James Belshaw

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Guildford, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

177 cm / 5ft 10in
101 cm / 40 in
108 kg / 237 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
over 119 cm / 47 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • BBC1's Bargain Hunt : Contestant
  • NCT Online : Contributor for Solid foods promo
  • ITV1's The Big Audition : Henry 8th auditionee
  • Channel 4's Come Dine With Me : Contestant
  • CBS Reality's Donal Macintyres Murder Files : Murder victim Shaun Cummins
  • John Parry music video East End Anthem : Pub landlord
  • ITV1's Judge Rinder : Claimant
  • ITV1's Cannonball : Contestant cannonballer
  • Channel 4's Cheap Cheap Cheap : Quiz show contestant
  • BBC2's Letterbox : Quiz show contestant
  • Channel 4's Battlecats : Cat wee tester Dave Smear
  • Channel 4's Question Jury : Quiz show contestant
  • Evian #Wimblewatch Online : Reviewing the days Wimbledon tennis action
  • O2 #newnormal Online Campaign : Contributor on smart phones in todays world
  • Channel 4's Lookalikes : Agencies doorman/bouncer
  • BBC1's Getaway Car : Contestant driver
  • Channel 4's Benchmark : Quiz show contestant
  • BBC2's Two Tribes : Quiz show contestant
  • DVD/Live Show Jack Whitehall 2014 tour : Fat bloke for Kriss Akabusi led exercise class for Live show interval/DVD extra
  • Channel 5's Britains Deadliest Roads narrated by Robert Webb : Featured participant as Chauffeur
  • BBC1's Pointless : Quiz show contestant
  • Channel 5's Police 5 : Participant (in group of 3) on segment on memory recollection by working with a police sketch artist regarding visual recollection after witnessing a crime
  • ITV1's Tipping Point : Quiz show contestant
  • BBC1's Breakaway : Quiz show contestant
  • Sky Atlantics Morgan Spurlock New Britannia : Speaking acting role as British Superhero winner, a self created character
  • BBC2's Britain In A Day : Credited contributor with two scenes featured
  • Channel 4's Countdown : Numbers/letters show contestant
  • BBC2's Weakest Link : Quiz show contestant
  • Channel 4's Coach Trip 5 : Reality show contestant
  • Plaza Oxford St : Contestant to attempt to beat existing Guinness world record for the longest continuous kiss
  • BBC1's Now You're Talking! : Invitational panelist on topical debates


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Welsh
  • Chinese

I have had many fantastic and amazing experiences when being selected to appear on various types of TV shows - such as doing battle on game shows (Question Jury,Getaway car, weakest link, countdown, Breakaway, Tipping point) to talk shows (Now who's talking BBC, Morgan Spurlocks new Britannia) to reality TV (coach trip, Come Dine) to character roles (doorman on Lookalikes)

All which i have enjoyed immensely and have brought their own set of challenges.

I also act on stage in the comedy world as a bizarre picture, prop and character stand up comedian in the London area since autumn 2011.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

No previous modeling experience ..As per profile shows I have various television appearances, stand up comedian

TV & Reality

Contestant...Bargain Hunt...BBC1 17/05/2019...Myself and the wife trawled the collectable shops of Lewes hoping to unearth a hidden profit making gem with the assistance of Johns expertise and overseen by Charles

Contributor...NCT...Online April 2019...Along with my wife and baby daughter we appeared In some NCT promotional videos advertising their courses for new parents

Contestant...The Big Audition...ITV1 05/10/2018...Appeared for an attempt in the Henry 8th field of wannabes for Hampton Court in the first episode of this new show, armed with some dodgy jokes and a modern take on Henry the 8ths outfit I battled valiantly against those dressed in more traditional garb

Contestant...Come Dine With Me...C4 02/07 - 06/07 2018...Cooked a dinner for four local strangers in Surrey on the first night of the competition, then I ploughed through another twelve courses of food over the next four nights. Along the way I dressed up in some zany outfits, not really being much of a cook with no chance of winning I was throwing big scores around like confetti

Actor...Murder Files...CBS Reality 28/03/2018...playing murder victim Shaun Cummins in Donal Macintyres reconstruction show

Actor...John Parry East End Anthem...Music video 12/2017...Playing a pub landlord in a battle in an east London boozer where some hipsters try to muscle in

