An update from 2016 Hollywood Immersive winner Bruce Herbelin-Earle
Posted by StarNow on 23 Oct, 2017

An update from 2016 Hollywood Immersive winner Bruce Herbelin-Earle

12 months after winning and completing the Hollywood Immersive programme in LA, Bruce Herbelin-Earle's journey has skyrocketed.

He caught up with Lilly Dawson, Director of Hollywood Immersive while he was visiting LA recently. It's clear Bruce had a fantastic time!

"It's been the most incredible journey this year, and I hope the momentum carries on. I booked a Netflix show that comes out in June, and I spent three months in Wales and made some fantastic contacts and friends. I had the best time I think I've ever had as an actor. I signed with a manager here (LA), and having meetings and I'm having the best time."

Bruce was a finalist for the Hollywood Immersive completion twice, before he won the third time around.

"I just thought I'm going to keep applying, there's no hurt in applying. And it turned out third time is the charm. The most integral part of the program, you need that support and people around you that support you, and critique you in a way that helps you improve. The group that I did Hollywood Immersive with were the best group of people in the history of the world! We Facetime, we WhatsApp, bearing in mind we are all over the world, there is someone up who you can ask a question. That is the thing I have taken away, I'm so happy to have that support group around me, it's a real gift."

The day after Bruce got back from Hollywood Immersive, he auditioned for the Netflix series

"I was on the plane and I had the script, and I just didn't want to do it. I was jetlagged, and as an actor I thought, I have to do it. I rocked up, exhausted, and did my thing. And I got a call back!Since that day my whole mentality has changed. Every time I've been nervous about an audition or not wanting to do it, my preparation has increased and I just think I'm going to do this, because who knows where this might take me. Now I just crack on with the audition, instead of having second thoughts. Am I right for the part? They've bought me in for a reason, right? So just give them you. give them what I have and never look back.

I've been meeting with the heads of Universal Studios, Hasbro, Lionsgate and a couple of other casting offices, just to show my face and have me in my mind.

The first one I met with was Universal, my heart was pounding! But as soon as they called me in it was like a conversation we're having together, and it was so chill and my nerves disappeared. It was like having a conversation with a friend.

You've got to remember that you can't go in being someone else, you've got to hope that they're looking for you!"

Actors of all levels of experience can be in the running to follow in Bruce's footsteps this October! Be quick, applications close 27 October 2017.

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