Bethany Graham

Actor, Model, Runner / Assistant

Bristol, United Kingdom
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Intro to Camera

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Physical Attributes

154 cm / 5ft 1in
54 kg / 118 lbs
White / Caucasian
86 cm / 34 in
Skin color:
70 cm / 28 in
84 cm / 33 in
Dress size:
UK 6 / AUS 6 / US 2
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Southern Eastern Regional College : BTEC Level 3 Performing Arts
  • Belfast Royal Academy : Art A Level
  • Belfast Royal Academy : Drama A Level
  • St. Patrick's Academy : GCSE Media
  • St. Patrick's Academy : GCSE Music
  • St. Patrick's Academy : GCSE Art
  • St. Patrick's Academy : BTEC Level 2 Performing Arts


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California
  • USA New York

I have played the lead role of Chloe from Good Kids, which discusses the topic of rape and other people’s perception of rape. Chloe's character gets sexually assaulted whilst being drugged by a male from a different school. I really enjoyed portraying this character as this is a topic, I feel very passionate about; I believe that I was able to deliver an empathic response from the audience, as well as highlight Chloe's emotions on how she would feel.

I have played a lead role in two short horror student films. The first film is called Moon Stone which was inspired by Lord of the Rings, about a young girl's personality changes due to a necklace she finds. The second film is called Wendigo, which is about a group of foster kids who get brutally murdered by an Axe murderer. During these performances, it enabled me to develop my skill in performing on camera rather than on stage.

I have achieved an A-Level in Drama; during this course, I and my group devised a physical theatre performance based on Allen Ginsberg poem called 'HOWL'. My character represented someone who feels they are not able to speak out about how they feel as that is how society expects them to behave. Playing this role allowed me to understand how to apply Stanislavski's acting method of emotional memory to develop my character; and since this performance I have continued to use this technique to develop my character, to enable me to connect with how that character feels and portray that to the audience.

I have also acted in more light-hearted performances. For example, I played the role of one of the clowns in The 39 Steps which is a very intense physical theatre comedy play. I had to multi-role between 3 different characters all within the same scene and not leaving the stage. I meant I had to really focus on different physical behaviour as well as vocal changes such as accent, tone, and pitch, and what message that would bring across to the audience.

I have participated in Christmas Parades which has built my confidence in acting in front of young children. During my BTEC course, I and my ground devised a theatre for children which was targeted at young children from the age of 4 - 6 years old. I found this quite challenged but rewarding as it was a great experience seeing the joy when they interacted with different characters.

I have received paid work as a scary maze performer in October 2018 at Avon Fear Bristol. This role required me to be physically fit as I had to climb wooden frames and run around various areas on the maze through strobe lights and smoke. I found this role thrilling and it allowed me to use all my previous experience into my role.

Overall, I am a confident, motivated, and determined individual who is committed to every role that I have been given.


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

I have done casual modelling for university students. Also, I have done some of my own modelling to help build my portfolio.

Film & Stage Crew

Runner or Assistant ability


I have gained experience in my educational courses to assist as stagehands by ensuring that all elements of the background production is being completed in developing a specular production for the audience. I have also had to privilege of having the responsibility of stage manager for a BTEC Level 2 productions of Hamlet which I thoroughly enjoyed. This is something I would like to explore further.

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