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Nick Field Voicereel 2018/19

A selection of voiceover samples including commercial, corporate video, TV links, audiobook and char

01Nick Field Voicereel 2018/19
02Nick Field VO - FleetHub PCP
03Nick Field VO: Narration for web series
04Nick Field VO Showreel - Commercial
05Nick Field VO Showreel - Explainer video
06Nick Field VO Showreel - Training
07Nick Field VO Showreel - Audiobook
08Phoenix FM Latitude Interview with CC Sm
09Nick Field VO Course 1 Examples
010Nick Field VO Tattoos
11Nick Field VO Educational Videos Primary
12Nick Field VO Person 2 Software Program
13Nick Field VO VIDEOPRINT Inkdogz (with m
14Nick Field VO PropertyQuotes Online
15Nick Field VO Web Travel Show Narrator
16Nick Field - Phoenix FM Show Intro
17Nick Field VO Vintage warriors - Shure S
18Nick Field VO Skyscanner Sample
19Nick Field VO Bishopsgate Wheeled Goods
20Nick Field VO RIB Club Nov18
21Nick Field VO Enterprise Investment Scheme Mar19
22Nick Field VO Respondit Web Design Time FM Advert
23Birth of Currency NICK FIELD May19

Physical Attributes

172 cm / 5ft 8in
76 cm / 30 in
66 kg / 145 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
96 cm / 38 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • The Room (documentary short film) : Crime scene photographer
  • Calamity Kevin (feature film) : Big Boss
  • Young Sharks (web series) : Jack Finchley
  • The Toybox Killers (feature film) : Reporter at news conference
  • Hard To Leave (feature film) : PC Jason Dudley
  • Ghost (Bollywood feature film) : Political funder
  • Sharante Aaj (Bollywood feature film) : Commuter on train, interacts with lead character
  • Tapian Property Training : Voiceover for web advert
  • Worker Bee Offices : Still photos for website
  • The Barbershop (short film) : Cameraman (on-screen)
  • Dunlop testimonial video series : Businessman
  • Britain's Got More Talent (ITV2) : Participant in 'Blast From The Past' feature
  • Beserker Games (feature film) : Siguard
  • Eve of Success (TV Pilot Drama) : Michael Blandford (showbiz agent)
  • Pappadums (TV Pilot Comedy) : Customer at bar
  • Food Unwrapped (Channel 4 factual series) : Guest in social experiement
  • Pure (Channel 4 drama series) : Attendee in hospital waiting room (extra)
  • Flatshare (web series) : Dave
  • Warehouse Of Fun (web series) : John Parfitt
  • Sincerely Yours (feature film) : Nicholas (record producer)
  • Advert - UK Parking Control number plate recognition software : Voiceover
  • Scarlett (feature film) : Richard Scarlett
  • Watch Not (feature film) : Bry
  • Moss Kena - 'Square One' (music video) : Audience member
  • CoffeeGuys?! (web series) : Roe
  • Advert - State Farm Insurance : Assistant in Homeless Shelter
  • Hilda (feature film) : Teacher in school hall
  • How We Met (web series) : Police Officer
  • Mary Queen of Scots (feature film) : Nobleman
  • Dead Destination (feature film) : Zombie
  • Chris & Paige (web series) : Paramedic
  • Mel (web series) : Channel 4 Commissioner (speaking role)
  • Autopsy: The Last Hours Of... Mama Cass (TV documentary) : Dr Tony Greenburgh (featured role)
  • Advert - Sony Playstation : Man stuck in deckchair
  • MacMillan online advert : Office party guest (extra)
  • Welcome To London (feature film) : Albert (speaking role)
  • Vs (feature film) : Crowd member (extra)
  • Calamity Kevin (feature film) : Big Boss (speaking role)
  • Advert - First Direct : Commuter (extra)
  • Advert - LadyLucks Casino App : Voiceover
  • The Nightly Show (ITV) : Body double for Jason Manford
  • Advert - Cadbury : Protestor in crowd (extra)
  • Been So Long (feature film) : Dancer in club (extra)
  • Relationshit (web series) : Extra (conference attendee)
  • Mubarakan (Bollywood feature film) : Crowd member at airport (extra)
  • Greta Isaac - 'You' (music video) : Angry customer in queue (extra)
  • Three Dots & a Dash (feature film) : Office worker (Extra)
  • Advert - Capital One : School teacher (featured role)
  • Autopsy: The Last Hours Of... (TV documentary) : Tiny Tim (70s performer, reconstruction scene)
