, Company K Theatre Production for English Heritage , Brodsworth Hall : Mr Parsons, Butlering for Beginners
  • English Heritage Xmas Events, An Audience with Father Christmas at Osborne House & Brodsworth Hall. : Father Christmas
  • Company K TIE Tour, WW2 Immersion Days : Tommy Griffiths, Home Guard 5th Battallion Flintshire.
  • Time Will Tell Theatre, for English Heritage. : 'Moving In' Brodsworth Hall 1863, Mr Chuck the Butler
  • Time Will Tell Theatre Co. Meet the 1865 Hosehold at Brodsworth Hall for English Heitage : Chuckles the Butler
  • Lincoln Castle Official Opening Event. : Huw of Saxilby, Archer, for Time Will Tell Theatre
  • English Heritage Bolsover Castle Medieval Knights event : Walter the Villaine, for Griffin Historical
  • Wath Central Primary WW2 immersion day : Company K Theatre in Education, Home Guard Tommy
  • English Heritage Bolsover Castle St Georges Day Festival, for Griffin Historical. : Sir Walter, Lord of the Children's Joust
  • Time Will Tell Theatre. The Victorian Kitchen. Lincoln Castle : Mr Worthy, Prison Porter and henpecked husband
  • English Heritage, Brodsworth Hall Easter Quest : The Butler.
  • Time Will Tell Theatre. Lincoln Castle Magna Carta Heritage Event. : Captain Walter Cox, Explorer, Alpinist, and Victorian Treasure Hunter
  • The Carnival, Paul Manning Production of an Alex Coates fim, Manning Sportsmedia Production. : Mr Challis, Golf Course Owner
  • L'agricultuer Mouches (Farmer Flies), une production cinématographique Bitzar. : L'agriculture (the Farmer)
  • Butler School, English Heritage, Belsay Hall, Northumberland, UK. : The Butler, Theatre in Heritage Production
  • English Heritage Christmas Events, An Audience With Father Christmas, Brodsworth Hall : Father Christmas
  • Company K Theatre in Education Tour, Lound Academy Schools : WW1 Immersion, Jock Mclennie
  • English Heritage Christmas Event, Osborne House, Isle of Wight : Father Christmas
  • Company K Theatre in Education Tour : Lugg, Caveman
  • Company K Theatre in Education, Knutsford, Cheshire : WW2 Immersion Day, Home Guard, Tommy Burney
  • Manor Lodge Christmas Event : Kelham Homer, A Christmas in the Castle.
  • English Heritage Event, Belsay Hall, Northumberland, UK : Father Christmas in An Audience with Father Christmas
  • Histories Maid Production : Theatre in Education tour, WW1 Concert Party. Kiltie Jock.
  • Company K Theatre in Education Tour. WW1 Immersion Day, Jock McLennie : Lewllyn Primary School, Denbighshire. Long Lane C of E PS, Derbyshire, Long Carwen C of E PS, Liecestershire
  • Sheffield City Cathedral, Off The Shelf Literary Festival : James Montgomery, Poet, Editor, Evangelical Reformer, Abolitionist, and Troublemaker
  • Ghosts and Ghouls, Bolsover Castle for Griffin Historical : The Victorian Undertaker and The Witch Finder General
  • Conisbrough Castle Education Programme, English Heritage in partnership with Morley Place Junior Sc : The Bert Brockelsby Story, Walter Brockesbury
  • Wilfred Owen School, WW1 immersion day, Theatre in Education : Jock McLennie, Jack and Jock's Concert Party, for Company K.
  • Mill Hill Primary School, TIE, Y3 Prehistory Immersion Day : Lugg Hunter Gatherer
  • Manor Castle, Field Festival, Sheffield : Jock, Jack and Jock Concert Party,
  • Sheffield City Cathedral, Heritage Festival. : George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury
  • Duty Calls, The Country House at War, for Time Will Tell Theatre at Brodsworth Hall : John Marshall, Butler
  • Doncaster City Council in partnership with English Heritage for Time Will Tell Theatre Company : St Ledger Festival Publicity Campaign. WW1 costumed interpreter.
