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Western Australia, Australia
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Portable Spa Mock Ad: Voice over sample

01Portable Spa Mock Ad: Voice over sample
02Shampoo Mock Ad Voice over sample
03Girls Fashion Mock Ad Voice over sample

Physical Attributes

169 cm / 5ft 7in
96 cm / 38 in
59 kg / 129 lbs
Dress size:
UK 14 / AUS 14 / US 10
White / Caucasian
Eye color:
89 cm / 35 in
Hair color:
Skin color:
Hair length:
79 cm / 31 in
Hair type:


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • UK English
  • USA California

List of reviews from directors and producers I have previously worked with:


(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
*= Film incomplete
Hotel/ Lauren Myers (Support) Dylan Tilbury/ Ow My Eye Productions
Roxanne/ Roxanne (Lead) Lachlan Renk*
Staged Reality/ Caroline Wicks (Support) Watto Isboss*

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
*= Film incomplete
Rhapsody/ Mia (Lead) Chelsey Xi Chen/ University of Technology Sydney
Silent Objections/ Ella Jones (Lead) Cassie Gunthrope/ Murdoch University
Australian Gothic: Apparicious/ The Deceased (Lead) Paul Pittaway/ Pig Jam Pictures
Purgatory/ Emma (Lead) Ricky Santos/ SAE Institute*
Cupid’s Virtual Arrow/ Amy Kerr (Support) Ashley Miller/ University of Western Australia
I Know it’s Him/ Sydney Walker (Lead) Michael Glossop/ Curtin University*
Hurt/ Emily Miller (Lead) Lachlan Renk*
My Sister’s Last Wish/ Lilian (Lead) Andy Parnell/ Murdoch University
Gunfighter’s Curse: Moments/ Yuna Velks (Lead) Matt Soutar*
Opposites Attract/ Kelly Evans (Lead) Lachlan Renk*
Everyone Pays/ Jessica (Support) Andrew Pheasant/ Armadale Filmfest
Run/ Jacinta Carlisle (Support) Josiah Saxby/ Filmbites
Promise Not To Tell/ Samantha Ray (Support) Shanta Surendran/ Filmbites
The Hangout/ Demi Morgan (Support) Stacey Marie/ SAE Institute
A Short Film Named Desire/ Mikayla Duncan (Support) Alex Dermer
Don’t Gamble What You Don’t Have/ Dianne Summers Maeser (Support) Nicholas Snell/ Murdoch University
Egalite/ Grace Richardson (Support) Kirralee Coutler*
When Opportunity Knocks/ Girl Scout (Support) Martyn Withnell/ Edith Cowan University
Charlotte/ Schoolgirl (Support) Ryan O’Connell/ SAE Institute
Crossed Wires/ Worker (Support) Dir. Joshua Smith/ Edith Cowan University*
Vie/ Marriage Celebrant (Support) Megan Van Der Weide*

(Title/ Episodes/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
*= Web series incomplete
The Superhero Project/ Nightshade (Recurring) Gary Locke
Ace Novell/ Sera (Series Regular) Matt Soutar*
In the Hands of Todd (Pilot Episode) Michelle (Series Regular) Brian Liau*
Villain City/ Sarah Claymore (Series Regular) Patrick Bennett

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
Euphymis- Nothing to Confess/ Serial Killer (Lead) John Silvestro
Illuminor- Misplaced Me/ Lisa (Support) Tiarna Pepall/ Edith Cowan University
G-marl Jamal- Go Tell ‘Em/ Dancer (Support) Dion Borret
John K-ay- We Do Pray For You/ Dancer (Support) John Kay
Emily Dewar-Redneck, Rolling Romance/ Dancer (Support) Alex Rogerson

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (Musical, Pantomime) Astolaine (Support) Anita Bound/ Kalamunda Dramatic Society
A Story of Love and War, Loss and Betrayal/ Chorus (Support) Michelle Endersbee/ Curtin University
The Kidnapping of Rose O’Connor/ Kitty O’Hara (Support) Deborah Wang/Helen O’Grady Drama Academy
Murder at Mornington Manor/ Dorothy (Support) Deborah Wang/ Helen O’Grady Drama Academy

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
Wake Up (Youth Suicide Prevention) Teenager (Support) Brendan Joel Productions/ zero2hero
Corporate Video TAFE Promotion/ Daughter (Support) Lauren Cleary/ Central Tafe

