A.M. Harrington

Photographer, Film producer / Manager, Lighting Crew Member, Runner / Assistant, Editor / Post Production Staffer,… more

Massachusetts, United States
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Credits & experience

  • Emerson College : Visual Media Arts Major
  • USC Intensive Film-making course : This was a six week course that I under went in Los Angeles, where I was trained by industry professionals. I made three films, two which were independent and one which was a group project that was in collaboration with Warner Brothers.
  • Melbourne University film-making course : This was a ten day course that I attended lectures and hand-on tutorials in a range of different fields of the practical side of film making, mostly with a focus of cinematography, directing and lighting.

Film & Stage Crew

I have had experience working on multiple short film sets before in a range of jobs. I have undergone a ten day film making course with Melbourne University that helped me gain experience and knowledge on a number of set roles. I have attended a six week intensive film making course at the University of Southern California Cinematic School of Arts where I was instructed by industry professionals in their various trade. I have had a lot of hands-on experience on set. I am an enthusiastic crew member who is dedicated and hard working on every project I work on. I am willing to go the extra mile to make a film great and I am always looking to challenge myself and be of assistance in any field I can. My specialities are in screenwriting, assistant directing and editing.


Photography experience

Photography student

I have taken photography for four years now and own my own equipment. I have a portfolio available upon request. My photography has won forth place in the High school/ college division of Photographers Forum's international photography completion.

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