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Voice Reel - Agata Nielsen (4 Extracts)

1. Miranda "The Collector" 2. Dawn "Happy Habits" 3. Angel Wild "Bad Party" 4. Advert Extract

01Voice Reel - Agata Nielsen (4 Extracts)
02Song "Mein Herr" from Cabaret
03Polish Voice Reel - Demo Glosowe
04"Alone" - Poem written by me
05Polish Song - "U Przasniczki"

Physical Attributes

170 cm / 5ft 7in
61 kg / 134 lbs
White / Caucasian
91 cm / 36 in
Skin color:
71 cm / 28 in
91 cm / 36 in
Dress size:
UK 10 / AUS 10 / US 6
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Halloween Music Video by Madman_State : Nurse
  • "Fruitless Tree" - Poetry Video : Barren Woman
  • Wolf of Wall Street Event by XclusiveTouch Ltd : Hostess
  • International Dispute Resolution Centre : Role Play (Lawyer, Director)
  • Harprit Dhanoa Music Video : Lead Girl
  • Fashion Shoot : Femme Fatale
  • ITV2 - Emily Atack Show Pilot : Body Double - Devil
  • BIGO Live App : Official Host
  • Funktion Nightclub Online Pilot by Official Moonlyte : Spoilt Girl
  • Bad Salon Experience Event by Creative HEAD : Hairdresser
  • London Ultra 2020 : Poetry Performance Duo
  • Immersive "Paperback Puzzle" by Komorabi Games : Penny's Friend
  • Theatre 'Sweeties #7' - "Home" written and performed by me : Monologue
  • Short Film "In hope of Nothing" by Hamblin Imagery : Escort Girl
  • Interactive, Semi-Improvised Play "Dream on, Bunny" by Reinis Melihovs : Bartender
  • Short Film "Egg" by Big Trouble Films : Veronica
  • Brighton Fringe "Agent November" - An Immersive Escape Game : Agent Alpha
  • Short Play "The Hill" by Rocio Amy Inniss : Lucja
  • Immersive "Merlin's Memories" by Komorabi Games : Morgan Le Fay
  • Theatre 'Sweeties #6' - "The Voice" written and performed by me : One Woman Show
  • Immersive "Snow Queen Adventure" by Komorabi Games : Snow Queen
  • Music Video "Lala" by Valentino Mitaj : Crazy Businesswoman
  • Short Film "This is Mine" by Bonfire Productions : Demi (Female Lead)
  • Short Film "Ghost Catchers" by Anton Wainwright : Jacky (Female Lead)
  • Immersive "Snow Queen Adventure" by Komorabi Games : Snow Queen
  • Short Film "Lonely Boy" by Middlesex University Drama Students TV Production : Cassy (Female Lead)
  • Short Film "Screenplay" by University of Westminster : Evelyn (Female Lead)
  • "Outbreak" by Real-Time Fiction App UNRD : Maria
  • Short Film "Time's Up" by Tiger Barb Films : Sexy School Girl
  • Short Film "Only the Sweetest of Dreams" by Ravensbourne UK : Demon
  • Peer Productions : One Year Acting Development Programme
  • Short Film "Piqued Interest" by DDK Productions : Anastasia
  • Short Film "Compassion Fatique" by Ollie Parsons : Counselor
  • Working for "Agent November" - Entertainment Puzzle Experience : Actor/Game Master
  • Short Film "Diagnosis" by Eva Riley : Medical Student
  • "Yes, and another thing..." - Performing at Camden Fringe Festival : Member of an Improv Group
  • Short Film "You and Me" by Jack Ryan : Sarah (Lead Actress)
  • Feature Film "Finding You" by Olof Media : Restaurant Guest
  • Short Film "Orphans Outside the Time" by Lenny Han : OOT Member
  • Pantomime Workshop by Arkadiusz Buszko
  • Improvisational Theatre "Under a Pretext" : Member of The Group
  • "90 Sounds of Musical" - BROS Production at Regis Centre in Bognor Regis : Cast Member
  • Live Performance & Audio Transmission at Art Gallery for "Blue Bird" Exhibition Opening : Main Performer
  • Performance for "Amnesty International" : Performer
  • Ballet Academy in Szczecin, Poland : Professional Training in variety of Dance Styles
  • Staging & Directing my own play "The Book" with Contemporary Theatre : Director & Female Lead
  • The Play "Trojan Horse" directed by Agnieszka Budzinska : Cassandra


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Hashtag Talent

  • English
  • Danish
  • Polish

  • Russian

Union memberships
  • Equity


- Video, Female Lead, FRUITLESS TREE, Kaner Suleyman, Zen_Visuals
- Music Video, Nurse, HALLOWEEN MUSIC VIDEO, Mandman_State, David Abiose
- Role Play, Lawyer/Director, DISPUTE MEDIATION ASSESSMENT, International Dispute Resolution Centre, Nicola Antonioni
- Television, Body Double, ITV2 EMILY ATACK SHOW PILOT, Monkey Kingdom Limited
- Video, Femme Fatale, FIM NOIR FASHION STATEMENT, Greg Tallent
- Music Video, Female Lead, NAAL KHADA JACHDA, On To Genesis Limited, Harprit Dhanoa
- Internet, Official UK Host, LIVE STREAMING, BIGO Live
- Web Series, Spoilt Girl, NIGHTCLUB REALITY SERIES, ML Films, Simon Johnson
- Event, Hostess, WOLF OF WALL STREET, XclusiveTouch Ltd, Robbie Cave

