Charis Jackson

Charis Jackson

Queensland, Australia


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Charis is one of the best casting professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. She is highly skilled in what she does, with great warmth and heart. I highly recommend her.

Recommended for Casting Jul 12, 2017

Charis and the entire team at The Initiative are brilliant, and great to work with. Not to mention a lot of fun, and very welcoming and accomodating! I sincerely hope I get to work with them again on another project. Highly recommended!

Recommended for Casting Apr 15, 2017

I had the privilege of auditioning for Charis and found her to be highly professional, and she made the audition a fun experience. Charis would be an asset to any project as an actor or casting director.

Recommended for Casting Apr 13, 2017

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Charis was great, she made me feel very comfortable in my first ever auditon.

Recommended for Casting Feb 25, 2017

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Charis and the entire cast & crew at the initiative production company were extremely welcoming & made 5 year old Payten very comfortable on the set while filming the Out of the Woods Project

Recommended for Casting Jul 1, 2016

Good people to work with. Easy to get along with and good direction. They can't do enough for you. highly recommended

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Feb 4, 2016

well what can i say except that charis and her crew are so brilliant and very professional i would drop everything if they asked they are so well organised in everything they do but most of all they are beautiful people its been such an honour to be involved .

Recommended for Casting Sep 4, 2015

Charis and the entire team at The Initiative Production Company are a group of dedicated professional and hard working artists and filmmakers. Charis is a passionate director and storyteller who throws herself into her work, takes risks and collaborates with the actors and crew to create beautiful films. It was a privilege to work with her and her team and would do so again.

Recommended for Casting Feb 14, 2015

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It was my pleasure to audition for Charis for a short film. Communication & direction was excellent - I highly recommend her.

Recommended for Acting Jan 27, 2015

Recommended for Casting Sep 30, 2017

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