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Ontario, Canada
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Physical Attributes

172 cm / 5ft 8in
60 kg / 132 lbs
Latinx / Hispanic
Skin color:

Credits & experience

  • The Sniffles - Humber College : Cinematographer
  • Sun Eater - Humber College : 1st Assistant Director
  • Fairy Film Mother - Humber College : Writer, Cinematographer and VFX
  • Once- Humber College : Director
  • Red Creek - Dremilion Productions : Writer, Director, Editor, VFX
  • York University : Background actor
  • Red Creek - Dremilion Productions : Lead Actor - Daniel
  • Experience Machine - Humber College : 1st Assistant Director
  • Coffee With Westie - Dremilion Productions : Primary Role - Coffee Drinker
  • TV Broadcast - Humber College : Minor Role
  • To Be Potato - Humber College : Writer, Director
  • Dama Roja - Dremilion Productions : Director, Writer, Cinematographer
  • TV Broadcast - Humber College : Director
  • TV Broadcast - Humber College : Camera Operator
  • La Ultima Estatua Muisca - Dremilion Productions (Spanish - foreign langauge) : Main Character - Explorador (Explorer)
  • Trial of the Queen's Muffins - Port Credit Secondary School - Theatre : The King
  • Seeking Solace - Dremilion Productions : Director, Writer
  • Seeking Solace - Dremilion Productions : Lead Actor - Mitchell
  • Empire of the Beanstalks - Port Credit Secondary - Theatre : Secondary Character - Mer-King of the Sea
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream - Mississauga Youth Theatre : Primary Character - Nick Bottom
  • The Laramie Project - Port Credit Secondary School - Theatre : Secondary Character - Matthew's Father
  • Soul Pepper Theatre : Actor and Artistic Workshop


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles

  • English

  • Canadian
  • Latin American
  • Spanish

My acting experience comes from theatre in high school. I took drama for the last 3 years of high school, and was a member of the drama club and improv club. I performed in numerous small and big theatrical performances in the school. I also performed as Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream in 2013. Then, I started acting in short and feature films, with Dremilion Productions in which I am also a writer and director. I went to Humber College (2016-2019) where I studied Film and TV Production, and there I took on small acting roles. I am fluent in Spanish, and have acted in a Spanish-language mockumentary in 2015.


Extras experience

Previous extras experience

I have done numerous small, background/extra roles in student films for Humber College and York University.


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability


Directing & Writing ability


Lighting ability


Runner or Assistant ability


I am a Film and Television Production graduate of Humber College (2016 – 2019), and an award-winning director with Dremilion Productions--my indie-film company. I am a cinematographer, filmmaker, screenwriter and visual story-teller. In my experience both in Humber College and as an independent filmmaker, I have operated, and artfully used the Canon EOS C700, Canon C200 and Sony FS100 film cameras. I understand the workflow of shooting both in LOG or Raw, choosing LUTs, and providing the colorist with properly exposed and calibrated footage for color grading on DaVinci Resolve. Moreover, I have operated both Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras for creative, commercial, and event photography, and doing all post and delivery work. As a cinematographer and grip on short films in Humber, I have employed the creative use of Arri tungsten light kits, HMI, Dedos, Gemini, and Kino Flo; rigging using scrims, nets, flags, gels, silks, grifflon and muslin bounce; and setting up for dolly, sticks, Steadicam, and handheld. I have lit feature films, short films, documentaries, experimental/poetic shorts, and live studio TV broadcasts.
My nost notable work is "Red Creek" 2018, which I wrote, directed and acted in. This film was shot entirely with green-screen under my technical and artistic direction. The backgrounds that I composited in were all 2D drawings that I drew myself by hand and animated using Adobe After Effects. The meticulous craft of directing the crew and actors, the technical challenge of the green-screen work, and the pain-stacking animation of the backgrounds eventually won Red Creek two Best Mystery Film awards in the LA Film Awards Festival, and the Toronto Alternative Film Festival.
I excel in all areas of video production and am especially keen on directing. I am the director who has the visual understanding of the subtext of a screenplay, and have the artistic ability to translate the written word into motion picture storytelling. I have superb storyboard drawing skills, that allow me to visually execute and communicate what I can vividly imagine in my head with others.
I have also done three notable 1st AD roles, where I have been in charge of productions shot in Humber, Cinespace and private locations. In these productions, I have taken on the full responsibility of dealing with large casts, complex shooting plans, tight shooting schedules, and logistics. Of course, my work as a 1st AD has always started from pre-production, where I have done script breakdowns, shooting scripts, shooting schedules, one-liners, transportation schedules, and call sheets.


Photography experience

Photography student

Photography website

My experience with photography came out of my love for film and visual arts. I have been doing photography for 3 years now, mainly in my travels to South America. As you will see from the link above, I have experience with models, animals, travel and product photography. Although I am not yet a professional photographer, I am very talented, skilled and always willing to learn more.


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

  • English

  • Canadian
  • Latin American
  • Spanish

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