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London, United Kingdom
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My family, bubble or household

Tania is my flat Mate and Michael is my friend who is from the same bubble.

Tania Aresti Beaty shoot
Tania Aresti portrait
Tania Aresti fashion
Michael Juryniec and Agata Nielsen
Tania Aresti model
Tania Aresti headshot
Michael Juryniec and Agata Nielsen
Michael Juryniec and Agata Nielsen
Tania Aresti poster
Tania Aresti model
Michael Juryniec and Agata Nielsen
Michael Juryniec and Agata Nielsen

Intro to Camera

Uploaded 1 year ago


Agata Nielsen Voice Reel 2020

Consists of five pieces both from published plays and written by me.

01Agata Nielsen Voice Reel 2020
02Agata Nielsen - Accents Voice Reel
03Animation Voice Over, Character Acting
04Song "Mein Herr" from Cabaret
05Poetry with Acoustic Guitar -"The One"
06Polish Voice Reel - Demo Glosowe
07"Alone" - Poem written by me
08Polish Song - "U Przasniczki"

Physical Attributes

170 cm / 5ft 7in
60 kg / 132 lbs
White / Caucasian
93 cm / 37 in
Skin color:
73 cm / 29 in
93 cm / 37 in
Dress size:
UK 10 / AUS 10 / US 6
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • 3 Light Media Performance for Prezenter : Dancer
  • Short Film "Cocktail" by London Film Academy : Victoria
  • Etcetera Theatre SWEETIES 8 : Bridgette/ Natalia
  • Music Video "Black Heart" by PALPS : Rose
  • ITV 2 Stand Up Sketch : Chef
  • Music Video "LUNA" by Brod Rock : Viking Goddess
  • We Value Difference by Essex Police : Police Officer
  • Cosmic Dancer Media Ltd : The Girl in Dream Lover
  • Spark Media : Doctor in The Slimming Clinic
  • TikTok Online Ad : Filmekanik
  • Autopsy: The Last Hours of Roger Moore : Receptionist
  • Paragon Virtual Events : Game Master & Host
  • Meghan's Choix : Fitting Model
  • International Dispute Resolution Centre : Role Play (Lawyer, Director)
  • ITV 2 Stand Up Sketch : Chef
  • ITV2 - Emily Atack Show Pilot : Body Double - Devil
  • Wolf of Wall Street Event by XclusiveTouch Ltd : Hostess
  • Brown Bob Productions : The Moment of Proof
  • Agent November : Virtual X Caper
  • Halloween Music Video by Madman_State : Nurse
  • Harprit Dhanoa Music Video : Lead Girl
  • "Fruitless Tree" - Poetry Video : Barren Woman
  • Fashion Shoot : Femme Fatale
  • BIGO Live App : Official Host
  • Funktion Nightclub Online Pilot by Official Moonlyte : Spoilt Girl
  • Bad Salon Experience Event by Creative HEAD : Hairdresser
  • London Ultra 2020 : Poetry Performance Duo
  • Immersive "Paperback Puzzle" by Komorabi Games : Penny's Friend
  • Theatre 'Sweeties #7' - "Home" written and performed by me : Monologue
  • Short Film "In hope of Nothing" by Hamblin Imagery : Escort Girl
  • Interactive, Semi-Improvised Play "Dream on, Bunny" by Reinis Melihovs : Bartender
  • Short Film "Egg" by Big Trouble Films : Veronica
  • Brighton Fringe "Agent November" - An Immersive Escape Game : Agent Alpha
  • Short Play "The Hill" by Rocio Amy Inniss : Lucja
  • Immersive "Merlin's Memories" by Komorabi Games : Morgan Le Fay
  • Theatre 'Sweeties #6' - "The Voice" written and performed by me : One Woman Show
  • Immersive "Snow Queen Adventure" by Komorabi Games : Snow Queen
  • Music Video "Lala" by Valentino Mitaj : Crazy Businesswoman
  • Short Film "This is Mine" by Bonfire Productions : Demi (Female Lead)
  • Short Film "Ghost Catchers" by Anton Wainwright : Jacky (Female Lead)
  • Immersive "Snow Queen Adventure" by Komorabi Games : Snow Queen
  • Short Film "Lonely Boy" by Middlesex University Drama Students TV Production : Cassy (Female Lead)
  • Short Film "Screenplay" by University of Westminster : Evelyn (Female Lead)
  • "Outbreak" by Real-Time Fiction App UNRD : Maria
  • Short Film "Time's Up" by Tiger Barb Films : Sexy School Girl
  • Short Film "Only the Sweetest of Dreams" by Ravensbourne UK : Demon
  • Peer Productions : One Year Acting Development Programme
  • Short Film "Piqued Interest" by DDK Productions : Anastasia
  • Short Film "Compassion Fatique" by Ollie Parsons : Counselor
  • Working for "Agent November" - Entertainment Puzzle Experience : Actor/Game Master
  • Short Film "Diagnosis" by Eva Riley : Medical Student
  • "Yes, and another thing..." - Performing at Camden Fringe Festival : Member of an Improv Group
  • Short Film "You and Me" by Jack Ryan : Sarah (Lead Actress)
  • Feature Film "Finding You" by Olof Media : Restaurant Guest
  • Short Film "Orphans Outside the Time" by Lenny Han : OOT Member
  • Pantomime Workshop by Arkadiusz Buszko
  • Improvisational Theatre "Under a Pretext" : Member of The Group
  • "90 Sounds of Musical" - BROS Production at Regis Centre in Bognor Regis : Cast Member
  • Live Performance & Audio Transmission at Art Gallery for "Blue Bird" Exhibition Opening : Main Performer
  • Performance for "Amnesty International" : Performer
  • Ballet Academy in Szczecin, Poland : Professional Training in variety of Dance Styles
  • Staging & Directing my own play "The Book" with Contemporary Theatre : Director & Female Lead
  • The Play "Trojan Horse" directed by Agnieszka Budzinska : Cassandra


