Simone Clarke

Simone Clarke

Cambridge, United Kingdom


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Simone is a wonderfully shining example of a model with a great look and personality. Simone took direction very well despite some sometimes sloppy instructions from me and her interpretation of my suggested poses was perfect. I really enjoyed working with Simone. She's a very photogenic woman who I would thoroughly recommend to anyone looking to photograph a down-to-earth model, and I hope to work with her again soon :)

Recommended for Modelling Dec 10, 2018

Simone is a very pleasant and fun person to have involved in your project. Great communication, great preparation, willingness to put in the effort. I can certainly recommend Simone!

Recommended for Modelling Dec 16, 2017

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Great profile well driven....

Recommended for Acting Nov 28, 2017

Fantastic professional easy going actress who takes direction well. Highly recommended

Recommended for Acting Jul 2, 2017

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