(Title/ Type of Production/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
The Pre-Game (Animated Short Film) Lead/ UTS/ Nancy He & Danielle Lyle-Stirling
In the Blink of an Eye (Short Film) Becka (Support) Eduardo Martinez/ Space Bandidos Films
Doctor Who Recycles (Web series- 4 episodes) Molly (Support) Elinor Ekman/ Oakman Productions
Sucker Punch (SAE Audio Post Production Scene) Babydoll (Lead) Rhys Moses/ SAE Institute
Heathcote Mental Institution (Documentary) Patient (Support) Georgia Den-Mother Spencer/ Curtin University
Cyber Bullying (Sound Installation) Teenager (Support) Marcel de Bie/ Filmbites/ L’Oréal Fashion Festival

(Course/ Company/ Teachers)
Foundations (6 weeks) Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop/ Ben Matthews
Your Acting Blueprint Level 2 (12 weeks) The Perth Film Network Acting Studio/ Debbie Thoy, Marcelle Weber
Your Acting Blueprint Level 1 (6 weeks) The Perth Film Network Acting Studio Debbie Thoy, Marcelle Weber
Intensive Class (8 weeks) Nicholson’s’ Academy of Screen Acting (N.A.S.A) Fern Nicholson
Screen Acting –Intensive (1 year) Filmbites/ Shanta Surendran
American Accent Training (5 weeks) James Hagan
Screen Acting- Advanced (10 weeks) Filmbites/ Fern Nicholson
Acting for Film and TV (8 weeks) The Perth Film Network Acting Studio/ Debbie Thoy
Monologue Class (6 weeks) The Perth Film Network Acting Studio Debbie Thoy
Youth Theatre (1 year) Helen O’Grady Drama Academy/ Deborah Wang

(Course/ Company/ Teachers)
3 Day On-Camera Intensive/ Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop/ Anthony Meindl
Acting Essentials Course/ National Institute of Dramatic Art (N.I.D.A) Michael McCall
Thea McLeod Casting Workshop/ The Australian Film & Television Academy (T.A.F.T.A) Thea McLeod
Perth Professional Workshop/ Sydney Screen Acting Group (S.S.A.G) Chum Ehelepola
The Heart of Drama Workshop/ Faith Martin and Associates/ Faith Martin
Marketing Yourself Like a Pro Seminar/ The Perth Film Network/ Jason Siner
Breaking into the Biz Seminar/ The Perth Film Network/ Jason Siner
Agent Spectacular Workshop/ Acting Classes in Perth/ Loren Johnson
Screen Show Reel Workshop/ The Actors Workshop/ Courtney Sage Hart, Nichola Renton
The Actor Who Succeeds Workshop/ Acting Classes in Perth/ Loren Johnson
Screen Acting Workshop/ Nicholson’s’ Academy of Screen Acting/ Fern Nicholson, Wayne Nicholson
Three Day Screen Acting Workshop/ Acting Classes in Perth/ Loren Johnson
Audition Skills Workshop/ Filmbites/ Marie Rodger
One Day Screen Acting Workshop/ Acting Classes in Perth/ Loren Johnson
Getting Emotional Workshop/ Stirling


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
Son of a Gun/ Beach Girl (Extra) Julius Avery/ Altitude Film Entertainment
These Final Hours/ Kissing Teenager (Extra) Zac Hilditch/ 8th in Line
The Reckoning/ Girl in Cafe (Extra) John V. Soto / Filmscope Entertainment

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
Arcanum (Pilot Episode) Lorianna Myers (Featured Extra) Grimalkin Entertainment
Student Shorts (2 episodes) Bikini girl (Featured Extra) Ruben Pracus/ West TV (Channel 44)

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
Don’t Be Blind/ Teenage daughter (Featured extra) Tok Wee Ee/ McCusker Centre/ Curtin University
Josh’s Story/ Friend (Extra) Ross Metcalf/ Media Buzz Online
When Harley Meets Miss Davidson/ Girlfriend (Extra) Waheed Naddafi/ Moustache Films
Gobsmacked/ Audience Member (Extra) Callan Manners/ Central TAFE
Squatter/ University student (Extra) Waheed Naddafi
Diamonds are Forever/ Café customer (Extra) Shane Tan/ Curtin University
The Soulless Harbour/ Woman (Extra) Grant Campbell/ BlackCutFilms
Sphere/ Girl at Funeral (Extra) Josiah Saxby/ Filmbites Partnership Program
The Third Wheel/ Café customer (Extra) Gregg Johnson/ Filmbites
Blue Drag/ Girlfriend (Extra) Burleigh Smith/ Wavebreaker

