Brad Ash

Actor, Extra, Influencer

Sheffield, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

172 cm / 5ft 8in
86 cm / 34 in
83 kg / 182 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
106 cm / 42 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Safety Training Video (Corporate Film) : *NDA signatory*
  • The Front Door (Web Series Episode) : Steven
  • LIABILITY (Feature Film) : Robber 2
  • CHOICES (Short Film) : Tony Williams
  • LIFE + (Short Film) : James
  • REMEMBER REMEMBER MOVIE (Feature Film) : Militia Man
  • IGBEWAYO 'THE WEDDING' (Stage Play) : Ian
  • THE STAND (Short Film) : Head Bouncer
  • NATALIA (Short Film) : Robert
  • TIME (Short Film) : TIme
  • IT WAS US (Short Film) : Gazza
  • MISERY SPREAD (Short Film) : TV Repair Man
  • KERES (Short Film) : Shack
  • Act Up North Ltd (Manchester) : Weekly Acting Workshop


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles

  • English

  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • USA Southern

Safety Training Video - Corporate Film (Sheffield September 2018) *Due to the sensitive nature of the project and having signed an NDA I cant disclose any information*

THE FRONT DOOR - Andrew Ritter- Web Series Episode (Birmingham June 2018) - Lead Role of 'Steven', an ordinary husband who leaves the front door open one night. This turns out to be a big mistake as a Wiccan Cult have entered his home intent on carrying out a human sacrifice. Steven attempts to evict the group but the leader manages to manipulate him and convinces him to let them stay...

LIABILITY - Frazer Hinch - Feature Film (Lichfield December 2017) - Role of 'Robber 2', a criminal who along with his brother has recently stolen a large amount of money and drugs. The pair are sitting in their squalid flat when they are suddenly surprised by the lead character 'Lewis', who has broken in. After a brief struggle and exchange of dialogue between Robber 2 and Lewis, Lewis then produces a gun and proceeds to beat the brother until Robber 2 complies with his demands to put all the money and drugs into a bag. Lewis then leaves whilst Robber 2 tends to his badly beaten brother.

CHOICES - William Johnston/HudMotion - Short Film (Leeds December 2017) - Role of 'Tony Williams', an unemployed layabout husband/father, who frequently clashes with his wife and is totally unaware of his teenage sons suicide attempts (suicide is the key issue throughout the film). Tony is an unpleasant, vulgar character and this is portrayed in the early stages.

LIFE + - Jolly Giant Productions - Sci-Fi/Romance Short Film (Sheffield December 2017) - Role of 'James', a down on his luck software technician, who plays the game called LIFE+ which is a virtual reality enhanced version of his monotonous real life. In the game he meets Sarah, and they develop strong feelings for each other. However things take a turn for the worst when Sarah wants to meet James in reality, but his low confidence and self esteem issues gets the better of him so Sarah loses patience and quits the game. The film then follows the virtual reality and real version of James and his supportive friends as they try to track down Sarah.

REMEMBER REMEMBER MOVIE - Mark Hindman Smith/Alex Parten - Feature Film Release November 18 (Selby N Yorks Shoot Date October 17) - Support actor role of a "militia man" in a 17th century period fantasy horror.

IGBEWAYO "THE WEDDING" - Kunmi Ogunsola (Manchester September 2017) - Stage Play for the GPlus Awards Evening - Role of 'Ian' who is the groom in an interracial wedding with his Nigerian wife. Ian is nervous about the wedding and the attitudes and actions of his friends; but nevertheless deeply in love with his wife which is evident throughout the performance. However they are encountering issues with her stubborn father, who opposes the wedding due to his prejudice towards British people for their historic colonism of Nigeria. This in turn prompts a falling out between them on their wedding day, but in the end her father turns up and the on stage traditional Nigerian wedding goes ahead.

THE STAND - Ben Puskas (Derby August 2017) - Action Comedy Short Film - Role of the Head Bouncer, who is in charge of a team of Mafia gangsters protecting their kingpin at his restaurant. The bouncer would appear to have mental deficiencies which becomes evident in one scene, and ultimately meets his fate by being shot at point black range by the lead protagonist.

NATALIA - Lida Mavridi (York July 2017) - Fantasy Period Drama Short Film - Role of 'Robert' the husband, a violent, tough and oppressive man of working class background in 1930s England who discovers that his wife is set to leave him and run away with another man after mistreating and abusing her for years. He arrives at the scene to find that his wife has died after taking a mysterious potion given to her by a 'strange man', and is then under threat of being implicated for his wife's death as sirens are heard in the distance. Link to watch the movie

TIME - Liam Watson (Rotherham June 2017) - Psychological Drama Short Film - Role of 'Time' - LEAD ROLE - Protagonist who controls clock time, the character has lost his wife and has stopped time. Eventually he is confronted by antagonist/later protagonist Jeremiah who has also lost someone close and demands answers.

IT WAS US - Creative Alliance in partnership with Film Skills Brum (Birmingham January 2017) - Apocalyptic Short Film - Role of a 'hunter' of a group of 3 antagonists - prone to making errors

MISERY SPREAD - Brother Bear (Sheffield October 2016) - Black Comedy Short Film - TV Repair Man - No nonsense tradesman called in to repair a faulty TV and deal with the unhinged customer.

KERES - Derek's Don't Run Films (Sheffield June 2016) - Horror Short Film - I played the role of SHACK, a deranged gangster and murderer. One of a 5 strong cast, I emerge as the ultimate villain of the production.

Act Up North LTD Manchester - Weekly Workshop (August 2015 - July 2016) with classes tutored by industry professionals and a showreel scene produced in the final week.

Casting Weekends with Peter Hunt (former owner of ActUpNorth Ltd, now Casting Director at Lime Pictures/Hollyoaks), Stephen Moore CDG and Rick Laxton.
These involved acting out set scripts and then being reviewed afterwards, and then asked to take on a different role/character by the Casting Director.

Various visits by other industry professionals sharing their experience to the class.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

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