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London, United Kingdom
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Daphne Batson, London shoot

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Daphne George Begins

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Physical Details

167 cm / 5ft 6in
101 cm / 40in
70 kg / 154 lbs
Dress size:
UK, AUS 16 / US 12
White / Caucasian
Eye color:
91 cm / 36 in
Hair color:
Skin color:
Hair length:
71 cm / 28in
Hair type:


  • Abbeyfield Charity : Elderly lady in the Abbeyfirld home.
  • Mu Fair Lady : Mrs Pearce,the housekeeper of Henry Higgins
  • Gumshoe : Pokeman film extra
  • Junior Empire-music video : Elderly lady in a rocking chair
  • The Marriage : Elderly nosey neighbour
  • The Family Series : Dementia suffering grannie
  • BT stills shoot : Gazing lovingly at a phone!
  • A Terribly Great Day-Peterborough : Lead role Emma. The short won a Golden Owl award.
  • Red Planet Productions-for Channel 5 : Playing HM Queen Elizabeth
  • Control,Alt,Delete-TV pilot drama-Woolich Arsenal Studio : Cellist in a quartet-please note I don't actully play the cello!
  • 'triggerbuz' : Suppergranny-yet again amazed with the people of London and their non- judgemental way. A blast of a day.
  • TV Documentary-MUNICH : Golda Meir-historical figure
  • Awesomeness-Age Concern -Fund Raiser-YouTube : Dancing in and around Brixton-what a hoot!
  • BBC Episode of Doctors : Featured scene-irritated neighbour fighting back from the excessive noise of others in the blocks.
  • Groundlings Theatre Company-Portsmouth Dockyard Festival of Christmas. : Old Time Music Hall. Singing and dancing to a live audiance.
  • Cancer Awareness Short -South Downs College : Mature cancer patient, obviously very, very ill.
  • Groundlings Theatre Company : Currently playing White Rabbit in 'Alice in the Underworld.' Halloween fun. Just love this.
  • Are Londoners horrible? : Viral, YouTube clip of total strangers helping me as an old lady. Heart warming experience.
  • University Final Year Film : 1x1 spoof ad for Jammie Dodgers
  • Eli Lily-Advertsing Campaign-Portrazza Day : Stills for photo montage-new cancer drug
  • Groundlings Theatre Company : Darling Buds of May -the musical-playing Edith Pilchester the batty spinster.
  • Int.Wings of a Theatre : The ghost of a woman arriving in heaven
  • If Gratitude Were a Song : Lady with a heavy suitcase & a helpful public.
  • Man & Fly : Game show pilot-WI and the fly!
  • BBC Archive-Black Sheep : 1x1 interview regarding historic BBC viewing
  • London Grad : Speaking Extra
  • Breaking Supertitions : You tube short - shared lead
  • An Aardvark Sang in Leicester Square : modelling/comedy sketch-book launch
  • Future Perfect : Sci fi return from the future lead role.
  • Pepsi Max ad : Bus stop shoot with bizarre special effects
  • Snowline Productions : Corporate will writing comercial
  • Mrs Pergitiva Roal Dahl Character : Student film
  • George Begins : Interaction between clients in a Care Home -comedy with an edge.
  • Groundlings Theatre Company : Chorus member of Old Time Music Hall team
  • Groundlings Theatre Company : Solo songs and dances Old Time Music Hall
  • Groundlings Theatre Company Blythe Spirit : Maid Edith in the play attracting a recommend from theatre critic
  • Oppinionated woman : A woman giving unwelcome advice to a fellow passenger
  • Corporate Video : Woman investigating on line Will product
  • Live Shows : Blythe Spirit + Solo songs and dances Old Time Music Hall
  • Guys and Dolls : Cast member-singing & dancing
  • Bournemouth University : Voice over play-documentary
  • Alan Titchmarch Show Live : Appeared live before the nation and studio audience to discuss slimming surgery.
  • Ollie Murs Music video : Irritated by noise neighbour
  • Mads Langher Music Video : Extra -guest at a BBQ
  • Acting : Short MOFILM comedy sketch
  • Vocals : Backing and choral
  • Modelling : Modelling at three charity shows + advertisement for skin product.
  • Ashley Academy : Ballet,modern and tap dance studios


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Irish
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • French

