Andrew M

Actor, Film & Stage Crew, Photographer
Location Leeds, United Kingdom
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  • Supernatural Speed Dating : Production Sound / Boom Op
  • Cold Callers (TV Pilot) : Post Audio
  • The Sincerest Form of Flattery : Production Sound / Boom Op
  • Cold Callers (TV Pilot) : Production Sound / Boom Op
  • Northern Star Acting Showreel Shorts : Production Sound / Boom Op
  • Joyce's Story : Production Sound / Boom Op

Film & Stage Crew

Freelance Location Sound Recordist & Boom Op

Current Loadout:
Zoom F8 Field Recorder
Schoeps CMC6/MK41 with Blimp
Rode NTG 2 & NTG 4 Shotgun Mics
3 x Sennheiser Wireless Pack with Rode Lavs
2 x Sennheiser IEM - Monitoring/Cam Hop
Ambient Smart Slate
Tentacle Sync Time Code box


Photography experience

Part-time professional (paid work)

Photography website

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