- Stage, Agent Alpha, BRIGHTON FRINGE - IMMERSIVE ESCAPE GAME, Agent November, Nathan Glover
- Stage, "Home" Monologue, SWEETIES #7, The Chapel Playhouse, David King
- Stage, One Woman Show "The Voice", SWEETIES #6, Etcetera Theatre, David King
- Stage, Lucja, THE HILL, Katzplace Theatre, Rocio Amy Inniss
- Role Play, Snow Queen, SNOW QUEEN ADVENTURE, Komorabi Games, Maria Lazar
- Role Play, Morgan Le Fay, MERLIN'S MEMORIES, Komorabi Games, Laura Kurlansky
- Role Play, Penny's Friend, IMMERSIVE PAPERBACK PUZZLE, Komorabi Games, Laura Kurlansky
- Role Play, Secret Agent, IMMERSIVE GAME, Agent November, Nathan Glover
-Short Film, Escort Girl, IN HOPE OF NOTHING, Hamblin Imagery, Peter Hamblin
- Short Film, Veronica, EGG, Big Trouble Films, Alex Bojic
- Event, Poetry Duo, LONDON ULTRA 2020, Free Painters and Sculptors, Stream Movement
- Event, Hairdresser, BAD SALON EXPERIENCE, Creative HEAD, Ky Wilson
- Improvisation, Bartender, DREAM ON BUNNY, Reinis Melihovs
- Video, Couple, LIFESTYLE VIDEO SHOOT, Art & Image, Roy James Shakespeare
- Educational, Workshop Member, CASTING WORKSHOP, Peter Hunt

- Short Film, Evelyn (Female Lead), SCREENPLAY, University of Westminster, Asena Oyzoyn
- Short Film, Jacky (Female Lead), GHOST CATCHERS, Anton Wainwright
- Short Film, Cassy (Female Lead), LONELY BOY, Middlesex University Drama Students TV Production, Tosia Szarmach
- Short Film, Demon, ONLY THE SWEETEST OF DREAMS, Ravensbourne UK
- Web Series, Demi (Female Lead), THIS IS MINE, Bonfire Production, Leonard Spriggs-Cheverton
- Mobile Phone, Maria, OUTBREAK, UNRD, Brittany-Renee Quinn
- Site Specific, Agent/Scare Actor, CREEPY CAVES: UNEARTHED 2018, Chessington World of Adventures, Thom Bradford
- Music Video, Crazy Businesswoman, "LALA" BY VALENTINO MITAJ, Budget Music Videos, Loraa White

- Stage, Lucy, LOSING IT, Peer Productions, Nina Lemon
- Short Film, Counselor, COMPASSION FATIQUE, Peer Productions, Ollie Parsons
- Short Film, Anastiasia, PIQUED INTEREST, DDK Productsions, Daniel J. Clark
- Multimedia, Photo Model, PORTRAIT PHOTO-ESSAY, London School of Photography, Alan Carpenter

- Stage, Yas, Big Barry, HIDDEN, Peer Productions, Nina Lemon
- Short Film, Medical Student, DIAGNOSIS, BBC Films, Eva Riley
- Improvisation, Improv Performer, CAMDEN FRINGE "YES, AND ANOTHER THING...", Performing Productions, Ed Cottrell

- Event, Main Performer, BLUE BIRD, Art Gallery in Szczecin, Mateusz Choróbski
- Improvisation, Improv Member, SHORT & LONG FORM, Under a Pretext
- Musical, Cast Member, THE SOUND OF MUSICALS: 90 YEAR CELEBRATION, BROS Musical Productions, Kate Bennett
- Educational, Pantomime Class, WORKSHOP MEMBER, Contemporary Theatre in Szczecin, Arkadiusz Buszko

- Event, Improv Member, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, Under a Pretext

- Stage, Girl, THE BOOK, Student Drama, Agata Nielsen
- Dance, Ballerina, OPERA SUMMER CONCERT, Ballet Academy in Szczecin, Iwona Grzegorczyk

- Stage, Cassandra, TROJAN HORSE, Drama Club, Agnieszka Budzinska


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

I am registered extra with established agencies, clients such as BBC, theatres, Bollywood Films, Music Videos.


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

My modeling experience is rather a side effect of acting I would say, but I enjoy it! I like expressing different emotions, something requiring movement or make-up modelling.

- Outdoor Photoshoot with Surrey Creative Photographers organised by Colin Evans
- Photoshoot with Neil Smalls
- Music Video for Punjabi Artist Harprti Dhanoa - Female Lead
- Film Noir Fashion Statement Video by Greg Tallent - Femme Fatale
- Photoshoot: Portrait/Headshots/Full Length by John Leigh

- Outdoor Modelling Photoshot by Boyce Real Photography
- Video Model Reel by Ananth Ponnuswamy
- Catwalk Model at London Fashion Week for Travel in Style at Mahiki, Designer - Pachablu
- Catwalk Model as 'Punk' Style by Charlotte Zammit at West Thames College London
- Life Style Photo/Video Shoot by ART & IMAGE Ray James Shakespeare
- Special Effects Make up Tom Fredericks
- Hostess/Model at ICICIBANK 15th Anniversary Event
- Model for Prosthetic Make Up by Federica Valtolina
- Music Video Model "Greazy" by Imotion Media

- Music Video for Valentino Mitaj "Lala" by Budget Music Videos
- Test Video Shoot - Vlad Madejczyk
- Make up Model for London Makeup School
- Double Exposure Portraiture - Rino Pucci
- Headshot Model for Olufemi Coker -

- Photo Model for Alan Carpenter - student of 'London School of Photography' - theme - emotions

- Make-up Model for DFMA make-up academy
- Photo Model for Kirsty Jones - a student of 'London School of Photography' - theme - emotions


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballet
  • Ballroom
  • Contemporary
  • Folk
  • Latin American
  • Rock & Roll
  • Salsa

Graduated from Dance Academy with a Professional Diploma

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