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

360 Arts Management

  • English
  • Polish

  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California
  • Russian

Union memberships
  • Equity

- London Film Academy, COCKTAIL, Victoria
- Etcetera Theatre, SWEETIES #8, Brigitte and Natalia
- Quiz 1, Question One, Online Host
- Stand Up Sketch Show ITV 2, Chef
- PALPS Music Video Series by Alex Gray, Rose
- Pronunciation Training Video by Anton Heskia
- Brod Rock Music Video "LUNA", Viking Goddess
- Twenty-Nine Five, Essex Police "We Value Difference 2021", Police Officer
- Cosmic Dancer Media Ltd, DREAM LOVER, The Girl
- Filmekanik, TIK TOK OLINE AD, Influencer
- Spark Media, THE SLIMMING CLINIC, Doctor
- Agent November, VIRTUAL X-CAPER, Agent Membrane
- Paragon Virtual Events, THE ILLUSIONIST, Game Master & Host
- ITV, Autopsy: The Last Hours of Roger Moore, Receptionist
- Role Play, Lawyer/Director, DISPUTE MEDIATION ASSESSMENT, International Dispute Resolution Centre, Nicola Antonioni
- Ainamor Productions, My Health GmbH, Presenter

- Brown Bob Productions, THE MOMENT OF PROOF, Suspect
- Role Play, Lawyer/Director, DISPUTE MEDIATION ASSESSMENT, International Dispute Resolution Centre, Nicola Antonioni
- Video, Female Lead, FRUITLESS TREE, Kaner Suleyman, Zen_Visuals
- Music Video, Nurse, HALLOWEEN MUSIC VIDEO, Mandman_State, David Abiose
- Television, Body Double, ITV2 EMILY ATACK SHOW PILOT, Monkey Kingdom Limited
- Video, Femme Fatale, FIM NOIR FASHION STATEMENT, Greg Tallent
- Music Video, Female Lead, NAAL KHADA JACHDA, On To Genesis Limited, Harprit Dhanoa
- Internet, Official UK Host, LIVE STREAMING, BIGO Live
- Web Series, Spoilt Girl, NIGHTCLUB REALITY SERIES, ML Films, Simon Johnson
- Event, Hostess, WOLF OF WALL STREET, XclusiveTouch Ltd, Robbie Cave

