Amber Doig-Thorne

Amber Doig-Thorne Pro

London, United Kingdom


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Amber is an amazing actor who takes direction easily and also gives some of her own which improves the overall production. She is always highly versatile and adaptable to playing different types of roles not within her original character. I highly recommend Amber as an actor

Recommended for Acting Dec 2, 2018

As true professional in every sense. A real asset to any production. Very grateful to have Amber on board.

Recommended for Acting Dec 1, 2018

StarNow Verified

I worked with Amber on a shoot. She is talented and dedicated, and she is fun to be around, she keeps her good energy between takes, making the shoot go smoothly.

Recommended for Acting Oct 21, 2018

Amber is an amazing person to work and spend time with. A super talented actress, host and video presenter, she’s an absolute Pro at everything she does on a daily basis.

Recommended for Acting Oct 17, 2018

Amber is an incredible actress. She’s extremely easy to work with and gives 100% to every and any character she play. Serious force of nature, love her work. Have been fortunate enough to watch her and work with her at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Los Angeles. Xx

Recommended for Acting Oct 11, 2018

It was a great pleasure to work with Amber. She made me feel very welcomed and enjoyed working with her. It will be a pleasure to be part of Amber's team again. Can't wait to be part of Amber's professional team again. Johnny

Recommended for Casting Oct 8, 2018

Intelligent, fun, professional. Casted Amber for a promotional headshot shoot, really positive experience. She is hard working, reliable and a great character. Will definitely cast her again.

Recommended for Modelling Oct 8, 2018

StarNow Verified

Amber is an incredibly hard-working and engaging talent to work with! A very talented, dedicated and passionate someone who delivers elegance and class to her work. I would highly recommend her and would love to work with her again. Thanks Amber for being part of my shoot.

Recommended for Acting Oct 5, 2018

It was a pleasure to work with Amber. Very professional, easy going and great energy. Very clear in what she expects from an actor, which I find very important in a good producer. Looking forward to the next project!

Recommended for Production Management Oct 5, 2018

Amber is a very easy woman to get on with, shes great fun, energetic, all round I highly recommend her.

Recommended for Acting Oct 4, 2018

Amber was simply amazing. She’d been shooting various scenes all day, but was still throughly professional, kind, enthusiastic, welcoming and bursting with energy when I joined her at the end of the day. Casting, directing, acting, influencer, she just takes it all in her stride. Gorgeous! It was a pleasure and great fun working for her. Paula xx

Recommended for Casting Oct 4, 2018

Amber is just unique. She enchants you on shoots, which makes you feel to do good work. She is a brilliant actor as well. She is the first actor who I have worked with, who has completed an 1 minute film in just 15 mins. She has a lot of knowledge of filming, editing.. basically everything which includes media she has the knowledge for it. So I hope I work with her week after week and make my profile virtuous.

Recommended for Acting Oct 4, 2018

I loved working with Amber she is so unique and self-motivated, she really inspired me and I would love to keep working with her in the future, she´s not only very creative but driven, very professional and fun!

Recommended for Acting Oct 4, 2018

Amber is an energetic, focussed, talented director/producer who is very encouraging in her work and allows artists space to contribute ideas.

Recommended for Casting Oct 4, 2018

great person to work with, had a fun shoot, highly recommend, would love to work with Amber again :-

Recommended for Casting Oct 4, 2018

Its been a great experience to work with Amber. She is a really professional, motivated, energetic actress who has many creative ideas when working on her own projects. I would definitely recommend her!

Recommended for Acting Oct 3, 2018

I had a blast working with Amber. With her high energy and bright ideas it’s an absolute thrill to act and be directed by. She makes you feel comfortable and is a constant mood uplifter. Just a great person to be around and work with.

Recommended for Writing or Directing Oct 3, 2018

It was great working with Amber and she was very nice and organised.

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Oct 3, 2018

Amber is an amazing person to work with. She is well organised and has incredible energy. She makes you feel very comfortable and easy to work with. I had a great experience working with Amber and would definitely recommend you to work with her.

Recommended for Writing or Directing Oct 3, 2018

Amber was great fun to work with / for. She had a clear idea of what she wanted to achieve and aimed for it with confidence, gusto, efficiency, and humour.

Recommended for Staff/temp Oct 3, 2018