10 Quick Hacks to Give Your Profile a Refresh
Posted by Emily Draper on 29 Mar, 2020

10 Quick Hacks to Give Your Profile a Refresh

Easter is just around the corner, it's so close we can almost taste all the chocolate we'll be eating! But Easter is also a time of spring cleaning – out with the old and in with the new. So how about a little profile refresh to get you started? Check out our quick hacks to getting yours looking shiny and new!

PHOTOS 1. DO: Make sure your pictures showcase your diversity as an actor, model, musician, etc.! Try to upload a few different looks or styles rather than 20 photos from the same photoshoot. Let's see what you’ve got!

2. DON’T: Keep any photos that are doing you a disservice – we're talking low-res images or an abundance of selfies. Even if you don't have professional photos, choose the best photos you have, ditch the others, and let the good ones shine!

Hot tip: Elite and Premium members can add featured images to their profiles. Are you making the most of yours? Check out some examples!

SAY HELLO 3. DO: Tell us a little about yourself in your intro summary so that Casting Professionals can get an overview of you and your experience, and quickly put you in their shortlist pile.

4. DON'T: Leave this section empty!

GET SOCIAL 5. DO: Link to your social media profiles, especially if it's where you find you do a lot of networking! It's also a great way for Casting Professionals to get an idea of who you are and look at any other work you've done if you use your social platforms professionally.

6. DON'T: Link to any of your social media profiles that you wouldn't want someone hiring you to see!

Hot tip: Use our Instagram Engagement Calculator to check your engagement and boost your profile in the Talent Directory!

SHOW OFF 7. DO: Update your credits and experience section with everything you've achieved in your career. If you're just starting out you may want to include unpaid and TFP work. Experience = credibility.

8. DON'T: Claim to have done anything you haven't, or include irrelevant details. Although we would like to know anyone who can drink a gallon of milk in 10 seconds *ahem* we’re looking at you Joey Tribbiani!

MAKE THE MOST OF STARNOW 9. DO: Use our audio and video upload capabilities! If you've said you can do a few accents on your profile, why not upload an audio clip of each? If you're a musician, maybe you've made a few music videos in your time? It's always great to have material ready to prove your skills to Casting Professionals.

Hot tip: Elite members have unlimited audio and video uploads – make the most of them!

GO PRO 10. If reading this blog is like sounding like a broken record to you, perhaps you're already curating your profile like an absolute pro? Check out whether you could be eligible for StarNow PRO status now!

Put our advice into practice and give your profile a spring clean now!

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