Branka Vikich

Branka Vikich Pro

Wellington, New Zealand


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Excellent approach to our training exercise and so very professional in the preparartion and delivery of her role. Will definately use her skills again .

Recommended for Acting Sep 15, 2020

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Solid Actress, professional and really amazing to work with!

Recommended for Acting Aug 5, 2019

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Friendly, Professional, and took direction really well! Awesome vocal and facial expression performance :)

Recommended for Acting Oct 13, 2018

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Branka was great to work with and worked well with the photographer. Highly recommend.

Recommended for Modelling Jun 23, 2017

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Branka is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is as beautiful as she is talented and delivered a wonderfully weighted performance in my short film. It was a real pleasure to work with her and I hope to do so in the future when/if I return to New Zealand. I really enjoyed watching back the footage with Branka in. Cheers xx

Recommended for Acting Feb 28, 2017

Branka has a warm energy and is very flexible with characterisations. She also has a clear speaking voice. Highly recommended!

Recommended for Acting Sep 20, 2016

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Very friendly and professional, highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Apr 19, 2016

Branka was great to work with, she has a great look and took direction well. I would be happy to work with her again.

Recommended for Acting Jun 15, 2015

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Recommended for Aug 10, 2019

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Recommended for Acting May 16, 2016

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Recommended for Modelling Apr 17, 2016

Recommended for Acting Jul 6, 2015

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