Howard Linnane

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Dublin Region, Ireland
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Physical Attributes

182 cm / 6ft 0in
85 kg / 187 lbs
White / Caucasian
106 cm / 42 in
Skin color:
91 cm / 36 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
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Credits & experience

  • 'Ballcourt' graduation film (dir Heidi Kivikallio); Ballyfermot College of Further Education (BCFE) : role of Frank
  • Student graduation film (dir Conor Going); Bray Institute of Further Education (BIFE) : role of Newscaster
  • music vid for 'Something Else' by Jackie Beverly (dir Siobhain Kehoe); TinyArk media agency : role of Father
  • 'Evidence of Evil' crime-doc series (Peninsula TV) : role of police detective in dramatised reconstruction
  • 'Celebrity Obsession' documentary series (Peninsula TV) : role of plain-clothes cop in dramatised reconstruction
  • Gluck's 'Melodie' classical music video (dir Bex Day) : role of member of audience at classical music concert
  • 'Burnt Out' student short (dir Rob Morton); Dun Laoghaire Further Education Institute (DFEi) : role of Kevin
  • 'Pit Stop' graduation film (dir Rachel Smyth); DIT Media Arts degree : role of Eamon, owner of rural roadside garage
  • 'Carmella' short film (dir Roisin Lowry); DCU MultiMedia Masters postgraduate degree project : role of Enda
  • 'I am Conor' graduation short (dir Miriam Fitzsimons); Maynooth University : role of Dr Murray
  • 'Love Lane United' short film; commercial production (dir Jack Thornton) : role of Referee in a soccer match
  • 'Into the Fog' graduation short (dir Mia Queiroz); Bray Institute of Further Education (BIFE) : role of Sam
  • 'Studio A' graduation film by Bath University students of Film, TV and Digital Media degree : lead role of Mr Bender
  • 'The Ladies' short film; commercial production (dir Jake McKone) for Alice Productions : role of Uncle Tom
  • 'Why I Married Karen' student short (dir Taofeeqat Olanlokun); 2nd year, DIT Media Arts : role of Officiant at wedding
  • ‘An Unlikely Obsession’ short film (dir Alan O'Donoghue); IT Tallaght : role of Fr Michael, priest officiating at funeral service
  • 'Denouement' graduation film (dir Aaron Hennessy); National Film School (NFS), IADT-DL : role of Erik, at 42
  • ‘News Remake’ commercial short film (dir Ciaran O’Donnell) : role of TV reporter
  • 'Benjamin' DIT student short (dir Michelle Duong) : role of Doctor
  • 'Watch Her Disappear' short film; commercial production (dir George Hooker) : role of Judge
  • 'Inspirations' student short (dir Grainne Keogh); Dundalk IT : role of Father
  • 'Zombie Holocaust’ student short (dir Max Ramsbottom); DIT Media Arts degree project : role of Lecturer
  • ‘Even Secret Agents Have a Bad Day’ short film; commercial production (dir Robert Browning) : role of Jessica's Father
  • 'No Messages' short film; commercial production (dir Cian McGarrigle) : role of Timmy
  • ‘President Jakobi (and the Unpopular Government Policy) student short (dir Alex Kavanagh); DBS Arts : role of Mordecai
  • ‘Vincent’s Picture’ short film; commercial production (dir Thomas Quain) : role of Tramp
  • 'Staff Wanted' student short (dir Emmet Dignam); Media Studies, Liberties College Dublin : role of Interviewer of job applicant
  • ‘Square Eyes’ TCD student short (dir Eoin Maher) : role of Ross (Manager)
  • ‘Grand Canal Docks’ (aka 'Shoes') TCD student short (dir Roxana Richters, Svea Haugwitz) : lead role of Gangster
  • ‘Missed’ short film; commercial production (dir Maureen O’Connell) : role of Old Man
  • ‘The Holy Child of Oliver’ short film; commercial production (dir Craig C Kavanagh) : role of Howard
  • 'The Meaning is in the Soup' short film; commercial production (dir Stephen Byrne) : role of Pasta Man
  • ‘Innocent Hand, Guilty Glove' student short (dir Martin Kilpatrick) : lead role of Dr Freedman
  • 'Off My Cock’ NFS student short (dir Ged Murray); BA Film & Television Production, IADT-DL : role of Doctor
  • 'Mr Who?' graduation film (dir Tadeusz Cantwell): BIFE : lead role of Mr Who
  • 'Mother Nature's Son' TCD student short (dir Tom Rowley) : role of Father
  • ‘Bongo Bong' short film; commercial production (dir Ken Wardrop) for Venom Films : lead role of Walker


