Andrea Moignard

Andrea Moignard

Swansea, United Kingdom


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Great profile well driven... recommend to any casting professional....

Recommended for Acting Feb 7, 2018

I have been involved with Andrea as a casting professional, and she was brilliant. Everything was explained in advance and the day ran very smoothly. Thank you Andrea.

Recommended for Casting Jan 19, 2018

Nice lady who id like to work with one day

Recommended for Casting Jan 6, 2018

Very professional!

Recommended for Casting Aug 19, 2017

You are true professional

Recommended for Casting Jun 15, 2017

Thank you. Nice work too and great agent x

Recommended for Casting Jun 6, 2017

Brilliant casting professional who works on some good Television series and film work. Highly recommend joining.

Recommended for Casting May 30, 2017

Highly recommended, great to work for.

Recommended for Casting Jul 25, 2016

Highly professional

Recommended for Acting Jan 12, 2016

A really Great Agency to work for, always a pleasure to deal with.

Recommended for Casting Oct 19, 2015

A woman of her word, intelligent, professional and has vision.

Recommended for Casting Oct 18, 2015

A very professional lady , that I would recommend to everyone to work with .

Recommended for Casting Oct 18, 2015

Always a pleasure to work for Andrea's friendly and professional agency.

Recommended for Casting Oct 17, 2015

I have had a fabulous time working for Andrea's agency and highly recommend her for her professionalism, glamorous beauty , and hard working talents. Look forward to working with Andrea again. Xxx

Recommended for Casting Oct 17, 2015

Lovely professional lady x

Recommended for Casting Oct 17, 2015

Professional and straight to the point

Recommended for Casting Oct 13, 2015

MANY thanks for the job on Midsomer Murders, I look forward to more work.

Recommended for Casting Jun 10, 2015

Highly flexible and accommodating. Looking forward to working with, again.

Recommended for Casting Jun 8, 2015

Andrea has been a great agent to work with over the years. Not only that, she's quite the actress & presenter. Beautiful inside and out... An asset to any production.

Recommended for Acting May 13, 2015

a great person to work with, 100% committed to any project she involved with. andrea is an asset to any production in most fields.

Recommended for Acting Aug 27, 2014