  • Life of a Trap Star (web series) : Police Officer (speaking role)
  • Atithi in London (forthcoming feature film) : Extra (office worker)
  • London's Rare End (short film / web series pilot) : Harry (speaking role)
  • Sycamore (forthcoming feature film) : Extra (comedy show attendee)
  • Final Score (forthcoming feature film) : Extra (football match attendee)
  • Golden Mind (YouTube channel) : Voiceover for various 'Top 10' videos
  • Norman (short film) : Dean, office manager (speaking role)
  • Brothers In Suits (forthcoming web series) : Paul Cameron (speaking role)
  • Family Secret (forthcoming feature film) : Extra (church attendee)
  • Koroli Loves Sumit (forthcoming Bollywood movie) : Extra (street performer)
  • Stage School (E4 show) : Extra (bar customer)
  • Blue Iguana (forthcoming Simon Callow film) : Extra (hotel guest)
  • Jenifa's Diary (TV show) : Extra - Police officer / Office worker
  • Sony Xperia : Voiceover for corporate video
  • Time FM : Voiceover for Respondit Web Design / Havering Business Awards Commercial
  • Saving Jane (feature film) : Extra (kickboxer/AA class attendee/passer-by in street)
  • Nobody Listens To Edgar (audio drama / monologue) : Edgar (narrator)
  • eSiddha Digimed Explantory video : Voiceover
  • Mock Interactive Training Video by Braincase Films : Rupert Christie (Presenter)
  • Simple Lighting : Voiceover for LED bulbs guide
  • Hummingbird (short film) : Lenny (drug dealer)
  • Unreality (short film) : Talk show host
  • Respondit Web Design : Advert Voiceover
  • Suplex Wrestling : Co-compere for wrestling event, held in Stanford-le-Hope
  • Simply Workplace Pensions : Voiceover for commercial
  • The Faction of Farce - Meanwhile in IT Support (comedy sketch) : Caller (VO)
  • Billy Olela - "Welcome In This Place" music video : Extra - backing singer
  • Cynon Wills : Voiceover for commercial
  • The Faction of Farce - Meanwhile in the NHS (comedy sketch) : Dr. Kevin Bailey
  • Brash Young Turks : Cinemagoer in movie trailer
  • Jarryd James - 'This Time' music video : Supporting artist (playing spectator at a boxing match)
  • ...And No More Shall We Part (short film) : Extra (cult member)
  • Fiat Car Commercial : Extra (football player)
  • University of Westminster : Actor for media production course
  • (dating website) commercial & web photos : Model
  • Us (film, release date 2016) : Extra
  • Red Roots Commercial : Voiceover for film project on hypothetical food company
  • 'Give Yourself Away' music video (Kadeem Henry) : Music video star
  • Old Brentwoods venue : Stage compere
  • Compere at Brentwood Festival : Introducing bands on stage at festival
  • 'Battle Stage' compere : Compere between performers at Battle-of-the-bands event
  • Havering College of Further & Higher Education : Foundation Skills Lecturer
  • Essex Gig Guide magazine : Columnist - 'Field Report'
  • Newham College of Further & Higher Education : Literacy teacher & assessor
  • Phoenix FM : Radio Presenter for evening & daytime shows (ongoing role)


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • French

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh

Refer to credits section for full list of my acting roles to date.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

See credits for my list of appearances to date.


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

August 2018:
Model for stills photoshoot for Worker Bee Offices

August 2017:
Model for Mosoca Photography -

February 2016:
Model for photoshoot - featured on front page of website.

November 2015:
Model for photoshoot - featured on front page of website.

October 2015:
Modelled for photoshoot for upcoming dating website Lovecity.

August 2015:
Modelled for Adam Laws photography

TV & Reality

Refer to credits section for my full list of TV & film appearances to date.


TV presenter experience

Previous unpaid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

Previous unpaid Radio presenter roles

  • English
  • French

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh

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