Andrew Shire

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London, United Kingdom


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Experienced, very talented, clearly well trained and an absolute pleasure to work with. Heck of a nice guy too.

Recommended for Acting Apr 6, 2016

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Andrew was very professional to work with and full of great ideas. He is also a talented actor. My crew and I would highly recommend him.

Recommended for Acting Apr 4, 2016

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Andrew is a fullblooded actor. He is not only a seasoned pro, he also has the attitude and mindset neccesary to take him to the next level. He can make a character his own and doesn't only have skills as a performer, but also as a storyteller. He finds new angles on the characters, can find actions and jokes that weren't in the original script, but at the same time has no problem with being told to stick to the script and completely take himself out of the equation. In the comdey he starred in as the lead, he conquered the screen with his intriguing facial performance and the film wouldn't be half as funny, if it wasn't for him. In every moment of the film, he processed my directions and then took the performance to places I couldn't have imagined. He knew what I wanted and then gave me something even better. Of course he was a delight to have on set, he even hung in their when getting sick, of which none was visible in his performance. In front and behind the camera, Andrew is a true

Recommended for Acting Mar 31, 2016

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I've worked with Andrew on a short film and it was a great experience to work with him. His performance was outstanding and very comedic! I would definitely work with him again and I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a actor for any upcoming projects!

Recommended for Acting Mar 15, 2016

Very funny lad!

Recommended for Acting Jan 26, 2016

Andrew worked with us on a three day shoot where he had to mix action with drama and speak in a different accent. Reliable, talented, took direction well and would love to work with him again

Recommended for Acting Jul 13, 2015

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