  • Etchinghill C of E Primary School. WW2 Immersion Day. : Tommy. Home Guard. for Company K.
  • Company K, Jack and Jock WW1 Museums Tour, Liverpool Museum : Jock McLennie Concert Party Singer and Entertainer.
  • The Medieval Festival, Leeds Castle, Kent, for Griffin Historical : William Despenser, Tax Collector for the King, Lord of the Joust, commentator and comic actor
  • Histories Maid Production, Walsall Museum. : Jack and Jock WW1 entertainers.
  • WW1 Museums Tour, Company K, Newarke Houses Museum, Leicester. : Jock Mclennie concert party singer
  • Heroes and Villains, Kenilworth Castle for Griffin Historical : The Sheriff of Nottingham, William de Wendenal
  • voice over, Sheffield City Cathedral interpretive programme. : Cpl William Hillfoot, 1st Battalion, York and Lancs 1940 - 1945
  • Kelmarsh Hall Festival of History. : Arena Commentator, Crimean War Redcoats
  • Saint Philip Neri and Saint Bede Primary School. : Jock McLennie, WW1 concert party singer
  • Sheffield City Cathedral WW1 commemorative event : Jock McLennie, WW1 concert party singer
  • Tour de France Wincobank Festival : Bladdud the Bard
  • Theatre in Education Tour, North Staffordshire, UK for Company K. : Jock McLennie, WW1 concert party singer
  • Wath Central Primary School. Preparations for D Day. : Tommy Atkins.
  • Time Will Tell Theatre production, The Wedding, Brodsworth Hall : John Marshall, Butler
  • Midnight Stars, PT Media Production in association with Rocket and Spade films : King Jorgavellion
  • Night at the Museum, Kelham Island Museum. : Harry Lauder, music hall artiste,
  • Time Will Tell Theatre production, Duty Calls, Brodsworth Hall. : John Marshall, butler
  • English Heritage Easter Quest : Daniel (The Limping Butler) Clark
  • Butler School, English Heritage, Brodsworth Hall : Mr Marshall, Butler, creates the 'Art of Service'
  • English Heritage Education Conisbrough Castle : Jon Blunt, Tudor Mason
  • English Heritage Education Conisbrough Castle : Sir Eduard de Binnie, Norman Seneschal
  • English Heritage Education Conisbrough Castle : Harld, Anglo Saxon Farmer
  • Derbyshire Trefoil Guild public speaking event : William Shore speaks of Florence Nightingale
  • English Heritage Conisbrough Castle Education programme : Sir Walter Scott tells Ivanhoe
  • Rotary Club speaker : Ifor the Soothsayer
  • Jack and Jock, Company K TIE tour, Staffordshire : Jock, Great War Concert Singer, reserve trench 9, Arras
  • BattleBorn, Rocket And Spade Film Production : Lord Gallas
  • Jock : Jack and Jock Reserve Trench 9 Arras - Concert party
  • Victorian Father Christmas : for English Heritage at various Heritage sites throughout England
  • Voice Over : Narrator and 4 character parts for Shepherd Wheel Museum Interpretive guide
  • Bladudd the Soothsayer : Wincobank Iron Age Fort Festival of Lights.
  • Henry Hope Stanley, Victorian : for Company K TIE tour
  • Witch Finder General : for Griffin Historical at various heritage sites UK.
  • Ifor the Druid : Life before the Romans, UK wide Womens Institute Public Speaking Tour
  • William Tyzack : Tyzacks’ Tours, for Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet Steam Festival.
  • Hugh Childers MP : for Griffin Historical, Ponterfract Heritage Weekend.
  • Walter Gordon Arp Warden : Home Front Education Programme for Kelham Island Museum
  • Fat Eddy the Reporter, Telegraph and Argus : Victorian Workhouse, Education Programme for Kelham Island museum
  • Background Artist : Endeavour 2, Mammoth Screen Ltd.