I have recently been involved in a short MOFILM comedy sketch and as I have a plethora of accents at my fingertips used East End/Indi- this was great fun. I am also involved in a NZ, 'Arthurian' legend, audio play and have auditioned and been selected to provide a Welsh accent. I have many, many more from a Mrs Bucket to an Ena Sharples, to name but two. I have sent audition audio clips to America for short playlets and have been accepted. I have also done two more 'Indi' sketches and a couple of music videos. Loved this. Wedding voice over, comic video, with accent has gone down well with the punters. Also recent lead in a film for submission to this years Film Festivals here and abroad. Sacrifice by Michelle Tofi in which I took the lead is due for release soon. Also Lord of the Rings spoof and a wedding spoof on animals and their 'comedic' accents eg a hampster with attitude, a rabbit with Irish in her blood and a Yorkshire bloodhound.
I have been performing every day in front of adults and young people for years and have always used accents to make a point or to lighten a heavy lesson so I could argue that I have had plenty of professional acting experience. I am trained as a drama teacher.
In 2012 I played various roles for post grad productions on and off camera and this year I have been invited to be interviewed on the Alan Titchmarsh show. Loved this, great fun and lovely folk. This year 2013 I have done student plays, corporate videos, live theatre roles and song and dance and acted in Portsmouth Victorian Christmas weekend.
Two recent student films Jan 2014 Gothic horror and zombie short and March 2014 Chronicles of Nibbleswyke and George Begins-great fun both of these. Recent ad for Pepsi Max- fun. May 2014 'Future Perfect' my first part as a 'nasty' -certainly different and very interesting. I get to use a prop gun!
Very recent YouTube 'Breaking Superstitions' in which I feature and a promo book ad 'An Aardvark Sang in Leicester Square. Archive BBC work. London Grad Russian spoof, talking part(in English though). Women's Institute spoof-WI & the Fly. 1x1 archive interview Blacksheep Productions regarding BBC programs and my memories of my earlier years.YouTube viral (July '15) part in 'do Londoners really care?' Old lady with a heavy suitcase and a choir. A humbling experience absolutely every one stopped to help me and my stick, ascend a flight of stairs with a heavy suitcase.
Just loving playing the White Rabbit in a Groundlings production of 'Alice in the Underworld'. Short but strenuous Halloween frolic.
Cancer awareness short shoot in the south. Playing Golda Meir for a documentary. Two more on YouTube- Dancing in Brixton, Age UK. Suppergranny in and around London.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

I am a mature woman who you will see from my profile information is not a size 8/10. I often see clothes advertised on very slim women and of course that market is there but it is not the only market. Those of us over these sizes want to see older and fuller figured women featured. We have a lot of spending power us girls and I for one would welcome a variety of sizes being modelled and a more balanced and reflected woman on the catwalk, one that I can relate to. I know I am not alone in this avenue of thought.
I have recently attended a charity fund raiser and modelled very luxurious knitwear and accessories also I have two, 'Mother of the Bride' catwalk occasions to my credit.
Fun modelling work for 'An Aardvark Sang in Leicester Square'. What a very interesting day.


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Pop

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Jazz

Influences: Tamla Motown. Any Artists.

Amateur singer all of my adult life. Alto, versatile voice, strong and clear. Good hair, skin and deportment and willing to learn the performance disciplines as required. I am currently improving and working on the professional delivery of songs and I believe I have the personality to match the voice. Recent audition with a professional musician who liked the confidence, the look and the timbre of the voice. Fun is an important word but so is professionalism. I have clean recording gear from home, can ad lib and follow a melody from a quick pick up, can also improvise on jazz stuff. Just completed a short run of Blythe Spirit and Old time Music Hall, plus some Jazz stuff with a pal of mine. I move well, am classy and elegant without being snooty and recent producers say I am bubbly, fun to work with and take direction well so not bad for a start is it? Thanks then and do call me if you would like to know more. 2015-feature part in the professional Portsmouth production of Darling Buds of May, the musical.

TV & Reality

Live Alan Titchmarsh show.
Blythe Spirit-Edith the maid.
Darling Buds of May-the musical-another Edith-potty spinster.
Mrs Dickens-Portsmouth Naval Base- festival of Christmas.
Olde Time Music Hall
Pearly Queen- singing to live audience Portsmouth Naval Base Victorian Christmas.


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Contemporary
  • Disco
  • Tap

ISTD/RAD trained as a young person and I have danced as an amateur all of my life and enjoyed dancing enormously. I have good deportment and grace which comes with the dance training. Despite the date on my birth certificate I can still move easily and with fluidity. Also I have the personality to match the ability something that does not always happen.

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