Andrew Luck


London, United Kingdom
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  • Rock

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  • Rock
  • Indie

Influences: Pink Floyd, Stones, Beatles, Doors, Janis, Dire Straits, Anything 60's, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Kate Bush, U2, Tori Amos, Superheavy, Joss Stone+thousands Of Others, Like Most Genres..

Well i been playing guitar since i was young,i know pretty much all the chords,the fretboard,music theory and i can play lead and rhythm [although mainly a lead guitarist], I can improvise stunning solos on the fly and can sing songs that way too, sometimes i even do that on stage,unrehearsed. I also write lyrics and perform my own stuff. I know loads of covers but haven't played a lot of them for a while as i started focusing on my own music. I can play electric+acoustic [and classical guitar,to a novice level].I like playing lots of different styles,trying to play along with my lead to whoever i'm jamming with. I jam with as many people as i get chance to wherever and whenever.
I've played a lot abroad in small restaurants/bar and generally anywhere else,beaches,by rivers,on the street and up mountains,but not much in the western world,though i've started playing in open mic nights in the uk solo.
I picked up playing piano a few years back and have got to a basic level on jazz piano.Again i know most of the chords and can improvise,transferring my knowledge and the theory over from the guitar.I also started playing flute,trumpet,djembe and a range of other instruments. My level on these varies,i really enjoy making fluid imaginative sounds and like to play around with instruments i haven't used before.I do try to keep my intention on guitar though which i feel is important to have a focus.
Aside on another level, I have also done a lot of other performance in circus skills. I could juggle from a very young age and have learnt, again with varying levels of skills, in several disciplines; my main focus now being 'contact balls',which are great to perform with.I have some very big balls now [lol] and it is very complex and mesmerising to watch.
The other part of my musical experience to mention is that i am learning sound engineering on Logic Pro. I have been doing that for half a year or so and i've organised to do some work experience in a local studio,which will start in a few weeks.
I love music, it's my life.It healed me from the hardships i faced on my many travels all over the world and the difficulties which come from living in very remote islands [sounds like paradise, i know so many pro's from living that way,but being cut off from the world has it's cons too].
I have been living and working in a remote jungle for the last 11 years on and off and have now returned home for a rest from that lifestyle and decided to go full time into studying music and logic pro. I have been lyricising for a long time and i really feel that co-writing with a girl would provide the opposite half of the coin, the ying for the yang,the sun for the moon,the melancholy and the merriment. I think it would make our work flourish and to write with girl whose Grecian name means, 'wisdom', coupled with, i,whose Grecian name means 'man' ,would make some wonderfully dynamic monumental and inspirational music.
I'm in London pretty often, after so long on islands and in nature i have to have a place at home amongst the fields and the countryside.It is only 45 minutes by train away or drivable in one hour. I could probably come down more if i had good reason and of course you'd be welcome here if you ever get out of london that is;i can play electric guitars very loud here and it is fine. I would love to compose and play some music together,if you're interested in meeting, give us a text or a call anytime,afternoon time is good or evening. It'd be cool to meet in a park in london somewhere on a good sunny day and hang out and chat a bit,have a coffee or some food.

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