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Gaelic

  • Canadian
  • Irish
  • UK English
  • USA New York

I trained properly in screen acting with John Cantwell at the Irish Film Actors Studio in Dublin (doing all his courses) and also with Vinny Murphy at Filmbase (doing his 1-day introductory workshop and later his six-week screen acting course) so as to better understand how to direct actors. I was also a participant in one of Graham Cantwell's intensive film acting workshops at The LAB. In May 2017 I was a participant on a workshop on the Michael Chekhov technique of acting at the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama in Rathmines, given by the Juilliard-trained American actress Gretchen Egolf. My most recent screen acting role was in March 2020 in 'Ballcourt', made by film students at Ballyfermot CFE as their graduation short (wr/dir Heidi Kivikallio, prod Martha Mullane). In January 2020 I was the newscaster in a student graduation film made by BIFE students in Bray (dir Conor Going). In October 2019 I acted in a music video made by TinyArk media agency for 'Someone Else', a song written and performed by Dublin singer/musician Jackie Beverly (dir Siobhain Kehoe) . Earlier in 2019 I played a plainclothes police detective in two dramatised reconstructions made by Peninsula TV for two different crime-doc series on US television: 'Celebrity Obsession' and later 'Evidence of Evil'. I also had a screen role as Kevin in 'Burnt Out', a short film made by Media students of Dun Laoghaire Institute of Further Education (dir Rob Morton) in February 2019). In November 2018 I played the role of Eamon, owner of a rural roadside garage in 'Pit Stop', a graduation short made by final-year students on the DIT (now TU Dublin) Media Arts degree course (directed by Rachel Smyth and produced by Olivia McLoughlin): it was screened at the IndieCork Festival 2019 and at the Ranelagh Arts Festival 2019. In July 2018 I played the role of Enda in 'Carmella', a mockumentary short filmed by postgraduate students on the MultiMedia Masters degree course at DCU (directed by Roisin Lowry and produced by Ellie Boyle). In April 2018 I played Dr Murray in 'I am Conor', a graduation film made by final-year Media students of Maynooth University (dir Miriam Fitzsimons). Earlier in that same month I was the Referee of a soccer match in 'Love Lane United', a short film made by a commercial production company and shot on a football pitch in Monaghan (dir Jack Thornton). In early February 2018 I played Sam in 'Into the Fog', a graduation film made by final-year film students at the BIFE in Bray (wr/dir Mia Queiroz) . In 2017 I was the male lead in 'Studio A', a graduation short made by final-year students on Bath University's degree course in Film, TV and Digital Media. In July 2016 I acted the role of Uncle Tom in 'The Ladies', a short directed by Jake McKone and produced by Liam Beatty for Alice Productions Ltd, filmed in south county Dublin; it went on the festival circuit in 2017 and won the Audience Award at the 9th Oddalenia Festival. I also acted in 2016 in 'Why I Married Karen', a short film made by second-year students on the Media Arts degree course at DIT Aungier Street, in which I played the Officiant at a civil wedding ceremony (dir Taofeeqat Olanlokun, prod Jill Martin and Shauna Doyle). In December 2015 I acted in 'An Unlikely Obsession', a graduation film made by final-year students pursuing the degree in Creative Digital Media at the Institute of Technology, Tallaght, where I played a priest officiating at a funeral mass (wr/dir Alan O'Donoghue, prod Molly Hughes). I had also acted earlier that year in 'Denouement', a graduation short made by 4th year students on the BA degree course in film and TV at the NFS; written and directed by Aran Hennessy and produced by Colman MacCionnaith, it was filmed in the new TV Studio at IADT-DL in March 2015.

I'm a founder-member of our local community drama group Ranelagh Players (est September 2003) and from late in 2007 I began to take acting roles in our stage productions when asked to do so, esp when they had a connection to film or tv. Among our most recent productions in which I've had
an acting role was George Bernard Shaw's 'Pygmalion', which we staged as our Spring play in 2013. I also had three different acting roles in 'Just for Laughs', a shorter production we put on in September 2013 in the Ranelagh Arts Festival made up of famous comedy sketches, taken mostly from television. I played the character originally created by John Cleese in the 'Dead Parrot' sketch from Monty Python and I played Peter Cook's part in 'Ahem - ask your father', his famous two-hander with Dudley Moore from one of the comedy television sketches the pair created back in the 'Sixties' and early 'Seventies. I also had a role as a near-senile senior citizen in another sketch, 'TV Quiz', that was originally created back in that era by Spike Milligan. In July 2014 for the first time I took a stage role outside Ranelagh Players in 'Festen', staged by commercial production company Dizzytails Theatre Group over five nights at Players Theatre in TCD, in which I played the role of Grandfather. It's an adaptation for the stage by David Eldridge of what was originally a feature film (directed by Thomas Vinterberg and made under the 'dogme 95' charter), hence the initial reason that I applied to audition for the part. I've since performed in another 'external' production, of Bertolt Brecht's 'The Caucasian Chalk Circle' by La Touche Players which had a run of five nights in November 2015 at the Teachers Club in Parnell Square, Dublin 1, in which I played three different roles: The Delegate; the Innkeeper; and the Monk. Back at Ranelagh Players, I played Judge Hathorne in our Spring 2016 play, "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller, which we staged locally in April 2016. For our Spring 2017 production we staged three one-act plays over three consecutive nights in late April: I played the Garda Sergeant in 'The Garden Party' by Brenda Behan. For Spring 2018 I performed a monologue from t


