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SMILE - Violin Cover by Leida

Charlie Chaplin's song.

01SMILE - Violin Cover by Leida
02ALL OF ME - Violin Cover mp3
03Live and Let Die - Eleanor Rigby


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I started learning to play the violin at the age of 5.
It wasn't my choice, but that's a different story!
The first 3 years were a disaster with me attempting to give up a lot of times.
Later however,during my school years, when I started learning how to make beautiful sounds and began growing accustomed to using the bow, I realized that I was going to play the violin for the rest of my life.
I got my degree and diploma at the Hellenic Conservatory in Athens, receiving the highest honors. I collaborated with the Symphony Orchestra of Athens and the National Symphony Orchestra of ERT. At the same time I also did many recording sessions with well known composers and famous singers of the Greek pop and rock scene.

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