7 Ways to Take Your Casting Call From Good to Great
Posted by Emily Draper on 31 Mar, 2020

7 Ways to Take Your Casting Call From Good to Great

Writing a casting call isn't always as easy as it seems. Whilst it's tempting to settle for a quick copy and paste job of all the main details, what's going to make your casting call stand out from the rest?

Well, sit back and let us do the work for you! Here's a sure fire checklist to ensure your casting call is looking its best.

1. What's your purpose? Try to give a description of what your reason is for casting this role. Are you new to the industry and looking for someone to collaborate with? Perhaps you've written a short film and you're looking to cast the lead? Ensure you're giving talent a bit of background into your project.

2. Make sure the role description is clear Let people know who the character is. Try to provide a little more than just age or gender. What's the look that you are after? What personality should they have on screen? The more a person knows about the character the more likely they are to apply to it.

3. Specify any key dates and locations This is essential if you don't want to get lots of applications only to find out that no one can make your rehearsal dates. Try to provide the exact dates you are going to be shooting, holding auditions or having rehearsals. At the very least, try to give people an indication of when and where you are thinking of shooting.

4. Audition and role requirements Do you want the person to audition with an accent? Do they have to kiss another person? Will they need to provide a self-tape? The audition room is scary enough for most actors, so let them know if you want them to do anything different before they stand in front of you.

5. Payment Be honest. What can you offer? If you’re unsure what's appropriate, read up on what you should be paying talent.

6. Professionalism Check your spelling and grammar and give it a quick proof read to make sure there are no accidental typos. It's important to note that we don't amend spelling or grammar when we approve your castings. A casting call with correct spelling and grammar is more likely to attract the best talent.

7. Update your profile Ensure your advertiser profile is up to date to ensure talent can learn a little more about you, and feel confident they're the right person for your role.

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