Dublin Region, Ireland


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Aidan was a featured model for one of our recent commercial photography shoots. He was an absolute delight to work with, very professional and easy to get along with. Great at following direction, nothing but good things to say. Would highly recommend.

Recommended for Modelling Jul 1, 2019

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Working with Aidan was a great experience and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to work with him in a professional way is very knowledgeable and takes other peoples ideas on board.

Recommended for Casting May 14, 2019

Aiden is always great to work with, very focused. Helps make things easier on the day. Gives it 100%. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Apr 30, 2019

Aidan is professional and is so easy to work with. He is an excellent actor and brought our character to life. Thank you Aidan. I would highly recommend him and we wish him success in future productions.

Recommended for Acting Apr 19, 2019

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Great guy to work with. Gives his all to the production. Look forward to working with him again. Well done Aidan, and thanks again.

Recommended for Acting Oct 23, 2016

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Great actor with a professional attitude and a genuine talent. Would definitely work with Aidan again.

Recommended for Acting Jul 16, 2016

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Had the Pleasure of working with Aidan recently and found him to be a great actor with a beautiful voice from Donegall

Recommended for Acting Oct 5, 2014

I've worked with Aidan for a few weeks now and he's a pleasure to work with. Hard working, punctual and responds incredibly well to direction. He gave a lot to our project with a professional enthusiasm that was appreciated by everyone on set. Highly recommend.

Recommended for Acting Oct 4, 2014

Recommended for Feb 22, 2020

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Recommended for Acting Feb 6, 2018

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Recommended for Acting Aug 2, 2016

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