Mark Paul Wake Pro

Actor, Model, Film producer / Manager, Camera Operator, Editor / Post Production Staffer

Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

182 cm / 6ft 0in
90 kg / 198 lbs
White / Caucasian
106 cm / 42 in
Skin color:
81 cm / 32 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • MMI Training - Seoras Wallace : Movie Mercenary Battle Training. Extensive weaponry and combat workshops
  • New York Film Academy : Acting for Film
  • Adam Smith College : Stage Combat
  • Adam Smith College : HNC Acting and Performance
  • Dunfermline High School : Advanced Higher Drama


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA New York
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian


"The Necromancer": Nominated For Best Actor - Horror Hound Film Festival 2018

"Masterpiece": Best Actor - British Independent Film Festival 2011

Performance Reviews:

"Masterpiece lives and breathes on the strength of its central performance. Mark Paul Wake is up to the task. As Martin, Wake exudes both the role of the determined, psychotically committed writer and the man whose very existence is hanging in the balance as he seems to lose control of his place in the world that surrounds him." RICHARD PROPES

"The film’s coherency is also largely thankful to Mark Paul Wake’s impressive performance as Martin. His portrayal of a person spiralling into the realms of fervent obsession amplifies in rawness as each scene progresses." L.E.WRIGHT

"Mark Paul Wake delivers an absolutely extraordinary performance as Martin.... Martin is a gift for an actor and Wake has embraced the role fully" - M.J Simpson

" The all too brief cameo appearance of Charlie Chaplin was a welcome treat and the surprise ending was humorous and, I must admit, quite moving despite its oddity." - Vicky Ellis

Acting Age: 25 - 35


Feature Film - "Wolf" Supporting Role - Nerva. Stronghold and Wake's Luck Productions. Director - Stuart Brennan (Post-Production)

Feature Film - "A Christmas Carol" Supporting Role - Jacob Marley. ZogHogg Ent. Director - David Izatt.

Feature Film - "The Necromancer" Lead Role - Injured Charles. Stronghold and Wake's Luck Productions. Director - Stuart Brennan


Feature Film - "Plan Z" Supporting Role - Bill Williams. Imaginarium Tower Production Company. Director - Stuart Brennan.


Short Film - "Four Black Bags" Supporting Role - Francis. Zoghogg Studios. Director - David Izatt

Short Film - "Collector's Canon" Lead Role - Jamie Finch. Smile Wide Productions. Director - Colin Grant


Feature Film - "The Fairy Flag" Supporting Role - Richard The Bastard. ZogHogg Ent. Director - David Izatt. (UNRELEASED)

Short Film - "The Bloody Unicorn" Lead Role - The Father. Orangetide Films. Director - Colin Grant


Stage Show - "Houdini" Supporting Role - Charlie Chaplin and Understudy Harry Houdini. Theatre Giant Production Company. Director - Peter Snee, No.1 UK Tour - Stoke On Trent, Blackpool, Swansea, Windsor and Gaiety Theatre Dublin, UK.

Feature Film - "Eat-Sleep-Repeat" Lead Role - Ethan Traum. Director Colin Grant.


Feature Film - "Masterpiece" Lead Role - Martin Lloyd. Burn Hand Productions. Director Andrew C Tanner.

Feature Film - "Mr. Self Destruct" Supporting Roles - Ben Smith and Nightmare. Industrious Dark. Directors Adrian Rowe and Emma Dodds.


Short Film - "The Weakness Within" Lead - Prisoner. Director Maria Svoronou.


Music Video - "It's All Good Baby" Lead - John. Music by Cruiser. Industrious Dark. Directors Adrian Rowe and Emma Dodds.

2007 (STAGE CREDITS - ASC (Adam Smith College)

Short Film - "Dreamboat" Lead - Detective Malone. Director Tomas McNab.

Theatre - "Hedda Gabler" - Ejlert Lovborg. ASC. Director Tina West.

Theatre - "Midsummer Nights Dream" - Lysander. ASC. Director Simon Abbot.

Theatre - "Importance Of Being Earnest" - Rev. Chasuble. ASC. Director Hugh Loughlan.


Advertisement - "Adam Smith College" - Back of buses across Fife.


Advertisement - "Learn Direct Scotland" - Bus stops around Fife.

Short Film - "Thanatophobia" Supporting - Carney. Directed By Maria Svoronou.

Short Film - "Screwbelly" - Extra. Scaredycat Inc. Director David C. Barclay.

Short Film - "Knaughty Knickers" - Extra. - Loud Lilly Productions. Director David C. Barclay.


MMI Training with Seoras Wallace (Clann Wallace)
Extensive Training in Stage Combat - Simon Abbot
Physical Theatre Training - Simon Abbot
Full Driving License


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

2014 - Tisos Winter Runway Show - Millennium Modeling

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability


Post Production & Editing ability


Production & Management ability


Feature Film - "Wolf" - Producer, Editor, Colorist and Post Production Supervisor. (Post Production)

Feature Film - "The Necromancer" - Producer, Editor, Colorist and Post Production Supervisor.

Music Video - " Journey's End" - Editor, Colorist and VFX Artist.

Feature Film - "Christmas Carol" - Editor, Production Manager and Post Production Supervisor.

Feature Film - "Tomorrow" - Assistant Editor, Colorist and Post Production Supervisor. (Post Production)

Feature Film - "Plan Z" - Producer, Colorist and Post Production Supervisor.

Feature Film - "The Fairy Flag" - Stunt And Combat Team.

Feature Film - "Plan Z" - Producer and Location Manager.

Feature Film - "Eat-Sleep-Repeat" - Executive Producer.

Short Film - "It Happens" - Writer, Director and Editor.

Documentary - "Can-Am Pipes And Drums Visit To Dunfermline" - Camera and Editor.

Feature Film - "Mr. Self Destruct" - Fight Choreographer.

Short Film " Screwbelly" - Runner and Producer's Assistant.

Short Film - "Knaughty Knickers" - Runner, Producers Assistant and Camera Assistant.

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