- Stage, Agent Alpha, BRIGHTON FRINGE - IMMERSIVE ESCAPE GAME, Agent November, Nathan Glover
- Stage, "Home" Monologue, SWEETIES #7, The Chapel Playhouse, David King
- Stage, One Woman Show "The Voice", SWEETIES #6, Etcetera Theatre, David King
- Stage, Lucja, THE HILL, Katzplace Theatre, Rocio Amy Inniss
- Role Play, Snow Queen, SNOW QUEEN ADVENTURE, Komorabi Games, Maria Lazar
- Role Play, Morgan Le Fay, MERLIN'S MEMORIES, Komorabi Games, Laura Kurlansky
- Role Play, Penny's Friend, IMMERSIVE PAPERBACK PUZZLE, Komorabi Games, Laura Kurlansky
- Role Play, Secret Agent, IMMERSIVE GAME, Agent November, Nathan Glover
-Short Film, Escort Girl, IN HOPE OF NOTHING, Hamblin Imagery, Peter Hamblin
- Short Film, Veronica, EGG, Big Trouble Films, Alex Bojic
- Event, Poetry Duo, LONDON ULTRA 2020, Free Painters and Sculptors, Stream Movement
- Event, Hairdresser, BAD SALON EXPERIENCE, Creative HEAD, Ky Wilson
- Improvisation, Bartender, DREAM ON BUNNY, Reinis Melihovs
- Video, Couple, LIFESTYLE VIDEO SHOOT, Art & Image, Roy James Shakespeare
- Educational, Workshop Member, CASTING WORKSHOP, Peter Hunt

- Short Film, Evelyn (Female Lead), SCREENPLAY, University of Westminster, Asena Oyzoyn
- Short Film, Jacky (Female Lead), GHOST CATCHERS, Anton Wainwright
- Short Film, Cassy (Female Lead), LONELY BOY, Middlesex University Drama Students TV Production, Tosia Szarmach
- Short Film, Demon, ONLY THE SWEETEST OF DREAMS, Ravensbourne UK
- Web Series, Demi (Female Lead), THIS IS MINE, Bonfire Production, Leonard Spriggs-Cheverton
- Mobile Phone, Maria, OUTBREAK, UNRD, Brittany-Renee Quinn
- Site Specific, Agent/Scare Actor, CREEPY CAVES: UNEARTHED 2018, Chessington World of Adventures, Thom Bradford
- Music Video, Crazy Businesswoman, "LALA" BY VALENTINO MITAJ, Budget Music Videos, Loraa White

- Stage, Lucy, LOSING IT, Peer Productions, Nina Lemon
- Short Film, Counselor, COMPASSION FATIQUE, Peer Productions, Ollie Parsons
- Short Film, Anastiasia, PIQUED INTEREST, DDK Productsions, Daniel J. Clark
- Multimedia, Photo Model, PORTRAIT PHOTO-ESSAY, London School of Photography, Alan Carpenter

- Stage, Yas, Big Barry, HIDDEN, Peer Productions, Nina Lemon
- Short Film, Medical Student, DIAGNOSIS, BBC Films, Eva Riley
- Improvisation, Improv Performer, CAMDEN FRINGE "YES, AND ANOTHER THING...", Performing Productions, Ed Cottrell

- Event, Main Performer, BLUE BIRD, Art Gallery in Szczecin, Mateusz Choróbski
- Improvisation, Improv Member, SHORT & LONG FORM, Under a Pretext
- Musical, Cast Member, THE SOUND OF MUSICALS: 90 YEAR CELEBRATION, BROS Musical Productions, Kate Bennett
- Educational, Pantomime Class, WORKSHOP MEMBER, Contemporary Theatre in Szczecin, Arkadiusz Buszko

