Charlotte Dowson

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Liverpool, United Kingdom
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Dance with you Tonight, cover May 2013

Recorded in Sleepless Studios

01Dance with you Tonight, cover May 2013
02Diamonds (Rihanna) cover May 2013
03Adele, Skyfall cover May 2013
04charlotte dowson 6th sep 2012 jar of hea
05Ben&Holly's Little Kingdom 18th Sep 2011
06Jar of Hearts vocals 4th March 2012
07Vocals to One Direction, 4th March 2012
08Cadbury's Mini Eggs 15th Feb 2012
09USA accent July 2013

Physical Attributes

147 cm / 4ft 10in
White / Caucasian
Less than 73 cm / 29 in
Skin color:
Less than 73 cm / 29 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Ordinary Lies, BBC1/Red Productions : Jazz- supporting role
  • Ordinary Lies, BBc1/Red Productions : Jazz- supporting role
  • Breaking Free - feature film trailer : Child Extra - featured
  • Nativity, Stagecoach Liverpool : Miss Wright & ensemble
  • Trinity Grade 6; Musical Theatre in Production : Distinction
  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre Oct-Nov 2014 : Polly Pollitt (girl twin)
  • Legend of Sleepy Hollow : YMT UK
  • LAMDA Grade 4 : Verse & Prose; Merit
  • LAMDA Grade 4 : Mime; Merit
  • "Tracy Turnblad" in Hairspray : July 2014, Stagecoach Liverpool
  • Stagecoach Liverpool : Training: acting, singing, dance, stagecraft. Red Award achieved July 2014
  • Sammy (co-lead) in "Dealmaker" : Horror short, July 2014
  • "Charlotte" in Crossing the Line : The Television Workshop Salford
  • LAMDA Grade 4; Acting solo, Merit
  • Duologue & Solo acting performances : Wirral Festival, March 2014
  • "Heavenly Friend" in Carousel :
  • Dick in "Dick Pendleton" : The Television Workshop Salford, Dec 2013
  • That Day We Sang, Victoria Wood musical comedy; child singer/actor : Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre, 5th Dec 2013-18th Jan 2014
  • Open Mic 2013, soloist U16's : Manchester auditions, Aug 2013, Sheffield Regional Finals Sep 2013
  • The Television Workshop, Salford, Industry Showcase, July 2013 : Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre
  • Dance showcase -Adagio Dance Show : Stagecoach Liverpool Showteam - lead dancer
  • LIPA 4:19 : Summer School - Jazz Dance & Movies
  • Creative Learning Dept - Hairspray week : Liverpool Empire Theatre
  • LAMDA Grade 3 - Acting solo, Distinction : LAMDA
  • Stagecoach Liverpool : Training: acting, singing, dance, stagecraft. Member of Showteam. Green Medal achieved July 2013.
  • Liverpool Anglican Cathedral Choir : Probationer Chorister (Sep-Dec 2012)
  • Stagecoach Liverpool : Training: acting, singing, dance, stagecraft. Gold medal achieved July 2012
  • LIPA 4:19 : Summer School - Jazz Dance & Musical Theatre
  • LAMDA Grade 2 - Acting solo, Distinction : LAMDA
  • Liverpool Empire Theatre : Creative Learning Dept
  • Stagecoach Liverpool : Training: acting, singing, dance, stagecraft. Silver Medal achieved July 2011
  • Liverpool Empire Theatre : Creative Learning Dept
  • LAMDA - Entry grade - Acting solo, Distinction : LAMDA
  • Liverpool Empire Theatre : Creative Learning Dept
  • Stagecoach Liverpool : Training: acting, singing, dance, stagecraft. Bronze medal achieved July 2010
  • Stagecoach Liverpool : Training: acting, singing, dance, stagecraft
  • Stagecoach Liverpool : Training: acting, singing, dance, stagecraft
  • Stagecoach Liverpool : Training: acting, singing, dance, stagecraft


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Amber Personal Management

  • English

  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA Boston
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern

Singer - ensemble and backing vocals - 2009 -An Audience with Keith Jack, Keith Jack (invited)
Various roles - 2010 , 2011, 2012 - Liverpool Empire Theatre youth group - local production
Cheerleader, singer and dancer - 2011 -Glee Meets High School Musical and The Beatles -
local production; Dotty, Co-lead, Duo Act, live stage show, "Spotlight on Youth" Annual Show, March 2012 New Brighton Floral Pavilion, Wirral see:, Director Nick Johnson; TV Commercial, speaking part, playing Office worker in "Office Nightmares", Reed Recruitment Company, Warrington, March 2012. Director Jeremy Axworthy. See; "Greyhound" short film, speaking part and extra, Manchester, March 2012 Director Joseph Radonich See:
"Pancakes", short film, as Jessica, co-lead role, Staffordshire, April 2012 Director Jonathan White. See
"Katherine", in Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens, plus ensemble, (Winner: Best Ensemble 2012) Liverpool, Nov 22-24,2012, Director Mark Rawle, see plus Review at:
"The End", short film, as Bee, co-lead role, Staffordshire, April 2013, Director Jake Hiorns
"Ellie Mae" in Room 13, lead role, The Television Workshop Manchester Showcase, Under 11's, Royal Exchange Theatre, July 2013
"Dick" in Dick Pendleton, lead role, Under 11's Christmas Comedy panto, Dec 2013, The Television Workshop Manchester - various locations
"Jessica" in It's Not About Cancer, co-lead role, short film, Cheshire, Nov 2013, Director Rebekah Mottershead
"That Day We Sang", Victoria Wood muscial comedy drama production at Royal Exchange Manchester (5th Dec-17th Jan) as singer/actress. 5* reviews. see: and
"Charlotte" in Crossing The Line, short film, Salford, May 2014
"Sammy" in Dealmaker, short film Liverpool, July 2014
"Heavenly Friend" in Carousel, Unity Theatre, with WWDN June 2014
"Tracy Turnblad" in Hairspray, Stagecoach Liverpool production, July 2014


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Portrait photo shoot for online and portfolio, Bolton April 2012
Photoshoot - May 2013 - rock chick editorial shoot with Craze Photography Manchester


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Jazz

Influences: Anything Contemporary, Pop And Jazz, R&b, Soul, Also Musical Theatre

Solo vocals - St Georges Hall, Liverpool, November 2011,singing "Hey Jude" by The Beatles
Choir Ensemble - Liverpool Town Hall, Liverpool, July 2011 and January 2012, singing variety of songs with King David Primary School Choir
Solo vocals - New Brighton Floral Pavilion, March 2012, singing an adapted cover version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as part of comedy duo act
Solo vocals - in film Pancakes, April 2012, singing "These Arms of Mine" by Otis Redding, as part of the co-lead's role
Musical Ability - Recorder Grade 1, Keyboards/Guitar - Beginner
Vocals - strong belt voice, loves harmony and often sings lead vocals
Starting to write own songs 2012, 2013
Liverpool Anglican Cathedral Choir - Chorister Sep-Dec 2012 - this included 4 hours of vocal tuition & musical theory per week and regular choral performance at Cathedral services.
Liverpool Stagecoach Showteam - singer/dancer, selected by Principal to showcase skill and enter into competitions, public performances, from Sep 2012 - ongoing
Street Singer with UKCharityAid - live solo street singing as part of charitable collection events. Singing own set of covers to backing tracks in Northern city centre main streets, ongoing, usually monthly, on and off all day. See
Ensemble, 4 songs in Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens, Nov 22-24, 2012, Liverpool, see
Featured child in Helen Austin music video "Let the sun shine", April 2013 see
Recorded cover tracks at Sleepless Studios May 2013
August 2013 - Manchester Open Mic 2013, won place at Regional Finals Showcase, soloist Under 16's category.
Sep 2013 - Sheffield Regional Finals OpenMic 2013, 1 of 24 finalists, the youngest contestant. Fantastic judges comments and feedback see–-feedback-for-the-open-mic-uk-sheffield-regional-finals
Dec 2013-Jan 2014 Member of 24 strong specially selected children's choir ensemble for That Day We Sang, Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre (see reviews)
Christmas Concert at Royal Exchange Theatre with Victoria Wood & Maxine Peake, singing 6 classical music songs, Dec 2013
Ensemble in Carousel, June 2014, Liverpool
Soloist and ensemble as Tracy Turnblad, Hairspray July 2014, Liverpool

TV & Reality

Granada TV 2008 - Mini Girls Aloud - Director Nina Clements
Nickelodeon 2009 - It's a New Day - interstitial - a film about myself, my home and family when I was 6, Director David Wachs
CBBC, The Slammer Xmas Special, Aug 2013, Salford -audience member and participant
BBC1/Red Productions, Manchester, Mar-Apr 2015, Jazz in Ordinary Lies (lead character's daughter)


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Country
  • Disco
  • Jazz
  • Rock & Roll
  • Salsa
  • Tap

Various stage shows including musical theatre, jazz, modern, sixties jive and contemporary, ballet and tap, from 2007 to present and ongoing.


  • English

  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA Boston
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern

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