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Victoria, Australia
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Physical Attributes

150 cm / 4ft 11in
Less than 40 kg / 88 lbs
White / Caucasian
Skin color:
51 cm / 20 in
73 cm / 29 in
Dress size:
11 years
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • James and the giant peach /Musical : Actor ,dancer .singer
  • Drama short film : Daughter
  • Target /catalogue : Model
  • 5 days /tv pilot : Daughter
  • Gangster short film : Daughter
  • Hello /Short horror : Death girl
  • Only you /short film VCA : Mia
  • Aburden”To yhe Sky “Music video : Role of young girl
  • Fashion photoshoot /Nigel Ribeiro : Model
  • Numb / short film/VCA : Role of GiGi
  • Madison Fashion Magazine : Young journalist and featured model
  • City of Melbourne/photoshoot : Model
  • 5 days /Tv pilot series : Lead role of Emily
  • Virgin Australia fashion festival Vamff 2018 : Runwaymodel
  • Music Video : Young girl
  • Rock Sugar feature film : Supportive role gossip girl
  • John McKay photoshoot : Model
  • International covergirl for A’LAMode Magazine Us : Model/ cover girl
  • Holden Tv commercial : Super hero girl
  • Triller “Scars”/short film : Role of Emily plus voice recording
  • “Auntie Donna”web series /director Max Miller : Innocent girl
  • Time 4 Kids Tv /dance video /Rainbow &Welcome to the Gym : Actor /dancer
  • Time 4 Kids Tv /dance video /Rainbow &Welcome to the Gym : Actor /dancer
  • Kidz Fadhion Week 2017 : Runway model
  • Amaretta/short film VCA : Supporting role
  • AFL Kids grand final commercial 2017 : Actor
  • Hello Studio "Turning Japanese " photoshoot : Model
  • Hello Studio "Turning Japanese " photoshoot : Model
  • Short film "Blood rule " director Harry Tamblyn : Supporting role
  • Time 4 kids Tv /dance video c'mon let's dancer : Dancer actor
  • Good deeds /short film : Supporting role
  • Winter2017 Gelatijeans brand collection : Lead Model
  • Winter2017 Gelatijeans brand collection : Lead Model
  • Reality shock : Role of Mia
  • "in progress "/short film : School girl
  • Time for kids Tv/music videos : Lead /dancer ,performer
  • Tv pilot "Teachers " : School girl
  • "Reality shock "film by Jessica Galea : Role of Mia
  • Free spirit /film by Christian Walsh : Lead
  • Australia Optomentry /Tv and national cinemas : Girl opening the Ad
  • Acting film scripts /ShowBiz : Student
  • Acting film scripts /ShowBiz : Student
  • International data/voice experimental : Voice over /international recording
  • Gelatti jeans/collection photoshoot : Still model
  • Gelatti jeans/collection photoshoot : Still model
  • Lincraft international : Model front cover for "Frozen "
  • Cabaret production : ShowBiz drama and dance performance
  • "The trip god knows where"short film/Andrew Nash : Supporing role of a grandchild
  • TV documentary 2017 : Young girl interview
  • Optometry Australia : Tv add
  • Eye sight/health Add web 2017/2 years on air Rise Fims : Lead role of a confident school girl
  • Nature /Botanic garden photoshoot by Micheal T : Model
  • Horror feature film "She is not that ordinary "by Chris Jackson -playing role of spawn hell : Supportive role /spawn hell child
  • Entertainment Book : Model for Luna Park &Mc Donald
  • Black &white portrait challenge : Model for Zubair Aslam international photographer December 2016
  • Drop mask global web compain : Espressive actor
  • Kidz fashion week 2016 Melbourne : Catwalk model for sudo
  • Little stars runway /Hollywood 2016 : Catwalk model
  • Photoshoot /stills for "Nostalagia"short film : Model/actor
  • Han Mu Takewondo : Blue belt/lead
  • Harriet's Hero- short film : Harriet-Lead
  • "teen production " documentry : Interview by Linda Walsh
  • Kaiserin Films "Tidy"by Janine Kaiser : Extra
  • VCA short film "Knock Out" director Lance Fidler : Role of Bella /supportive
  • VCA short film "France's" : Extra
  • VCA short film "The long way around " : Leading role of Emily
  • Mrs McCouchan (extra) next to Nadine Garner and Virginia Gay
  • Alien on the Mission school production : Prmary school /lead
  • Cabaret Alladin : Jasmin/lead
  • ShowBiz : Unlimited classes/Musical theatre ,ballet,jeazz.,acro,hip hop,stretch classes,contem,cheerleaders
  • Eddie Perfect pilot "The future is expensive (extra) next to Eddie comedy serial : ABC girl on the playground/Tv pilot role