- Event, Improv Member, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, Under a Pretext

- Stage, Girl, THE BOOK, Student Drama, Agata Nielsen
- Dance, Ballerina, OPERA SUMMER CONCERT, Ballet Academy in Szczecin, Iwona Grzegorczyk

- Stage, Cassandra, TROJAN HORSE, Drama Club, Agnieszka Budzinska


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent

Casting Collective, POP, Guys & Dolls

I am registered extra with established agencies, such as Casting Collective, Guys and Dolls, Extra People, POP, Slick Casting. I also work as an SA for independent projects.


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

My acting background makes me a unique model in a sense that I bring my expressiveness, improv skills and ease in showing variety of emotions and taking directions. Therefore I am perfect for lifestyle, moody shoots and reels. Apart from that I also have experience in fashion and editorials.

- Fitness Model for Musiczing by Videoblogg
- Fashion Model for I_A_Smith Photoshoot
- Lifestyle and Portrait Photoshoot by Stanislaw Henkelman
- Funeral Lifestyle Photoshoot by Peter Muller
- Photoshoot with Madhuri Rajagopal
- Halfords Bikes Model
- Photoshoot with Nicholas Cotton in Paxton Studio
- Photoshoot with The East London Photographer
- Fitting Model - Meghan's Choix

- Fitting Model - Meghan's Choix
- E-commerce Photoshoot - TransformHER Beauty - Makeup Model
- Outdoor Photoshoot with Surrey Creative Photographers organised by Colin Evans
- Photoshoot with Neil Smalls
- Music Video for Punjabi Artist Harprti Dhanoa - Female Lead
- Film Noir Fashion Statement Video by Greg Tallent - Femme Fatale
- Photoshoot: Portrait/Headshots/Full Length by John Leigh

- Outdoor Modelling Photoshot by Boyce Real Photography
- Video Model Reel by Ananth Ponnuswamy
- Catwalk Model at London Fashion Week for Travel in Style at Mahiki, Designer - Pachablu
- Catwalk Model as 'Punk' Style by Charlotte Zammit at West Thames College London
- Life Style Photo/Video Shoot by ART & IMAGE Ray James Shakespeare
- Special Effects Make up Tom Fredericks
- Hostess/Model at ICICIBANK 15th Anniversary Event
- Model for Prosthetic Make Up by Federica Valtolina
- Music Video Model "Greazy" by Imotion Media

- Music Video for Valentino Mitaj "Lala" by Budget Music Videos
- Test Video Shoot - Vlad Madejczyk
- Make up Model for London Makeup School
- Double Exposure Portraiture - Rino Pucci
- Headshot Model for Olufemi Coker -

- Photo Model for Alan Carpenter - student of 'London School of Photography' - theme - emotions

- Make-up Model for DFMA make-up academy
- Photo Model for Kirsty Jones - a student of 'London School of Photography' - theme - emotions


I have worked as a live streaming host for apps such as BIGO and Likee. I also put regular feed on Instagram and TikTok.


Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Country

Influences: Queen, Lana Del Rey, Beethoven, Lady Gaga, Irish/celtic Folk Music.

I have primary education in music, I can read notes, play guitar, piano and sing. I also have an exceptional sense of rhythm, which transfers to my dancing skills.

TV & Reality

I have played minor acting roles for ITV and BBC. I have experience using teleprompter, doing live presenting and improvising.


Dancing ability


Teaching or Choreography ability


Dance styles
  • Ballet
  • Ballroom
  • Contemporary
  • Folk
  • Latin American
  • Rock & Roll
  • Salsa

Graduated from Dance Academy with a Professional Diploma. I also attend classes in Ballroom, Tango, Latin, Contemporary.


TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

Presenting agent

360 Arts Management

  • English
  • Polish

  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California
  • Russian

I have experience working as a live host, immersive and interactive events and using teleprompter.
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