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
City Streets (Pilot Episode) Food Caterer (Extra) Rebecca Kerr/ Shie Dog Productions
Before I Was Famous- Magic (1 Episode) Fruit Thrower (Extra) Binu Jayawardena

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
VSNDL- Epignosis/ Dancer (Featured extra) Matt Soutar
David Pensabene- David Pensabene/ Girl in Pub (Extra) Yon Tung/ Murdoch University
Ruby Boots -Wise Up/ Train Passenger (Extra) Paul Komadina


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

I have modelled for various photographers and companies in over 60 photo shoots including 3 successful online magazine publications and 1 online government article publication.

I have also worked as a brand ambassador and promotional model (casual) for various agencies, including Activ8Media and Promotions, CBD Promotions, Linq Promotions, Live Works, Yes Australia, Mozeek Promotions and Fashion Events Model Management.

Photographic Modelling- Article Publication:

*Published in article "Pool safety a hot topic this summer" by Department of Commerce, Government of Western Australia (Published on 10th December 2015)
Underwater photo shoot (Myself modelling a mermaid tail)
Photography by The Shed Studios. Make-up by Amy Bryce.

Photographic Modelling- Magazine Publications:

*Published in Freque Magazine - Vol 17 Part 1 (Published on December 23rd 2014)
Photographed by Kayla Wilkinson- Forbidden Outcast Photography

* Published in Jorie Magaizne- Issue 2- September 2013
"Alice in Wonderland" (Lauren Thomas as Alice) photographed by Aston Rae- Hex Photography

*Published in Kultur Mag- Issue 25.1- September 2013
“Meanings of Names” (Lauren - Laurel Plant) photographed by Ken Taylor

TV & Reality

I don't have any piercings (except for 1 traditional piercing in each earlobe). I don't have any tattoos at all.
Special Skills:
Swimming, Mountain Biking, Cycling, Basketball, Gymnastics, Triathlon
Currently holds (all valid): NSW Full (Unrestricted) Drivers Licence (Class C-A), Passport


TV presenter experience

Previous unpaid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

Previous unpaid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • UK English
  • USA California


(Title/ Episodes/ Role/ Director/ Network)
I’m On The Road (4 Episodes) Co-Presenter/ Anne Mckenzie/ West TV (Channel 44) WEB SERIES
(Title/ Episode/ Role/ Interview title/ Director/ Production Company)
Popcorn/ S2 E7/ Presenter, Interviewer/ Peter Combe Interview/ John Bailey/ Herding Cats Productions
Popcorn/ S3 E2/ Presenter, Interviewer/ Two Bees, Blue Room Theatre Interview/ John Bailey/ Herding Cats Productions

(Title/ Role/ Director/ Production Company)
The Autumn Harvest Festival 2014/ Presenter, Interviewer/ Stuart Shepherd/ One Universe Studios
Bonus Life- Gaming Documentary/ Presenter, Interviewer/ Peter De Bari/ Murdoch University
Ignite Launch at UWA Documentary/ Presenter, Interviewer/ Michael J Taran/ WASTV/ Ignite Mentoring
Graffiti Heads Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation Fundraiser/ Presenter, Interviewer/ Morgan Gail

(Course/ Company/ Teachers)
TV Presenter Intensive/ Jacqueline Alliss Casting/ Ray Pedretti, Jacqueline Alliss
Presenting for the Screen Workshop/ Filmbites/ Christian Horgan
Avenue 2 Radio Training Course/ RTR FM 92.1/ Sarah Tout

(Show/ Role/ Director/ Radio Station)
Thank God it’s Friday (Weekly live to air programme, Fridays 6pm- 8pm from 01/05/2015 to 16/10/2015/ Presenter, Writer, Producer/ Heritage 107.3 HFM
The Writer’s Circle (Weekly live to air programme, Sundays 3pm- 4.30pm, from 16/11/2014 to 15/02/2015/ Co-presenter, Co-writer, Co-producer/ Heritage 107.3 HFM

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