Social Distancing? How to be Productive When Working From Home
Posted by Emily Draper on 01 Apr, 2020

Social Distancing? How to be Productive When Working From Home

Well, what a crazy few weeks! It seems that all of our worlds are now revolving around the same few mantras: wash your hands, stay home, keep your distance. If you're anything like us, you can start to feel a bit thrown by all these changes that are slowly becoming our new normal.

We know this has had – and continues to have – a huge impact on our industry, and social distancing is putting a big strain on people's ability to keep working in the ways they're used to. Although it may not seem it, a break from work is a great opportunity to sit down and take stock of where you're at. What have you been putting off? What's still sitting at the end of your to do list? Use this time wisely so you can get straight back in the game once it's safe to do so!

While you're working from home, why not try to tackle a few of the below…

Master your self-tape Self-tapes (essentially an audition you film yourself!) are becoming more and more necessary in the acting world. If you've ever seen the word and avoided a casting call because of it, now's the time to change that! Take this time to practice and become familiar with the do's and don'ts of self-tapes so you feel more comfortable when the time comes. For more tips check out our handy blog to bring you self-tape success!

Upload your audio reels This is especially important for actors or musicians who rely on showcasing their voice, not just a headshot. Upload a sample of your next single or if you're working on your accents, try and record some! Remember, Casting Professionals often look through the Talent Directory and invite people to audition – make sure you're giving them something worth taking a look at!

Spring clean your profile Is your profile looking a bit dusty and in need of some TLC? Spend half an hour checking it's looking its best and read our hacks for getting it shiny and new again!

Grow your network Check out our Discover Feed to find new people to follow, work or network with. Following people helps to grow your network, and you may just get a few people following you back! Your followers will see your photos in their feed giving you more exposure. You never know, you might just find your next role!

Set up your social Build your personal brand by connecting your social accounts to your profile. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… they're all extra ways to showcase you and your talent and 'market' yourself to Casting Professionals. Knowing what makes you, you, is all part of the process too!

Take advantage of online opportunities The power of the internet means there's still lots of opportunities to keep developing yourself if you have some down time. Check out some of the online coaching or workshop classes available below, or look out for casting calls that can be done remotely!

Practice! What better excuse to hunker down and really hone your craft. Recite those lines, nail that new song, work those angles or find your light! Set yourself up so that you're coming out on top when everyone else just binged three seasons of Grey's Anatomy.

In these uncertain times, the most important thing to remember is to stay safe and be kind. Put these tips into practice and check out our latest listings below.

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