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • Middle Eastern

Cabarets production ,Eddie perfect new pilot "The future is expensive ,also extras in Mrs McCoutchon short film ,talk show documentry for teen talk showing on channel 31 and Foxtel aurora August 2016 ,playing Emily in short film by Shannele Knox "The long way around " August 2016/Drama ,VCA short film "France's " September 2016 / "Knock Out " short film director Lance Fidler /supportive role 2016 .Tidy Kaiserin Films short film director Janine Kaiser 2016.Harriet Hero /lead role of Harriet short film about child abuse 2016.Maskdrop global compain for espressive actors/November 2016 /Recendly
Filming feature film by Chris Jackson base on his novel "She is not that ordinary " role of the spawn hell 2017. EYE sight/web ADD role of confident girl /lead Jan 2017. Optometry Australia Tv add 2017.TV channel 31 documentary interview February 2017 . "The trip God knows where "short film by Andrew Nash /supportive role grandchild. 2017 march international voice/data experiment/voice over . National AD for Australian Optometrists 2017 TV& National Cinemas . 2017 free spirit /short film by Christian Walsh /lead role. 2017 /May "Reality shock " film by Jessica Galea playing role of Mia .Tv pilot "Teachers"/2017 . Time for kids Tv /Music video 2017.."In Progress"/short film /supportive role/2017 june.2017 July "Good Deeds" short film director Tyler Freemeld .Winter 2017 Gelatijeans Australian Brand collection/lead model .Time 4 kids Tv / 2017 September dance music video C'mon let's dance . September 2017 short film "Blood Rule " by Harry Tamblyn .2017 September AFL Tv commercial and web Ad /AFL kids.2017 September VCA film "Amaretta " supporting role .Time 4 kids Tv /dance video "Welcome tommy Gym and "Rainbow / actor /dancer..2017 web series Comedy “Auntie Donna”/inocent Girl.2017 “Scars” short film /role of Emily.2017 October Holden Tv commercial.2018 feature film “Rock Sugar”2018 Tv series pilot “5 Days “leading role .July 2018 horror “Hello” role of a ghost girl


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Tv Pilot /future is expensive ,Wild music video


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling agent

Giant Junior

Target ,Kmart ,Promo shoots ,Etertaiment Book , catwalk for Showkids ,Adranne Miller promo
Shoot,Bettina 25 years promo shoot 2016,Kidz fashion week 2016 / modelling for Sudo 2016 ,Roy Boy photo shoot,show kids gala 2016 ,Kidz fashion week 2016,Photoshoot for short film "Nostalgia"/2016 .November 2016 Little kids runway /Hollywood catwalk model /Black &white portrait challenge exhibition by Zubiar Aslam international photographer -December 2016 .january 2017 Botanic garden shoot /nature by Micheal T/exubition. 2017 Show Kids Gala catwalk model /finalist. Lincraft photoshoot magazine "Frozen"wig package front cover /2017..Lincraft photoshoot catalogue/2017. Gelatti jeans summer/autumn photoshoot Australian brand..2017 KfMM by DjJazzy runway /Lunapark Melbourne.2017 Winter collection Gelatijeans Brand Australia /lead model.2017 Helloagien studio photoshoot "Turning Japanese "/model .Cotton on photoshoot/model..KFW Melbourne 2017 fashion spring /Sunset Lane active wear /catwalk model.2017 October Halloween issue Cover girl for A’LA MODE Magazine US.2018 John McKay beauty photoshoot.2018 ambassador for strangetsirts and rockstarkids clothing in US.2018 Virgin Australia fashion Festival Vamff-Runway model walking for Bardot junior ,Seeds ,Tutudemonde and Review Kids


Gelati jeans ambassador 2017,Stranger tsirt brand ambassador current

TV & Reality

Documentry "teen talk "channel 31 and Foxtel aurora 2016, Kidz fashion week 2016 showing modelling for Sudo /channel 9 Today show ,ABC serial the future is expensive 2016.Optometry Australia 2017 TVC. /TV channel 31 documentary interview February 2017. 2017 data /voice experiments international experiment /voice over child-March Australia /Finland. Tv Ad fir Tasmania and national cinemas Australia Optometry/2017..Tv pilot "Teachers "September 2017 Time 4 kids Tv / dance music video "cmon let's dance "2017 Holden Tv commercial/international.Madison Fashion Magazine young journalist 2018


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballet
  • Breakdancing
  • Contemporary
  • Disco
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Hip Hop

End of each year production from 2011/2015 ,school musical Alladin lead role of Jasmin ,hip hop comps 2014/15,Elite Comp2016.Curently study at ShowBiz Australia multiple classes including ballet ,acro,jazz,palates ,contemp,hip hop,musical theatre and drama ,Cheerleaders group comps /2017. All stars comp / 1 place hip hop u der 10 and 2 place contemporary under 10

Film & Stage Crew

Runner or Assistant ability


Helping assistant director in Tv pilot


TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • Middle Eastern

Teen talk channel 31
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