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Actor, Model, Singer, Producer, Writer & Director

Bristol, United Kingdom
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Bernie Hodges - Voice-Reel

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*Making a killing

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Bernie Hodges 2012

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The Interview (Extended Cut)

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Happy Anniversary

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An introduction to PracticeWEB

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Bernie Hodges Showreel 2010

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Bernie Hodges Voicereel 2014

A selection of clips from projects I've voiced.

Physical Details

187 cm / 6ft 2in
91 cm / 36in
90 kg / 198 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
111 cm / 44 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent


  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern
  • Russian

Union memberships
  • Equity

2015 - "Dark Vision" (feature film) Spencer Knights (lead)- Director Darren Flaxstone - Stray Spark productions

2013 - "PANORAMA:MURDER IN THE ALPS" BBC - Saad Al-Hilli Director Mike Rudin

2013 - "Making a Killing" (Comedy Blap) Henry - Olaus Roe For Channel 4 Director Andy Bourne

2013 - EMCAS TV AD V/O "Ever get the feeling something's not right.." - Happy Hour Productions

2013 - "Embarkation" Customer - Director Andy Bourne Olaus Roe Productions (Shortlisted at the 48hr Sci-Fi-London 2013 Film Challenge)

2013 - "Judas Ghost" (feature film) Doctor 1 & Ghost Voice Simon Pearce, Falling Shadows Productions

2013 - "CAL" (feature film) - Phil Trope journalist - Directors Christian Martin & Jack O'Dowd Bonne idée Productions

2012 - "Happy Anniversary" (Short) Bernard - Director Martin Hall, Stranger Productions (Shortlisted in Smoke & Mirrors 2012 film competition)

2012 - "Zurich Myths" (ad) presenter, Directed by Andy Bourne Olaus Roe

2012 - "MIHTE LUGH: THE SHINING ONE" (ANIMATIED PILOT) - Voices of Hadi, Embar & The Slavemaster - Lookman Productions

2012 - SS Great Britain Dining Saloon Sound-scape Voices Of Mr Higginbottom, William Ellams, Richard Hughes and Nelson Feddon - BristolWild for SSGB - Kren Partridge

2012 "The Interview" Edward - Martin Hall, Stranger Productions (Winner Best Actor at Two Days of Laughter Festival)

2012 - "Over There" - Bernie, Directors Andy Bourne & Dan Hedger, Olaus Roe -(for the 48hr Sci-Fi-London 2012 Film Challenge)

2012 - L'Oreal Professionnel Spring/Summer Tour VOG - inimitable productions for Bright events

2012 - ASDA Sharesave V/O John Lanyon & Claire McGrath

2012 - Creep Militia Character voice "Black Cloth" Computer Game - Pitstop Productions

2012 - YACHING PAGES V/O Hurricane Media - John Lanyon & Claire McGrath


2012 - Akzo Nobel Express Repair Techniques V/O - Hurricane Media - Claire McGrath

2011/12 "Casualty" BBC - Various Episodes Various ADR Voices -Sound Laura Rouson

2011 - "Mixed" (TV) BBC - Voices of Thomas Thistlewood, Prof. Paixao & John Latrobe - Producer David Okuefuna

2011 - AN INTRODUCTION TO PracticeWEB (corporate) V/O - Hurricane Media - Claire McGrath

2011 Contracted (SHORT)- Jason Status Max Clendaniel, Bonne idée Productions

2011 "MIR" (TV sit-com Pilot) Gary Allen - Olaus Roe - Dan Hedger & Andy Bourne

2011 "Buffering" (Film) The Shopkeeper Bonne idée Productions - Darren Flaxstone & Christian Martin

2011 Nokia/NFC (Viral advert) Voice-Over Level Films -Ben Hewish

2011 "Pawn Crackers" (TV pilot) BBC - Narrator V/O - Simon Kerfoot

2011 "Unnatural Histories" BBC - Various Accented V/O Dialog -Director Andrew Murray

2011 "9/11:The American Dream" Testimony Films - Translation V/O Director Steven Humphries

2011 "Campus" CH4 - Therapist S1 Ep2 The Culling Fields, Director Victoria Pile

2011 Ryder:Dedicated Delivery Solutions Presenter Olaus Roe - Dan Hedger

2011 Audi Brilliant Basics Cameron Walker - Customer TwoFour Digital - Peter Thornhill

2010 Global Alliance for Banking on Values The Clinton Global Initiative -Voiceover - BDH productions

2010 Macmillan cancer Support xmas appeal Voiceover - Happy Hour Productions - David Waldman

2009/10 Film "release" Max, Bonne idée Productions - Darren Flaxstone & Christian Martin

2009 Stage "A Sense of Shakespeare" King Lear, MRG Productions, Director Laura Colgan.

2009, Audio podcast, Adrieth/Big Zac, HoLEY vOid Podcast, HoLEY vOid Productions, Producers Bernie Hodges & Suzanna van Moyland

2009, Comet Information Films, Presenter, Comet on-line , Olaus Roe,Director Andy Bourne

2009 Film "Shank" Will, Parasol Pictures, Director Simon Pearce.

2009 TV "Flog It!" Edward II, 5th Earl of Berkeley & Edward Jenner, BBC, Director Gareth Luxton.

2008 Stage, "7 Santas", Niq, Fragile Theatre Productions, Director David Wike


Vocal ability

Classically trained

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Classical

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Classical

2008, Musical, Leading Man, Beyond Broadway! PH Productions, Director Gail Gordon & Neil Rhoden Musical Director

2008, Event, Leading Man, One Voice, Sounds Commercial, Director James Webb

Male Lead Vocalist (2003-2007)
Romantic Jazz duets formed with Emma Hutchinson for functions and weddings. Also performed at the
Music in the Forest Festival Centreparcs, Longleat

emma hutchinson band
Backing Vocals (summer 2004)
Soul funk originals. Performed at
Bristol Harbour side Festival, The Fleece, Bristol and The Bath Fridge

Emily Loved Him
Lead Vocals and Co Songwriter(1991-93)Indie Guitar Pop
Performed at small venues in Bristol

Vocal Coaching:
Musical Theatre - Pam Rudge Old Vic Theatre School Bristol
Emma Hutchison
Bristol School Of performing arts

Film & Stage Crew

2013 Film "Dark Vision" Co-Writer, Producer & casting Director - Stray Spark productions

2013 - "Making a Killing" (Comedy Blap) Co-Writer & C0-Producer, Olaus Roe For Channel 4

2013 - "Embarkation" Co-Writer, Olaus Roe Productions (Shortlisted at the 48hr Sci-Fi-London 2013 Film Challenge)

2012 Film "Cal" Co-Producer & Casting Director - Bonne idée Productions

2011 Short Film "Contracted" Co-Producer - Bonne idée Productions

2010/11 Film "Buffering" Bonne idée Productions - Co Producer, Casting Director & Drama Coach

2010 Film "F**ked" Bonne idée Productions - Casting Director

2009/10 Film "release" Bonne idée Productions Casting Director & Drama Coach

2009 Film "Shank" Bonne idée Productions Casting Director & Drama Coach

2009, Audio podcast, HoLEY vOid Podcast, HoLEY vOid Productions, Co- Producer & Co - Writer

2008, Information film, Haven TV's "Clean Sweep", Sounds Commercial Co-Script writer

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