Marina R

Marina R Pro

New South Wales, Australia


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Although we did not end up working together, Marina demonstrated utmost professionalism and creativity. Her profile has been saved for any future projects suitable to her. We hope to work with you in future! Thank you again!

Recommended for Acting Nov 5, 2020

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Marina was extremely good in both her self tape and eventual audition. Confident, Sassy, great with her line delivery. We would love to work with her in the future.

Recommended for Acting Sep 1, 2020

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Took direction amazingly well and had phenomenal hustle through the audition process -- especially in the era of the socially distant tape!

Recommended for Acting Aug 16, 2020

Marina was a pleasure to work with, she is very friendly, reliable and very professional. I would highly recommend Marina, she did a fantastic job . Thank you )

Recommended for Modelling Jan 22, 2020

Very professional and easy to work with. Highly recommend her.

Recommended for Modelling Jan 5, 2020

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Professional, great to work with, takes direction. Brilliant actress...highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Nov 26, 2019

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Marina traveled a long way to be at our shoot at 6am. She was punctual, professional, and very easy to work with!

Recommended for Modelling Oct 31, 2019

I've had the pleasure of working with Marina for the 2nd time round on my drama series. Marina always shows such professionalism on and off set. She has amazing talent and knows what she's doing. Has a warm and friendly nature with all cast and crew. A joy to know and work with. Highly recommend Marina to all Casting Directors.

Recommended for Acting Sep 17, 2019

Marina is a great actor and lovely person to deal with. She came onboard our project "Foreign Star of Bengal" in a very crunch situation. She not only worked hard to come up to speed but also went above and beyond to meet the needs of the character and deliver a wonderful performance. She even went on the Radio and did marketing for the show. I would love to work with Marina again and wish her all the best for future endeavours.

Recommended for Acting Jul 3, 2019

Marina has recently undertaken two roles for HAG Productions, one being a dramatic piece and the other, a comedy. Marina excelled in both roles. She is versatile, talented, reliable and an absolute joy to work with.

Recommended for Acting Mar 2, 2019

Marina was fantastic to work with! An absolute professional who takes direction well and has great comedic timing.

Recommended for Acting Feb 19, 2019

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Marina was great, really easy to work with, great communication beforehand, did a spectacular job on the day and was loved by everyone on set. Definitely recommend.

Recommended for Acting Feb 2, 2019

Professional and so easy to work with, took direction really well and played the part perfectly. thank you so much for all your hard work and cannot wait to see the finished product!

Recommended for Acting Oct 18, 2018

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Worked on TV series together and anyone would think she’s done this many times before???? ?????True pro ‘ believeable’

Recommended for Acting Jun 14, 2018

Marina was amazing in my short thriller film and I couldn't have made this without her.

Recommended for Acting May 28, 2018

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Didn't realize I never made a recommendation for Marina! Marina, is honestly a professional. She was amazing to have on set, and took direction well. She doesn't mind traveling long distance and is committed in her work. Pleasure working with her, and would love to have again in the near future!

Recommended for Acting Mar 14, 2018

Marina was fantastic on set.

Recommended for Extras Mar 9, 2018

Marina is a committed and focused actor who always strives for the best possible outcome.

Recommended for Acting Mar 8, 2018

This is our second time working with Marina, and we were fortunate to have her again as part of this production. Intelligent, committed and open to new ideas, Marina is a consummate professional and an exceptional talent, unafraid to throw herself into the role and great with directions. Her insightful contributions to her character were invaluable and I cannot recommend Marina highly enough for her fine craft, stellar attitude and unparalleled dedication.

Recommended for Acting Feb 25, 2018

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Was an awesome experience to work with Marina. She is extremely talented and has a great attitude.

Recommended for Acting Dec 19, 2017