Extras experience

Previous featured extras roles

Feature films: In late February 2019 I worked as a background actor/extra on 'Lily' (dir Graham Cantwell for Film Venture). I worked as extra on a large number of feature films made in or near Dublin from 2004 onwards until about 2012 eg in November 2005 in 'The Front Line' (wr/dir David Gleeson for Wide Eye Films); in 2006 in 'Becoming Jane' (dir Julian Jarrold for HanWay Films); in 2007 in 'My Boy Jack' (dir Brian Kirk for Ecosse Films); in March 2009 on 'Leap Year' (dir Anand Tucker for Universal PIctures).

TV series: I worked quite frequently as extra (and occasionally as a featured extra) on 'Fair City' from 2004 to 2010 (approx) and also once a year on 'The Clinic' ; I worked as extra on 'The Tudors' Series 1 in 2007 (very frequently) and also on Series 2 in 2008 (occasionally) - filming was usually done at Ardmore Studios but sometimes on location in County Wicklow or in Dublin.

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability


Directing & Writing ability


Production & Management ability


Sound Crew ability


Runner or Assistant ability


I began in film-making in 2004, having changed career direction in order to realise my original ambition from my student days to write and direct films after working as a lawyer both in practice and in legal education, research and training. Going the practical route to garner as much film-making experience as I could in different crewing positions in as many departments involved in the making of a film as possible, I worked on more than thirty film and tv productions - mainly short films - while doing over a dozen part-time courses in different areas of film production along the way, including screen acting roles (initially only in order to get on more sets as well as to help prepare me for directing actors, although I've since come to actually enjoy acting in interesting film projects).

I've attended the following p/t training courses in film-making:
‘Film and Video Production’ course at the National Film School in Dun Laoghaire IADT- this Portfolio Preparation Course ran every Saturday from 9 October 2004 to 5 March 2005 – principal tutors Ken Wardrop and Andrew Freedman, assisted by other recent graduates of its BA degree course in Film & TV Production;
‘Legal Issues for Filmmakers’ one-day course - tutor Mark Byrne, lawyer, at Filmbase, April 2005;
‘Screenwriting for Beginners’ course (6 week/1 eve) at Filmbase, April/May 2005 – tutor Lindsay Sedgwick;
‘DV Production and Online Broadcasting’ ) City & Guilds course (8-week/1-eve) at New Media Technology College, January-March 2006 – tutors Sarah Arnold et al;
‘Camera and Lighting Nightclass’, (6-week/1-eve) at Filmbase, February-March 2006 - tutor Ivan McCullough;
'Advanced Screenwriting’ course (6 week/1 eve) at Filmbase, May/June 2006 – tutor Stephen Walsh;
‘Sound for Film’ course (one-weekend) at Filmbase, 10/11 June 2006 – tutor Noel Quinn;
'Directing for Screen’ course (6-week/1-eve) at Filmbase, 25 July-29 August 2006 – tutor Vinny Murphy;
‘Producing a Short Film’ course (one-weekend) at Filmbase, 2/3 September 2006 – tutors Conor Barry and Brendan Culleton;
‘Assistant Director’ course (one-weekend) at Filmbase, 31 March/1 April 2007 – tutor Charlie Endean;
‘Heritage Documentary Filmmaking’ (five days) at the Heritage and Digital Media School, NorthernVisions/NvTv media centre, Belfast, Nov 2009;
‘Directing Short Films’ course (one day) at Northern Visions/NvTv media centre, December 2009 - tutor Hugh McGrory;
‘The Art of Editing’ course (one day) at Northern Visions/NvTv media centre, 8 March 2011 – tutor Brian Philip Davis.
'Video Art & Film-making' course (10-week/1-eve) at Rathmines College and The MART Gallery & Studios, January-April 2016 - tutor Matthew Nevin.
'Best Practice for Production Co-ordinators', an online course given by Screen Skills Ireland over 5 mornings in July 2019.
My Crewing CV is available on request.


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

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