Claimant...Judge Rinder...ITV1 11/12/2017...After my friend broke a hotel TV on a stag do in Spain that I got charged for I required Rinders help

Contestant...Cannonball...ITV1 30/09/2017...Water park based game show in Malta where I was this one of 24 contestant projectiles fired into the pool

Contestant...Cheap Cheap Cheap...C4 06/09/2017 & 07/09/2017...Visiting Noel Edmonds special shop to guess the cheapest item of three items to win a cash price

Contestant...Letterbox...BBC2 25/07/2017...A letter guessing game with Mel off Mel and Sue which was tricky but fun

Actor...Battlecats...C4 online short 05/08/2016...Appeared as cat wee tester Dave Smear on episode 4 to root out drug taking catheletes

Contestant...Question Jury...C4 25/07/16...Host-less mock courtroom jury cash pot building deliberation quiz/reality show...selected as final jurer and won

Contributor...Evians #Wimblewatch online campaign...online 30/06/2016 & 01/07/2016...Giving opinions on the days play from the All England club

Contributor...O2's #newnormal online campaign...launched online 31/05/2016...Answering questions and giving opinions on smart phones being part of our every day lives

Actor...Lookalikes...C4 08/04/2016...Appeared as a meaty bouncer for lookalikes agency assigned to protect them from receiving dodgy applications

Contestant...Getaway Car...BBC1 27/02/2016...Driving my girlfriend in various car based high octane challenges on assault courses in Cape Town battling with other couples where we survived two rounds

Contestant...Benchmark...C4 29/12/2015 & 30/12/2015...Being a benchmarker on the panel getting to the head to head to attempt to be the following days player

Contestant...Two Tribes...BBC2 11/08/2015...Richard Osman putting the questions to you in teams based on your likes where I battled to the head to head

Dancer...Jack Whitehall Gets Around...DVD 24/11/2014...Playing a fat bloke as part of a Kriss Akabusi led exercise class for the interval entertainment at the 'Jack Whitehall gets around' Wembley live show 2014 and DVD extra

Chauffeur...Britain's Deadliest Roads...C5 16/09/2014...Documentary narrated by Robert Webb where I chauffeured a gent from Heathrow to St Paul's London in rush hour morning traffic

Contestant...Pointless...BBC1 10/09/2014 & 11/09/2014...Myself and my girlfriend Sophia battled on the popular quiz show pulling out the least popular answers...no 100 point answers for us

Contributor...Police 5...C5 11/03/2014....A test of memory for me and two other participants where we were put to A memory task with the help of a police sketch artist after witnessing an unannounced staged mugging

Contestant...Tipping Point...ITV1 19/02/2013...Answering questions on the Ben Shepherd coin dropping show

Contestant...Breakaway...BBC2 01/11/2012...The only contestant to dare to break away on the disco dance floor style quiz show

Contributor...Britain In A Day...BBC2 11/06/2012...Two scenes of my footage were featured in this docu' focusing on the lives of various Britains on one particular day

Winner...'Search for a British super hero' on Morgan Spurlock's New Britannia...Sky Atlantic 30/04/2012...Prancing around in Lycra and performing my comedy superhero character Super Gym 5

Contestant...Countdown...C4 29/02/2012 (ep5436)...With 15 points I held the record for lowest score for a male player over a 15 round game format until March 2013 when it was 'beaten'

Contestant...weakest Link...BBC2 20/02/2012...Faced the wrath of Anne Robinson on its final series and battled to 4th in the classic vote off quiz

Contestant...Coach Trip...C4 21/09-28/09 2010...Travelled with my girlfriend Sophia with the other contestants and guide Brendan taking in Lithuania in the vote off travel reality show lasting a week before a red card

Invitational Contributor...Now You're Talking...BBC1 2004...Debating terrorism after my themed correspondence regarding the subject with 'The Sun' newspaper

Guinness World Record Holder...World's Longest Kiss...Plaza Oxford St 06/07/2005...With my girlfriend Sophia we broke the record for the world's longest continuous kiss clocking up a 31hrs 30mins 30secs kiss


TV presenter experience

Previous unpaid TV presenter roles

  • English

  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Welsh
  • Chinese

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