  • Captain Baldy : Notorious Pyrate, Rhyl Children’s Village Pyrate School for Company K TIE.
  • Captain Edmund Clarke, Cavalier and Drunkard : Womens Institute UK wide Public Speaking tour
  • Narrator, and various characters : Voice Over for Shepherd Wheel Museum Visitor programme
  • Home Guard Tommy : Company K Tie Tour South and West Yorkshire
  • Kelham Homer : Jacobean Armourer for Kelham Island Museum.
  • John Parsons : Butler, Country House at War event, Brodsworth Hall, for Time Will Tell Theatre
  • Lecturer : Technical Tour Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet for Rolls Royce owners club.
  • Mr William Dyson : Education Programme for Kelham Island Museum.
  • Ifor the Iron Age Druid : Galvanise Festival, Sheffield Industrial Museums
  • Old Tom the Melter : Victorian Steel Making, Education Programme for Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet.
  • Bad Billy : English Language Training Course Lectures Spanish and Japanese.
  • John Gunson Engineer : Sheffield Flood 1864 Sheffield Industrial Museums Education Programme.
  • 3rd Marquess of Bute : Costumed Interpretation, Caerphilly Castle for CADW
  • Grandfather Shore : Florence Nightingale Public Speaking Tours, UK wide WI & Rotary Clubs.
  • Home Guard Tommy : Home Guard Tommy for Kelham Island Museum Education January Programme
  • Paddy Silver : Public Speaking Tours, WI & Rotary Clubs across the UK
  • Walter Gordon ARP Warden : TIE Touring production
  • Grandpa William Shore : Florence Nightingale Educational production for SIMT
  • Tommy Burney Home Guard : Home Front Education Production for SIMT
  • Last days of Edgar Harding : shooting on the last days of Edgar Harding movie as Uncle Mark in addition to being fight director and Background Artist Wrangler for Digital Ghost Productions.
  • Mr Pringle : Master of the Wokhouse Education Production for SIMT
  • Billy Price Chimney Sweep : Touring Production for Museums and Stately Homes
  • TIE Tour : Ptolomey Ancient Egyptian High Priest
  • Sheffield Industrial Museums Education Event : William Tyzack, Steel Baron
  • Avoncroft Museum Event : Billy Price, Victorian Chimney Sweep
  • English Heritage Event : William Marshall, Butler
  • English Heritage Event : Patrick Silver, Fattest Soldier in the British Army
  • Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield Flood Event : John Gunson, Chief Engineer
  • English Heritage Event : John Patrick Crichton Stuart, 3rd Marquis of Bute
  • Florence Nightingale Public Speaking Tour : Historical Speaker
  • Sheffield Industrial Museums WW2 tour : Walter Gordon, ARP Warden
  • Tyntesfield National Trust Victorian Weekend : Historical Presenter
  • Sheffield Industrial Museums : William Shore, Florence Nightingales grandfather Education tour
  • Sheffield Industrial Museums : Tommy Burney, Home Guard, Kelham Island Museum
  • SS Great Britain : Paddy Flynn, Steward, Victorian Event
  • The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School : 3 year Drama Course
  • 1967 to Date : I have worked as an actor/performer for over forty years. I started performing at the age of 8 reciting risque versions of Robbie Burns poetry at bars in and around Edinburgh. I got half a Crown cash per set


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  • UK Cockney
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I am an experienced Theatre and Heritage Event Character actor. I have been working in live performance for over 40 years. My favourite roles are within live performance, but I am also an accomplished voice over artist and a classically trained actor.
I have previous featured artist roles (Last Days of Edgar Harding)(Battle Born) and non speaking roles (The Duchess) (Endeavour 2) in the film and television industry. I am also a creative writer producing plays, short stories for children, and most of my character scripts to order. Currently as of 2017 producing and writing 12 illustrated (not by me) children's story books for the 4 to 7 year olds.


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